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    Post your own tutorials!
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    & please stop spamming :) This is for tuts, not questions.
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  7. RXS Designing Queen

    heres mine:
    its my first one, so its nto that good

  8. Axizol The Ostrich King

    time for a crappy axi tut! :33

  9. Master Eraqus Hidden Dragon Wielder

    A different way for pentooling

    Click the pen tool

    and on the upper left hand corner choose the icon with a box and the pentool inside of it

    Click outside sig, then click anywhere inside the sig, (mess around at first to get use to it) Position the angles/ or curves where you want them to be

    after your done with that.

    Click on your brush and set your brush on any soft brush 3px

    now back to your pentool, Right Click > Stoke Path

    click the scroll down bar and choose brush, Dont simulate pressure if you want.

    then right click > delete path

    Erase the parts you dont like to make it look like its surrounding something.

    basically done :D
  10. Pam Berry Guest

    I've already posted this at mine and my friend's lj community. Though i'll repost it here. Please don't steal my tutorial. It's an icon tutorial. I realize there might be some problems with the tutorial so please let me know. So please do enjoy. :>


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