Whats your favorite kh character out of all games!!

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by creatorofchaos, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. ROXAS-Deadlocked277 Fortune Teller

    Ventus. (that's my friends call me at school)
  2. RoxasII Assault Rider

  3. {Lost.in.Stereo} Guardian Soul Wielder

  4. Lady Schala Monochrome Wielder

  5. KingdomDark Shadow

    Master Xehanort!(oh hell yah!)


  6. I love Axel, Vanitas, Aqua, Saix and Roxas **
  7. Zekrom Shadow

    I'll probably have to go with Riku because he is rather awesome and mysterious :D.
  8. Thunder Ninja of Epicness

    Ven and Vanitas.
  9. Khzelda Dusk

  10. Paige Oblivion Wielder

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