Movie! What would you like to see for Movie Nights?

Discussion in 'Events' started by Dion, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    Yeah they would. They could catch up and watch it on their own time. :/
  2. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

    Honestly, though I've wanted to implement earlier announcements, usually we end up announcing early the day of the movie, mostly because we don't know for sure ourselves if we can stream a movie that night. XD But would earlier announcements maybe help?
  3. Misty Fortune Teller

    For me at least it would, obviously I cannot speak for the entire populace. They don't even have to be regular events (like a stream every Sunday at 6pm), just so that everyone has a time in their heads (even a rough one).
  4. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    They're generally thrown up in the beginning of the week, like Sunday or Monday, for a Friday night movie. I think the shortest time I've ever seen is three days before, which is pretty good for something that's almost always every week.

    But I think sagas probably would work well, because (almost) everyone has seen most popular sagas. Star Wars (either trilogy), Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, a lot of the big movie sagas we've seen. And if it was running, say, all day Saturday, I know I couldn't be there from beginning to end but maybe I could pop in for a half hour or hour every so often.
  5. Reij Pirate

    Make a theme night with Disney movies and I'm there.

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