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    Please post all tuts in here in the future :]
    Nice tut btw :D
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    ...and I mean basic.

    This is kind of rushed, sorry. I don't have the Hero icons finished yet... -_____- "

    Ok, so we are starting with this:


    ...and ending up with this:


    So bright, it might give some people a seizure, but that is how I like to colour my manga. Sorry the images are kinda big.

    1. Choose your image, clean it up, and crop if you like.

    2. Duplicate the base and set it to multiply 100%. To start off, we will be colouring the hair lines. I don't know why, but I prefer to start with hair. For Sora's hair, I used #502801. Don't worry about staying in the lines; you can always just erase those parts out. Don't forget to colour the black parts, too.

    When you have finished this, change this layer's settings to "Screen" and you shall be left with the outlines for Sora's hair. Part of his face has gone missing, but don't worry, it's coming back in the next step.

    3. Merge visible. I have a slight OCD with the Merge Visible option as you'll gather. Then duplicate the base and set to Multiply 50%. Best to shade over his left eye that has returned, so it won't look stupid anymore.

    4. TIME TO COLOUR THE HAIR! Try and use a lighter colour than you used before. I used #c07831. Erase any parts that went over the lines.

    5. Duplicate this hair layer, however change the settings to Color Burn 60%.

    6. Colouring skin is difficult for me. The first couple of tries, I always get it wrong. But for Sora, I used #ffcc99 on the original base. Don't forget all body parts! (ears, hands, arms, legs, etc).

    7. Obviously, Sora's skin is waaaay too dark, so let's reduce that, shall we? Duplicate the layer you used to colour the skin, and change the settings to Screen 50%. Still not quite right, I know, but we're getting there.

    8. MERGE.VISIBLE - as I've accumulated too many layers for my liking.

    9. Now we can shadow Sora's face. (or not). This is the worst part of colouring manga, and I try to avoid it. MY SHADING IS UGLY. Make a normal, new layer and change the brush settings to Multiply 65% opacity, brush color, #e5c5a5, and shade the areas that you think need shading. When you have done that, duplicate this base and set to Soft Light 90%.

    10. For Sora's eyes, I used #0033ff, and on a normal layer, coloured in the black area, leaving the white as it is for now.

    11. Now for the ugly white parts on Sora's eyes, use a lighter blue (#99ccff), and go over the small white lines. Or you could just skip this part if you preferred it fully white.

    12. Then I added a little bit of red under Sora's eyes, as he seemed to be blushing. Ah, it's starting to look cute now.

    13. Honestly, I can't remember what shade of blue young Sora had on his top, so I'll just make it up. I used #000099 to colour in the black parts on his T-shirt.

    14. Since his T-shirt is white, that is all you have to do! ...unless you think it still looks kind of ugly and plain. (which I think it does).


    15. Create a new fill layer, set to Multiply 100% with #ededed.

    16. Pick three colours (that kind of go together) to colour in the speech bubbles and background. I chose cute pastel colours, but I'm sure other colours would work nice too. I also left a small white border around Sora and the speech bubbles.

    17. To finish this piece off, I upped the saturation, curves, and used selective colouring to brighten it up a tad. Then I added a texture just to give it something extra. Nothing too flashy or it would ruin it. I will give you the texture if you want it. Just ask.

    18. LASTLY, add an Exclusion layer at #28160b, 50% opacity. & we're done!

    If, by the end of all this, you still don't really understand what I'm saying, you can just PM me. :)
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    Thanks Kairi!

    I'll put it to the test later.
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    Awesome! Don't forget to show me your result. :) I would love to see.
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    ;DD, Fixed the tut. Uh, DD: I waz feeling lazy that day...
    Soo. I really, =OO. Didn't put everything I did down. So, OwO; Message me for questions...


    FOR THE GIMP, stupid D:
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    RXS, I stole your name on the Mods. P:

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    A Tutorial for this sig:


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