Question? Unexpected database errors?

Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Lady Schala, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    I spoke to him just a bit ago, he's been talking to Chris about it and Chris apologizes but unfortunately that apology doesn't seem to be keeping the issue at bay.
  2. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I like just spoke with him, if the root is any similar to what Tev explained he said that Casey should be able to do that.
  3. Tev True Keyblade Wielder

    Assuming its cPanel, yea. Pretty sure Alex or Casey said it was cPanel before anyway. But we'll see. If anything, we'll just wait for Casey or Chris to fix the issue since they can access whatever it is, which should have some kind of repair option inside. Site is more than likely just having issues staying connected to the server, causing it to appear online. Looks like it fixes itself within a bit of time, but still an issue with the database. If the repair doesn't fix it, it should at least pinpoint the corrupted code and make things easier on Chris/Casey.
  4. DragoonKain Lazy Ass

    Thanks for the suggestions. We don't use cPanel currently, we just SSH into the box. We have a PHPMyAdmin instance available which can do DB repairs but I haven't seen the particular issue in question to know whether or not that's the cause/solution.

    Typically "Repair DB" is for fixing DB file system errors and re-indexing and the like. I don't think this is the issue, but I could be wrong. If anybody could share what the errors they're seeing are (if they are displaying anything) that would be helpful.

    Our server is, like most cheaper hosted environments, actually a shared server. We are hosted as a virtual machine on a larger physical host and other people share server resources with us. The greater likelihood is that one of our virtual "neighbors" is consuming resources and we're getting the shaft in terms of trying to handle our own biznaz.

    Chris will be the best guy for looking into it, and I'm sure he is. Thanks for letting him know, Roxy.
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  5. Blade Gargoyle Warrior

    Yeah it's pretty obvious you guys are on a shared server, which is why the database errors occur. You are right by saying that your " neighbors " are consuming resources hence why you are getting database errors. The bad thing about Shared servers is that it works both ways. Repairing the database won't fix anything, it all comes down to the hosting. Alex to upgrade is most likely out of the question because a VPS or dedicated server run on $100 at it's cheapest. Once KH3 or it's shared server " neighbors " hit it's limit resources the database servers will occur.

    As you can see this tells you more than you need to know, Imagine if KH3 does get active again, the database errors will literally explode. There's nothing to look into, you either upgrade or you keep facing the problem.
  6. DragoonKain Lazy Ass

    Yes it's very unlikely to happen. We're not a huge resource hog as it is (other than disk space). Even a relatively small MySQL instance can easily handle our traffic, especially given the rate at which the forum software cache's queries. Our problem is mostly with being a shared resource, but we honestly cannot make a real level-headed decision to improve anything. There's simply not enough activity and guaranteed future activity to warrant it. The approach Chris is likely to take is to ensure that our neighbors are not violating his TOS. I've seen, on occasion, CounterStrike servers and such running on our box which is a pretty big no-no. If he's looking into that then we should be OK as soon as that's resolved.

    However, I make no artificial promises or hope elevations when I say that I don't believe there are any plans to upgrade our physical hosting environment. If we happened to strike gold at some point and the forums sprung magically back to life we could have this whole thing offloaded to a new box in a matter of minutes or hours. However, for a forum with an active population in the 10-20 range, we'll have to enjoy our sunset on a sunset server.
  7. Lady Schala Monochrome Wielder

    Thanks for all the info on the problem. I was just wondering what it was, it's not a big enough deal to stress about now though. I can usually log in fine. I haven't thought to PrintScreen it though, sorry. I will though if it happens again, to show people what it looks like.
  8. DragoonKain Lazy Ass

    Thanks, that would be helpful.
  9. Lady Schala Monochrome Wielder

    It happened to me again last night. It doesn't give very much info but here's the PrintScreen.

  10. Jess Admin

    Thank you for screengrabbing, I'll try to get in touch with Casey today to see if we can get this sorted from our end.

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