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  1. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

    A'ight, #2 is going up -- hopefully we see more participation with the arrival of summer.

    Refer to this thread if anyone needs reminding on how things are done.

    Also, I'd like to add, please post your work with a title for the sake of having a name for it in the poll. ^^

    Thanks, have fun, and don't forget to vote in WotM #1's poll. C:

    This ends June 30.
  2. fallenxangel Fortune Teller

    You Sea Us

    Your depths are where the secrets lie
    And there they will stay until you die
    We reach in darkness looking with eyes
    But never see your unseen skies

    Your surface dances in untamed waves
    That have sent many to their untold graves
    We cannot keep from watching you
    And your untold stories hidden in blue

    Only the unspoken know who you are
    But dare not share with even a star
    No matter our efforts to look and see
    You blind our eyes till we let you be

    You draw us in with your mystery
    But we cannot see past our senses
    What lies in your history
    We are the same, with different defenses
  3. Lolita Fat Bandit


    I stare and form your face
    in the constellation
    of air molecules--
    your indistinct
    features, a template
    in which each of my lovers
    I have tried to place,
    smoothing their rough edges,
    trimming their imperfections
    like paper clothes
    for paper dolls
    but one size does not fit all.
  4. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

    My Darling

    My bloody darling, skin cold, your blood feels almost warm, still wet and painted across your broken body. It itches as it dries to the skin of my trembling hands, clinging to me as you always did. It loses its pretty red when it dries, becoming browner and dusty – crusting us together as I latch pettily to your gashed chest. It rises and falls with life no longer, oh, Love, how you’d hate to see me succumbing to such misery, but the tears are brimming, and noticeably hotter than your blood are they. If I could somehow share my heat with you and bring you back to life, if only, with glee I’d sew your wounds and stitch you like a doll.

    Yonder lies a knife, riddled with your blood and skin; she had thrown it fast when your blood began to cool – not when it seeped heavily through the jagged gashes on your arms or melted through your tattered shirt, and not even when you surrendered yourself on the floor, no, she could not stop there. Only when your capitulation completely protruded through her rage did she notice the stillness, the coolness: an unintended victory. She fled, leaving me alone with my darling in the bleakness of a horrid evening.

    The glow and life that once carried your physique through the day has drained, your presence gone, nothing but an emotionless object, dead – a broken toy. What disgrace I should feel upon these thoughts, for I loved this same object once – but then, when it was much more. Now I feel nothing when I close my eyes except a longing to be with you. But I open my eyes, see your remnants before me, and I remember when you held more within. It beckons me to stay and let my tears flood over despite the dreaded loneliness of this room.

    And so I’ll cry for my lost darling, thee who crossed her too far, unsuspecting her terror – had I known, I would have distanced us. But I, too, admit shame in ignorance to her will.

    My eyes pan your remains, the now deadweight hands – used to hit and force – and the face, eyes, mouth – the coldest of expressions and words, Love, why? – and the long legs, the feet – running everywhere but home – and she recalls through the dimness of her mind the reasons why.

    She must return to finish my darling; we can’t let anyone else have him.

    I'm always paranoid people won't get hints and meanings behind stuff I write so I'll just say no, there weren't two women involved in my little thing there. D<
  5. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

  6. fallenxangel Fortune Teller

    Today is the last day of June so if anyone else wants to enter, better do it fast!

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