Spoiler! Your Least Favorite KH Character

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by Strawberry, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    Those dang monkey heartless on KH1 and them dancers on KH2
  2. Sorry fangirls but Sora.
  3. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    How do you play a game where your least favorite character is the main character played?
  4. Aerith. Especially in Kingdom Hearts 2. Just can't stand her. :/
  5. well you make fun of him/her all the way till the end of the game. Like i did in KH2.
  6. Jobear Shadow

    My least favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series is Leon! Because he didn't use his real name.
  7. Riku Bookmaster

    I never liked Kairi in KH2, She actually had a place in Kingdom
    Hearts 1, but KH2, she was like Bloop, Wassup Sora, I wanna
    hug you, forget you I wanna hug Riku and touch his hair.
    *Fangirl scream*Kairi::kairi:Riku: :rikuthing:
  8. Infel Hero's Crest Wielder


    I honestly don't understand why people just hate Marluxia because of his ambiguity. To tell you the truth, he's SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME in Days and not to mention he's the less crappy playable character in the game and MY GODS HIS FORMS IN CoM ARE JUST SO HRRRGH <333

    Okay, intros aside, I'll go with the trend-- oh wait, screw that, I've always hated Kairi for years ever since junior high. She's just duh, useless, typical damsel-in-distress who basically keeps on screaming to the player "save me, save me, save meee! I'm useless!" If she didn't have Sora or Riku to back her up, she'd be dead meat, I'd say. And she'd be DEADER if she hadn't met Aqua and by a whimsy of coincidence and PURE ACCIDENT managed to do the ceremony by touching Aqua's Keyblade and became a wielder. Basically, just like Shan said, she's a pre-shippuuden Sakura at most.

    And maledetto te è who said Riku and Leon's names! Okay, Riku was annoying in KH1, but he perked up in KH2, gee. And Leon is awesome, periodo!
  9. Aikijitsu Shadow

    Peter Pan...There's something about a character who never grows up, never learns, and never matures that just irks me. I can't stand static characters.
  10. Riku Bookmaster

    I don't think she became a wielder by touching Aqua's keyblade, Leon didn't become a wielder when he touched Sora's keyblade.

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