Who would you meet from the forum and what would you do with them?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Lasci, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    People who I would want to meet and what we would do instead of why, because it should be obvious that everyone I want to meet is boss as f*** and therefore too awesome to not meet, as them being considered meetable by me is a clear sign that they exude copious amounts of win and bossliness.

    Cori, if we ever meet under the right circumstances, I think we're going to have to make Coco a thing and record a song with you singing beautifully and me being horrendously auto-tuned. Hell yeah. Also, I have not run in so long, but we should totally do that too because it is a bonding experience and bonding is good.

    Erica's triflin who wants to meet her I mean god.

    Krys, I would probably just throw things at you. But in a loving way.

    Andy's a bitchass and we've already met and we're meeting again so he doesn't count.

    Justin so I can suck his penis.

    Vee-babe would teach me how to play fighters better and not be a scrub while likely simultaneously handling my joystick. And yes, by that I mean she'd be playing with my penis. As in like a handjob. PROBLEM?

    C Jay, I don't know you can teach me how to be black. Right? Cool.

    Foxy Roxy and I would clearly paint the town rainbow colors and probably end up buying me clothes or something like that. I imagine I'd spend about four hours in the dressing rooms of various stores, at a bare minimum. And I'm sure she'd have a camera. Cheeky bastard.

    Jess, I absolutely adore the idea of spending a day watching Doctor Who and listening to the Beatles and just ranting about all things musical and lively and lovely and great. Also, we would probably drink and I would get drunk and it would be a grand old gay time. You would also have to show me the shit-hole that is that one C-place that you live in so that everyone can call me a yankee git and recognize me as an American. yessss.

    If the whole skype/MSN gang met, I'm sure either one of two things would happen -- A) The world would just f***ing explode or B) I would become a part of team red, because with our powers combined we pretty much run this forum behind the strings without people knowing. Even despite the fact that I am telling you this, you still do not know that we control the forum. Captain Sahkiepuu is just that win, he's our hero, going to take scrubs down to zero.

    Dellybby, let's be honest, if we ever meet we're probably going to wind up screwing like wild, carnal, horny rabbits from the fiery pits of lustful sin... -nery. I imagine it would start all awkward like "OH WOW IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN" and then slowly build up to the pique of sexual gratification and then pillow talk would roll around and we'd be talking about how awesome it was and shit. Totally. I'm not hitting on you. At all. I swear. Really I'm not. Seriously. Don't give me that look everyone.

    Salt, I would take pictures of you to finally dis/prove what you actually look like and then depending on the results either hang out with you and have a grand old gay time doing nothing important... or shamelessly hit on you and try to get in your pants. What can I say? I'm not really secretive about this stuff. HELPS IF THE SITUATION ACTUALLY EVER DOES ROLL AROUND, we know where we stand. Right? Right. Alright, moving on before this gets awkward.

    Shiie would include a panty and boxers exchange if Ame didn't bite my HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY off before it happened.

    Sara, I would absolutely love to go to a con with you and dress up and cosplay and shit, but you would inevitably have to do my costume and if you were okay with that I would be absolutely alright with being the lucky SOB that gets to play your second. Also, I would probably shamelessly hit on you too because OH MY UNF.

    Obligatory deep dish and coffee with Nikki if she ever stops being irl Gubler and a movie star and hauls her ass over to Chicago.

    I admittedly want to meet Rasmamsausmsuasmsausamus/Happy Heartless just to give him a high five and say what's up and then probably proceed to never wash my hand again. What? That's not creepy is it?

    Sam I Am and Kayam the Ham just to hang because they are adorbs.

    Diego would be boss but I don't know what we'd do.

    Mashi/Scott/anyone else from kh-n because dude yes.

    I probably forgot someone, or maybe I didn't and you just suck, but if I do have to add anyone or anything I will at a later time. Or not. Because you suck.
  2. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    Because I'm apparently unoriginal:

    Foxy Roxy -- movies

    Cori -- annoy at work

    Erica -- lion king

    Andy -- weed

    Krys -- dress-up.
  3. HappyHeartless Mark 1 Extreme Robotical Type Lovemachine

    Used to be a time when I would never admit to wanting to meet anyone, but now, Lasci, because nothing is better than high fives. It's the heterosexual way of having sex with a dude.
  4. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller



    Shan, Kaoru, Nicole, Ame, Deli, and, uhhh... yeah. Those would be the top 5 in no particular order.

    Everyone else can die in a fire.
  5. Tev True Keyblade Wielder

    Hmm... I've already met Will, went to school with him, so been there, done that... lol just kidding bro. Miss you :p Come out from Hawaii and over to NC XD

    Speaking of NC, I should go meet Michael while I'm here before I move away for school. WE ARE LESS THAN 2 HOURS AWAY MICHAEL.

    Samantha and Kayam, that's a given.

    Alen and Sam, my bros.

    Roxy, for we have business attacking the teachers that give out evil homework and then must dine on Pizza.

    Jade, so we can pretend she's Kairi and play Live Action Kingdom Hearts
  6. Solana Problem Sleuth | ENT Co-Leader


    Taryn. Meet in Panera bread and make our way over to a hotel with sound proof walls so we can play Monopoly whilst watching Tangled in peace to talk about how cool we are and eating baguettes of awesomeness.

    Nicholas the Canadabal. We'll idk. YOU need to experience heaven in Panera Bread as well so I'll take you to one and take the tab mysef.

    Matt. You need a real American fatty cheeseburger.

    Silencebear. Party like it's hot and go out for a drink.

    Lascivious Rose. What wouldn't we do.

    Rii. I'll take you laser tagging so we can run around with little 5 year olds and feel that thrill of excitement.

    Lord and Lady Inglas just to tell them hoe cute they are and take them to a nice place.

    I'll edit if there's someone tugging at my memory.
  7. Vegnya Wooden Sword Wielder

    Lasci = Because unlike the Monster Ball, I won't make you free. I'll teach you how to make others FREE.

    Roxanne - West Coast meets East Coast, and it doesn't get any better than that. She'll take me to In-and-Out, I'll take her to Long John Silvers. She'll show me why nothing comes close to the Golden Coast, I'll show her why I gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal. I'll join her gay pride parades, and she'll join my pro-life marches. I'll share my secret techniques of trolling, and she will share her fail-proof methods of getting high vote counts for Hottest Member when she has never revealed an image of herself on this site. The possibilities are endless. Everything else is just too free.

    Nyanko - Because those peanut butter legs are something I'd like to spread. I'd also like to take her to an anime con and get the otaku racial demographics salty at the fact that she can pull off a smokin' hot Vanille cosplay--and then party it up in our executive class hotel room with Andyson, Justincredible, Krysis, J-gurl, Codestar, C.Jay (who would be banging some random Tifa cosplayer because he just does), Willheis, Erika 7, Jess Jackson--and everyone else is free. We'd all be wearing KH3.org t-shirts, bandanas, hats, panties, wristbands. You can't miss us.

    Ame Otani - The only guy here who could beat me at the games I play. And I mean legitimately beat me; no lag bullshoot. They say one of the best ways to get better at competitive gaming is playing with those better than you. So there.

    Salt - How about some H? ;D

    Blade - Been hearing a lot of unflattering things about this guy. Considering that, I'd like to personally, having applied sterilized latex gloves (and I hope to God he has a latex allergy) over-stretch his male anatomy and proceed to shove it up his tail pipe.

    ****less, aka formerly known as Czar ****less--but he's stil pretty ****less - Please see the above.

    ****less King - Please see the above. Especially you, you ****less **** sucker!

    Lord English and Lady English- So you can watch me do the above.
  8. Larxene Clan Empress - NP

    Shannon ; Good lord I would go shopping with her for clothes/lingerie and hit every single store in the city. Okay, then we'd go somewhere cool and play Pokemon games until the sun set and rose again. After that, we will try to paint ourselves grey and make horns and attempt to wear them. We will then walk around and make people uncomfortable.

    Jenni ; Is going to meet up with Shannon and I and do everything we will do and then some.

    Corey ; Horseback riding in the desert. I really feel like this is something that would be funny. I think I'd buy you some purple things, too.


    Lasci ; Whatever he said, I'm okay with.

    Veggie ; Well, we would probably do what we already do. ;D

    Nicholas ; We'd be Canadian together.

    I feel like I'd do more with more people but I really can't be creative right now.
    ;.; sorry who i left out
  9. Cryoshell True Keyblade Wielder

    Well, lemme get a running list going.......

    Sam and Kayam, and we'd prolly go and geek out like homestuck/FF nerds do.

    The Otani clan, and we'd prolly do bossly stuff.

    Tev, and epic gaming marathons.

    Sora Heart, so we can catch up, maybe make some Kh films.

    Vanille, and IDK, TBH.

    Nixie Dragonheart, and go do bossly welsh stuff.

    And I'm sure I forgot people, so forgive me, but it is late.
  10. Murf Organization XIII Annihilator









    If I ever met Andy:









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