Spoiler! Your Least Favorite KH Character

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by Strawberry, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Aikijitsu Shadow

    Isn't it more than just simply touching the keyblade? It's supposed to be an official ceremony where a master passes down his/her legacy to another person. Since Sora wasn't a keyblade master at that time and it was taken from him when he was unconscious, the keyblade wouldn't end up choosing Leon.
  2. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Correct. Sora wasnt a master at the time, he wasnt even its intended wielder at that point. As well as Leon didnt have the makings. Where as Kairi apparently did, so by the simple act of taking, even without the words being used she became one.
  3. Riku Bookmaster

    Meh, they crapped up the entire series by making birth by sleep, either they should reboot or explain the story all over, by rebooting, they don't have much of a choice.
  4. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    I dont see how they "crapped" the series by making BBS. I do think they shouldnt have made CoM Days or coded really. but from the things i didnt like about BBS, the story wasnt one of them. It answers alot of questions, it did raise more yes, but that was to be expected.
  5. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    I understand CODED, but why CoM and Days? Both explained a ton of crap about the story and made it much more engaging.
  6. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Because they arent really needed. CoM comes the closest maybe, since it does techincally continue the story of real Sora, but it doesnt explain anything in the big picture. Its pretty much a self contained story. which most is just repeating the same disney world story as KH1, just flippwed around a little

    Days is by far the worst. this is the one IMO really didnt need to be made. To me it was just a fan service to roxas really, but the story again is self contained, and has zero importance. As Xion really has zero impact aside from awakening Roxas second keyblade. The game is also really repetitive, so i guess that is why they tried to throw xion in there.
  7. Zombie Girl Super Undead | Debate Champ | Editor

  8. darkhorseD Wyvern

    Same deal, I mean, whats up with his passion for flowers?
  9. Aikijitsu Shadow

    Kinda off topic: Byakuya made flowers look pretty badass.

    Back on topic: For some reason, I always knew Marluxia was a guy. Don't ask me how. I just knew.
  10. Keybladewarrior69 Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Least favourite character was Captain Hook i think, the way he was portrayed in KH1. He just seemed like an idiot

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