War of Sentinels

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    For as long as the history books can archive, humans have been on this planet for over a million years. They’ve fought diseases, animals, Mother Nature, and even each other and yet they’ve stayed at the top of the food chain for over a million years, but that’s not entirely the truth. For millions of years, the human race has been second to another entity. Beings like themselves only more advance and much more powerful. These beings are like the humans, only on an entirely different scale to them. These beings are called “Sentinels,” humans with supernatural abilities. Throughout history they’ve watched over the human race, keeping them in line and under their fingers. Some have gone against their rules and taken complete control over the human race by controlling their actions to do their bidding or to cause chaos. While others used their powers to make themselves seem as gods and threatened to bring down their wrath against the humans.

    Other sentinels have had to deal with their brethren to stop the chaos they’ve caused or to simply end their tyranny over the humans. In an attempted to keep a war from breaking out between sentinels who wanted to enslave the humans against those who felt they should peacefully watch over the humans. A council was created to keep the peace between to two factions. For years the council have watched all the decisions the humans have taken and over time. The council has felt that stepping in to stop the humans from not only destroying themselves but their planet they and the sentinels live on, but for the longest time the council has agreed that making their presence known to the humans would ultimately make matter worse. Unknown to the council, the two factions were readying themselves for a war. A war that the council was trying, for so many centuries, to keep from happening. The human race was unaware of the pending doom, but more importantly. Will the side that wants to enslave the human race over power the side that wants to peacefully watch over the humans or vice versa.
    Categories of sentinels:
    Speedster: The ability to move their body at an alarming speed.

    Seer: The ability to see seconds into the future.

    Mole: The ability to manipulate the ground.

    Aquarium: The ability to manipulate water.

    Invisible: The ability to manipulate wind.

    Inferno: The ability to create and manipulate fire.

    Ghost: The ability to turn themselves invisible for a few minutes. (Between 10 to 20 minutes)

    Storm Rider: The ability to create and manipulate lightning.

    Blood Brother: The ability to manipulate one’s own blood and others blood.

    Metal Morph: The ability to create liquid metal from one’s own skin.

    Shapeshifter: The ability to change themselves into animals for a short period of time. (Between 30 to 40 minutes)

    Puppet Master: Able to control none sentinels forever and sentinels for a short period of time. (Between 10 to 20 minutes)

    Dead Walker: The ability to raise the dead and control them for a short period of time. (Between 30 to 40 minutes)

    Healer: The ability to heal any wound. (Except for death)

    Creator: The ability to create creatures and beings from thin air. (Each being loses the ability to exist with every passing moment. After 30 minutes, the being disappears. Beings disappear faster when two or more beings are created)

    Ink heart: The ability to make pictures come to life for short period of time. (Between 30 to 40 minutes)

    Absorber: Able to absorb another user’s powers and use them for a short period of time. (Between 10 to 20 minutes)

    Screamers: Able to make a low or high frequency sound that can make others disoriented.
    Character Sheet:
    Sentinel or Human:
    Humans hater or Human sympathizer: (only for Sentinels)
    User Type: (Chose one)
    My Character:
    Username: Rex
    Name: Rex Darkheart
    Age: 28
    Sentinel or human: Sentinel
    Obligation: Computer repair man and tech junky
    Humans Hater or Human Sympathizer: Human Sympathizer
    User Type: Metal Morph
    Bio: Rex had lost his User family ages ago when he was only three. His family was friends with humans who didn’t know he or his family were Sentinels. They took him in and treated him like one of their own. He quickly had a liking to humans and wanted to help them, any way he can. Soon after, he found he had a knack for computers and technology. He went to collage to be a computer repair man and tech junky. His own computer shop soon became famous for fixing not only computers, but all kinds of tech. many people said he could hack into any computer and steal all their files on record. He laughed at the thought of actually hacking into an industries computer. As his shop got more and more customers, he started to feel an uneasy feeling in the pits of his stomach, like something was going to happen. Something soon.

    No God-Moding.
    Make sure all posts are two paragraphs long. (Not my rule, but the websites rule)
    Have fun.
    Don't kill other peoples players, unless given proper authority.
    Follow the time restrictions for the Sentinels.
    Don't be an A-hole
    Give all RPGers the proper respect.
    Give all RPGers enough time to respond to a post.
    No Half Sentinels Half humans.

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