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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 2' started by Riku, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Riku Bookmaster

    Would you want KH2 to be remade, like if they kept the KH1 concept but adde d on, no triangles but the drive system and limit system. Or they could just make KH3 have the battle system of KH1, and the command menu of KH1 in KH2(The KH2 recreation of the KH1 command menu is awesome)
  2. Rei Greeter | 私は

    I think it would be great if they made a remake. On the Ps3.
  3. Riku Bookmaster

    Doh, I wish I could buy a PS3, maybe I'll try getting one for my birthday.
    But yeah that would be awesome, I hope they upgrade the grid and graphic system too, Or they could just make KH3 already.
  4. Rei Greeter | 私は

    Yeah, me too. It would be funner that way and would attract more customers!
  5. Riku Bookmaster

    Yep, besides, almost all kingdom hearts 2 fans who have played KH1 hate 2.
  6. Rei Greeter | 私は

    I actually thought 2 was pretty good, better than 1 in fact but that's just me:3
  7. Riku Bookmaster

    Meh, The camera was better.
  8. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    the command menu of KH1 was also in KH2 if you wanted it.

    Id rather they come out with KH3, no more stalling.

    And i loved KH2, almost as much as the first. My only complaints are thats its too user friendly and easier.
  9. Riku Bookmaster

    No chiz, I already know that the KH1 command menu is in KH2, thats why I mentioned it.
  10. Avarice True Keyblade Wielder

    Not true.

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