What would be the stupidest world to include in the Kingdom hearts series?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by flashn00b, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. flashn00b Wooden Sword Wielder

    What would be the worst or weirdest worlds to include in the series?

    My top 5:
    1. Halo
    2. Coroscant
    3. The World of Warcraft
    4. City 17
    5. Diablo 2 universe
  2. my top five is
    1.fantasia dancing mushrooms not good
    2.cinderella too soft not enough action
    3.halo 3
    4.hell from doom 3
  3. flashn00b Wooden Sword Wielder

    Uhh, illegal drug overdose much?
  4. top 5..

    1. GTAIV (think about it,lol)
    2. Call of Duty 4 (then go online, and stab people with the keyblade..then they call you a hacker)
    3. Dora the explorer
    4. Bob the Builder
    5. Teletubbies
  5. Axero Guest

    i would say gears of war...dam that is just to much
  6. uhh....
    yo moma(mtv show)
  7. hahahaha! that would be creepy!
  8. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

  9. roxas #13 Darkside

    1. resedent evil 4...(lol..those zombies will own)
    2. gtaIV
    3. gtaSa
    4. starwars
    5. devel may cry
  10. flashn00b Wooden Sword Wielder

    A GTA world would be weird. Sora sees a guy with a black hoodie, mistakes him for an organization nobody, and gets chased by the LCPD.

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