What would be the stupidest world to include in the Kingdom hearts series?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by flashn00b, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. flashn00b Wooden Sword Wielder

    This list may curb-stomp this entire thread.

    Marvel Universe
    City 17
    Black Mesa
    Aperture Science Labs
    Terminus systems
    Phobos moon bases
    Liandri Tournaments
    Xen Border World
    Pandora (Avatar)
    Pandora (Borderlands)
    The Capital Wasteland
    Fallout's Core Region
    Ultor mines
    Mercy Hospital
    Fortuna (DMC4)
    Installation 04 (also known as Alpha Halo or First Sacred Ring)
    The dark depths of the internet
  2. agilesalmon Shadow

    add to that list power rangers (cause i think disney owns them now so its actualy possible...scarry i know) and you can consider the thread curb stomped
  3. Komas Greeter

    Halo, GTA, and Call of Duty.
    I think they should include an actual Final Fantasy location as a world, such as Final Fantasy XIII's Chapter 11 areas (Archylte Steppe, Mahabras, etc).
  4. Keybladewarrior69 Sleeping Lion Wielder

    An actual fully functioning economy, so you cant just buy and sell anything :3
  5. anibe Shadow

    High School Musical. :NO:
  6. Azura Creeper

    that would be funny. :lawl:
  7. Thunder Ninja of Epicness

    Teen mom

    Jersey Shore

    Fox News

    Fifty Shades of Grey

  8. I think the stupidest world they could put in KH would be the Real World and include the internet. They'd probably make Sora fight bad internet meme shaped heartless and include some really weird fangirls. I wouldn't like it at all do you know how many more ocs would be created and that would basically be saying 'hey all your ocs are canon lets party hard' and then aLL THE AUS OH GOD NOT THE HIGH SCHOOL AUS NO its already SO overused.

    I've grown a physical reaction to when the words "AU" and "Kingdom Hearts" are in the same sentence. I make a face. An ugly one.
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  9. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL


    I went there.
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  10. Azura Creeper

    Why Tron?:confused:
    They've done Tron in KH1 and KH2 if I remember correctly, and Tron was one of my favorite movies.....

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