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    In the year that has passed since the devastating fall of Young Justice, Earth finds itself on the verge of utter desolation and enslavement. The organization once founded by the Justice League has fought valiantly against the invasion of Braniac but it is a battle they are losing. Those that remained within both the League and Young Justice suffered what almost seemed to be an inevitable end at the hands of the Braniac’s unstoppable onslaught. But amongst the ashes arose Dr. Fate who managed to save young Zatanna and it was her magical prowess that presented a new hope, a chance for salvation looming just over the horizon. Zatanna summoned all the strength she could muster and cultivated an intricate spell that would bequeath the powers of the fallen young heroes to a new group of chosen few, these few would have the power to carry on the work of those departed in the hopes of ridding the world of Braniac’s terrible tyranny. Along with their powers these new young heroes also inherited the consciousness of the Young Justice members that came before; their very spirits functioned as a guide, a conscious of sorts to aid in times of great peril or conundrum. Once the six original members of the Justice League along with Hawkman and Icon returned to the now Braniac infested planet they are immediately contacted by Zatanna who informs them of her spell. Activating the spell, the Justice League now searches for a new team that will lead Earth back into freedom. This new strange alien planet will prove to be none other than the biggest mission in the history of mankind.


    Fill this out in order to apply.

    Name: (First AND Last)
    Superhero Alias:
    Alignment: (Lawful Good, Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc? Optional)
    Role/Stereotype: (To make things more comical each character must be created according to a specific stereotype. For example: The Gambling Thief; The Mischievous Rascal etc. Be creative and make sure your character stays true to their stereotype. )
    Occupation: (Got a job?)
    Appearance: (Images are allowed, but even if you provide one, please also write up a description.)
    Brief History: (Optional)
    Weapon(s): (Dont go crazy here, please.)
    Accessories: (Doesn't matter if it's just a fashion statement, you'd better list it.)

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  3. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    Name: William Oswald Queen
    Superhero Alias: Arrow Jr.
    Age: 17
    Gender/Sex: Male
    Alignment: Good
    Role/Stereotype: the Cocky hero.
    Occupation: Part-time assistant as a law firm.
    Appearance: Tall, lanky with red hair. When in costume he wear dark green leather and quiver. Out of costume he wears casual t-shirts and khaki shorts. He is lean but strong.
    Brief History: Will was raised by his father Ollie and his mother Dinah without knowing of their involvement in the Justice League. Will went to private schools and ultimately was alone during the attacks with Green Arrow and Black Canary having been in the fight he lost everyone he cared about during it. He now discovers his hidden archery powers and connection to Artemis which he uses to fight back against the Braniac forces and villains plaguing the earth.
    Personality: He is shy but cocky. He likes to boast about his feats to be like his father.
    Weapon(s): Bow and arrow.
    Accessories: Utility belt, quiver, various tech arrows.
    Abilities/Powers: Skilled hand-to-hand combat and archery.

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