Who would you meet from the forum and what would you do with them?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Lasci, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Bro's From Different Hoes haha.

    Yeah def. Kevin, Taryn, Alexis, Sam and Kayam(def).....a few others. We all would just hang
  2. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    oh man i forgot isabelle how could i even you were like my first friend here wtf is wrong with me i'm so sorry
  3. Lord Firesnake Clan Committee | Retired Staff

    Ehm, I want to meet everyone and have a big party and stuff.

    Seperately would be okay too and we'd hang out and be chill and all sorts, wearing sunglasses and stuff.


    So doesn't matter who's reading this, I want to meet you.
  4. John Review Team Co-Leader

    ????? Kayam? you should calm down lol :3
  5. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Tev - We'd play soccer together or even tennis, I could get into that. We'd also probably just PS3 as you cook me food o.o

    Sam - This one is tough because you're definitely not athletic. Guess we'd just sit down next to a camp fire as we roast marsh mellows and throw your figurines in the fire.

    Jade - We'd liak so totally do each others hair and fingernails yeah?

    Jack - We'd definitely play each other in FIFA or even play the game irl and we'd also go pick up chicks.

    Blade - Pick up chicks, all day ahaha.

    Jess - I dunno what we'd do, something naughty I bet.

    Kayam - Weed. Weed. Bird Hunting. Weed. Ostridge Racing. Weed. Cow Slaughtering.

    I've definitely missed a few people but oh wells.
  6. |skyki-husky| Miss Alpha - KG

    Dalton and Katie, bam there are my 2. I would probably travel all over with Dalton and I don't know, play video games and go to the movies with Katie.
  7. Freelance Fox KG's Imagineer | Forum Counselor

    all over <3 :>
  8. Jess Admin

    Cori — i think we'd spend the best of our time together doing absolutely nothing but staring lovingly into one anothers eyes. The rest of that time would be spent recreating Prince's music videos, sharing the vocals of course — I get the high pitched screams, you get the actual good notes. Also we'd ride skateboards like cool kids and then draw ourselves as anime / manga characters and then animate them in a fit of wild lust. Or whatever.
    Also a Harry Potter marathon. Standard. I love you.

    Jack — o God. We'd probably, I don't know, sit around your room. Watch Disney films, the Lion King of course. Tangled is on our list, isn't it? Listen to music. Play on the guitar sheepishly, bit embarrassed you know. Some hugs will occur I reckon. Probably have a bit of a giggle. Probably have a walk around. Probably go to the park. Lounge around. Wrestle. Or something. I miss you, can't wait to see you again soon, the greatest boy <3

    Alen — I'd stay up late with you to make up for all the times you've stayed up with me. Then we'd stumble out of the house into the morning sunlight, sleep deprived, and have naughty & brilliant adventures until we can do nothing more but sleep. Or something.

    Paul — One part philosophical discussion to one part childishness. Chemistry.

    Codey — I think you got it right, lovely. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and I'd happily give you an arena in which to gush about hot girls. An exchanging of anecdotes.

    Roxanne — Dance. I can do the running man. Also drink. Probably have a random outburst of feelings. Even more likely end up in bed together. ;-D

    Bradley — is this pointless? Everything. I miss you.

    Kota — be ridiculous. Throw shapes, be ridiculous. Miss you.


    It's hard, actually, because there's quite a lot of people who I'd love to meet from here, and we'd most probably just spend time with each other. It's hard to be specific for everybody. Funk, soul love. I mean, there's others, Erica, Chev, Sam & Kayam, Danny, all the lovely moderators, the beauties on the DT— everybody. Casey, oh god, let's not go there. Everybody. I think everybody here has a place on this list. Ridiculous, maybe. I don't know. We need a convention.


    Dylan — I don't know if you count as a forum member—
    spend our time in dark rooms, enveloped in yellowing lightbulbs and bedsheets, staying up all night. Parachutes.
  9. Phobophobic Fluffy Chinchilla

    I've been gone... :l

    i like u all i want to see haryy potter 8 with you guys@ love you lol :)
  10. Demyx dude Shadow

    SoVen: I think we could sit and watch Fairy Tail and he/she could explain to me things as I watch it

    everyone else: Anything would be pretty awesome to meet any of ya in real life but sadly seems an improbability as I am from the UK and alot of you are from America and overseas :(
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