Mature What do you honestly think of the user above?

Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Misuzu, May 22, 2012.

  1. Jess Admin

    I should preface this with my intent to get to know you better. ok.

    I digress, I don't know enough about to you to truly give you a well-thought out & coherent opinion, but I know enough to comment on how you present yourself to an stranger (perhaps acquaintance, even?). You are incredibly charming; that equilibrium between endearing and comical. Possessing the ability to be both intelligent & humourous is enviable, truly, and you use these qualities wisely.

    I think you should come around here more, definitely. You already have found yourself a friendship group, you have a place where you fit in -- perhaps I'm just selfish and want more of your posts to enjoy.
  2. Delicious dιaвolιcal

    Your creativity and talent overwhelm me pretty often. You can sing, you write poetry, you can draw, you can write, you make wonderful graphics - does it ever stop? I hope it doesn't. You have this, uh, flow about you. Flow is a good word, you're really flowy. Graceful? Yes, that too. You seem to put yourself down sometimes and I know it's hard not to because I do it as well but really, you don't have any reasons for it. You are a great person. You are also exceptionally beautiful and your accents melts me because I'm a voicewhore and I love that specific accent so much.

    Wish I knew you better. You're still really sweet to me whenever we talk, be it a short exchange in visitor messages or the thinking thread or the art threads. A likeable, unique, selfless, caring person. Yes.
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Delly Delly Delly, I don't really know you too well, I know you enough though. You're pretty funny, nice(unless someone pisses you off then you're incredibly evil). I know you play one hell of a cassiopia, well at least that one match that I spectated. Also funny talks within NP so great hahah, You my friend are not a "Mewling Quim" lol Maybe i am though...either way you're cool, great. No probs!
  4. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    Gi Gi Gi Gi Gi Baby Baby Baby

    Yeah, it's wrong. No, I don't want to correct myself ;-;

    Originally I found you to be a bit... uh, annoying? But once I began to talk to you on Skype and we got into our group of friends, I actually found you to be a pretty awesome person to talk to. Seriously I went from being slightly annoyed to being one of my best friends.

    You're a bit too sensitive for your own good some of the times. But then again, like you, I get sensitive sometimes, probably more-so than you. But you are a really cool guy and as I said, you are one of my best friends. If you were not, I wouldn't try to 'meddle' a little to push you further with someone. So yeah, I kinda do care a lot!

    No homo <3

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