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  1. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【XenForo for Newbies】

    Whenever someone joins a large forum it can be daunting trying to get into the swing of things, and it's very possible that innocent mistakes can be made. This thread will be your guide to everything that you need to know. Let's begin!
  2. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【Your User Profile】

    When you first log onto KH3.org, one of the first things you might like to consider doing - (if you haven't done so in registration) - is updating your profile. To change something about your profile, click on the arrow next to your user-name on the forum home page.


    ... and this will bring up a large selection of options for you to choose from.

    Let's break this feature down for everyone.


    1) Personal Details - Here you can edit your profile for everyone to see! You can include your gender, where you live, your age and a picture of yourself!

    2) Signature - With this, you can make every post you make distinctive by putting an image or text in your signature.
    If you're looking on how to put images in your signature check >HERE<

    3) Contact Details - Here, you can change your email or password by entering your current password and then simply inputting your new email and password. (Note; The change should be automatic.) And if you use IM messenger(s), feel free to add your name so other members can add you!

    4) Preferences - This consists of how you use the forums. Each option that will be next to a check-box will explain what the action does, or negates.
    This is to have a custom experience.

    5) Avatar - Your avatar is like your face for the users of these forums.
    Once you click this, you can upload a picture from your files as long as it's no more than 150 by 150 pixels or 800.0 KB.
  3. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【Replying To Posts】

    There are three ways to reply to a post - the long way, the short way and the even shorter way.


    + To reply to a thread generally without directly quoting anyone, you simply click on the 'Post Reply' button either at the top or bottom left of the page. This takes you to the reply box and you can begin.

    + To reply by quoting a member directly, click on the 'Reply' button in the bottom right of the individual's post. It will then take you to the message box with the quote in place.

    + If you wish to reply super quick, then you can always refer to our 'Quick Reply Box' by clicking on the little button in the right-hand corner of a person's post.

    If you click on the option 'More Options' it will take you to a preview of your message in the standard reply box.
  4. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【Reporting A Post】

    As is natural with all forums, you will get people who will post disrespectful comments or general idiotic stuff that offers no debate. In most cases, it is the members we rely on to inform us of these problems, which is why we have a nifty little feature that enables you to tell us straight away if there is a problem with something or someone.


    If you see a bad post, thread, signature or member, you can use the 'Report a Post' option in the bottom left-hand side of the user's post, as seen below:


    The staff are then sent an email and an archive of what you report goes to a special area where the first mod there deals with the complaint. Without you guys reporting stuff to us, we wouldn't have the response time that we do.
  5. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【Creating A New Thread】

    To start a new topic, simply click the 'New Thread' button located at the top left of the forum - as shown here:



    You will then be redirected to a new page, which will look like this:



    Also, before creating a thread, it is a wise idea to search around the forums beforehand - chances are, a duplicate thread already exists and your thread could be closed.
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  6. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    【Private Messaging】

    The Private Messaging function is located on the forum home page, entitled 'Inbox'.



    + Private Messages are in chronological order. From newest to oldest.

    + To start a new conversation with somebody, click on 'Start a New Conversation'.


    When you log in to the forum, you will be notified whenever you receive a new message. You can see this by scrolling up to the top of the forum:


    Alternatively, if you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system will pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message.




    + Advertising your forum or website in general are strictly forbidden. If you are caught doing this, there will be an instant ban.

    + Using Private Messages to make another member feel uncomfortable, either by using offensive language, sharing offensive pictures...anything breaking the general forum rules. Please check them out!

    + You are than welcome to use Private Messages to make new friends! Feel free to initiate conversation with the members and staff here...we are all nice and approachable, honest!

    + If you have any questions at all, also use your Private Messaging function to contact one of the staff.
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