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Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Misuzu, May 22, 2012.

  1. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    This is a thread meant for calmly and respectfully asking/receiving an opinion on the user above. No spamming, flaming or bullying of any kind will be tolerated. If you want an honest response however, do not be surprised if the aforementioned opinion is less than positive. I'd also like to add that short, one sentence replies with little to no thought put into them may be deleted as we do not want this thread to become a mirror of this one in Spam City. If you don't want to put the effort into making a well thought out reply, please refrain from doing so at all or leave that person a short VM if desired.

    That being said, this thread will be monitored closely. Choose your words wisely.
  2. Chevalier Salamander

    Sounds good Boss. :>

    Welp, I was a bit intimidated by you at first but now you make quite an amazing anime buddy. 8D Now skaksikchickenchallupa respects you so much, it is crazy. xD Stay amazing.
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I guess I'll be the first one to do this, hopefully you wont take this opinion to great lengths and hate me even more than you prolly already do.

    You are one of the people on here that I could possibly deal without. I clash with your personality seeing is how we are both ridiculously stubborn. I frequently get frustrated with your opinions cause most of them make no sense to me. I feel as if you don't trust any of the members to do any good because even though we do have a few on here that will troll and flame out the ass in your eyes it almost makes for those few to ruin it for everyone. ON ANOTHER NOTE......You do know how to do your modding job and when you do your job it's usually satisfactory. So I don't have any problems with you being a mod. So yeah....there we go.

    Damn you Dean NINJA'n Me

    Dean, welp your my clan leader, I've seen you here since you've joined...back as big ole Fracture. You do your job correctly which is good, and I have no complaints towards you. You've been helpful in every way possible to me and all so. Thanks!
  4. Zeus qt with a booty

    Chill guy. Does good for the forum, so that's all that matters.

  5. Ando Ultima Weapon Wielder

    I honestly don't know you that much, but I suppose I can give this a shot.

    From what I can see I think you're a good person, at least that's what I've seen others tell you and I'm sure you really are. I see that you work hard on the forums here and love to make good friendships with people.

    Though I get this sense that you seem like a person that hasn't had the chance to improve on your social skills in real life and it sort of reflects here on the forums. I get the impression that you sort of have had a sheltered life and just don't get out much. In all honesty there is nothing wrong with that and I think your trying to fix that while being social here. I would advice that you try this around you're local place as well since as you can tell the internet isn't the best thing to improve on your social life. I would also say that you may be trying to hard here on the forums for people to like ya, I would just chill out and enjoy the place. That's just my impression though.

    I think that's all I really have to say. I know your a good person and you just keep being yourself dude and see where that takes ya.

    LOL oh this is so going to be a problem here on this thread.

    I think your a cool person. I'm pretty neutral. I think I've seen you here forever so keep doing what chu doing dude.
  6. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    Andy's too heterosexual for his own good and his skills as a grammarian are phenomenally lackluster. The former creates some awkward conflicts with people who aren't your bromances, but I think that it keeps the people around you grounded (particularly when we're on Skype with our particular group if miscreants and misfits) more than they otherwise would. You're also loosely tense; you have a tendency to be willy-nilly about a lot of things and open-minded, but situations where you personally feel uncomfortable create a sense of discomfort for the people around you. On a whole, though, I think you're the secret life of the party that everyone underestimates. Conversations without you don't have the flare that they usually do, and I often find myself longingly asking "where is that retarded Andy?" with loving undertones as I stroke my phallic meat, my thoughts dwindling on Roxanne's breasts and the idea of plunging into your taut--
  7. Tev True Keyblade Wielder

    I'll just be completely honest. I have the strange feeling that you do not like me for reasons that I do not know. I feel that you only pretend to like me, but we don't talk nearly as much as we used to a few years ago, and I honestly feel like there was some judgement passed on me based on forum posts, not me as a person. And that bothers me about you, and you have a tendency to brag about your friends and skype conversations. But so do I, so that's not even an issue. Idk, I guess I mainly feel like whatever friendship we could have is being blocked from ever progressing.
  8. Larxene Clan Empress - NP

    Tev tev tev.
    Remember when the days of tev.otani? I remember every sunset, I remember every word you said. For the most part, I like you. :>
    There have been moments where stuff you did has pissed me off, but for the most part that's all in the past. I don't dislike you, ofc, but you have your moments when I just have to facepalm. <3
  9. Kyary eximius moderator

    To be honest with you you're a member I have always liked, personality wise. You've always been bubbly around the place and the way you channel people is a pleasant one, you're respectful without sounding like a srsface, which I think is a really amazing trait for someone to have. Even though we have never actually spoken one on one enough to call it a legit ''conversation'' truthfully, I think that would be fun to do sometime. What I guess made me raise my eyebrows at one point, it would've been those little incidents on the picture thread, which I don't quite understand because I think you are an extremely pretty girl, like really lol, but then again I'm no one to judge you on that. Overall, I never had a bad impression of you, you were either neutral at one point to, ''I don't mind her at all,'' to ''I wouldn't mind having ice-cream with this girl and chill.''
  10. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    I've always liked you, never had a problem with you. Your drawing talents really should go professional. I never truly got to know you, we had chats here and there but not much and they were long ago. There were speculations that you weren't who you said you were for a long time, I put them aside. I don't really understand what that was all about, and it's probably none of my business either. I don't know you as well as most people, but I don't think you have to worry about what people think of you since you're a good person.

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