Whats your favorite kh character out of all games!!

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by creatorofchaos, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. What character do you like, hate, or just plain fell in love with!! Mine is king mickey, they transformed a cartoon character into a kick ass machine!! i hate maleificeint because she never dies and you never fight her int he 2nd. She confuses me on what side she really is on!!:cool:
  2. Ohh and im wrighting a book on kh yet its better so if you want an exert or something just tell me !!:cool:
  3. Namine Guest

    My favorite character is Sora! And the person I hate is Sephiroth, he is so hard to beat!
  4. Thomas11 Guest

    My favorite character would have to be..hmm..I would say Riku and Axel. The character i hate most is...Roxas ^.-
  5. Love, and Hate

    I love Sora, Kairi, and Riku. Hate, I hate Roxas, and Hayner. That whole part was just lame.-Sarah;)
  6. u ppl stink lol

    roxas rocks!!!
  7. Zaray Shadow

    I Hate Ansem Or Xemnas Or Mansex Or Xeahnort...... Or Watever His Name Is I Hate Him.....i Luv Riku...and Sora..cant Forget Sora...:))
  8. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    My mind changes all of the time but my favourite right now has got to be Sora. Least favourite is Namine.
  9. Riku Guest

    You could guess at my favourite :)

    Magic Carpet from Agrabah would be my least favourite character simply because it won't let me get 65 points! lol
  10. hbk1030 Guest

    My favorite character is sora not because he is the main character or anything but i took three difforient quizez and every time i was sora

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