Trifecta 2.0

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    no, it's not the second installment of Trifecta, It's an all new vision of my story because I didn't like the original. reasoning in original thread called Trifecta. so without further a due: (And maybe a few mistakes) and also Strong language in some chapters

    Inside one of the city’s largest banks, the two security guards lay on the ground clutching their shoulders as blood oozed out of the bullet wound as each had a bank robber pointing their AK-47 at their heads while two others watched the customers and bank tellers.

    “Anyone who lowers their hands will be shot,” one of the bank robbers said. While the two watched five more where in the back stuffing duffle bags, it was tough to see because of their Halloween masks. Outside the bank, a man stat in a minivan waiting for his companions, his right leg twitching as every car drove by.

    “Come on, come on. Hurry up will you,” he muttered as his paranoia started to spike when a white car drove by. The five men in the safe hopped over the counter and rushed outside as the four in the lobby followed them into the minivan and sped off, nearly taking out an unmarked police car.

    “Damn it Craig, try not to draw too much attention to us,” the bank robber in the passenger seat said. He had on a clown mask with blue jeans and a Christmas sweater.

    “Sorry Jerry, I’m just a little nervous is all. We’ve talked about this for months but actually doing it is easier on paper then real life,” Craig said. He wore a Michel Myers mask with a blue jump suit.

    “As long as we can actually disappear and not get caught. I’m ok with it. This city owes it to me after everything the ****ing governor has done,” one of the bank robber said in the back.

    Soon the robbers heard the sound of police sirens as Craig punched the steering wheel and yelled, “Damn, I knew this was a bad idea. I should have listened to my wife and never gone through with this.”

    “Calm down Craig, just turn down the next street and head to the docks. I’ve got a plan,” Jerry said. Craig hesitated as his paranoia started to grow. Everything that could happen went through his head but his body made the decision for him as he turned down Silver Street and headed towards the docks as three cop cars followed them. The sun started to set as darkness fell on the city filled with red and blue flashing lights.

    One of the bank robbers, who had on a scream Halloween mask with grey ripped pants and a yellow shirt, looked out the window and snarled at all the police officers waiting for them.

    “Damn it, look at all of them, how the hell are we going to get out alive,” he yelled. Jerry just sighed before he walked over to him and smacked him on the top of his head before saying, “Keep calm Dave. We have the warehouse workers as hostages.”

    “I know Jerry, but I only agreed to this so I can help my kids. You promised me I wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught and being sent to jail. Now, I don’t know what to believe. I should have never done this, I should have never agreed to this. I’ll never see Jason grow up, I won’t be able to walk Amy down the aisle,” Dave said.

    One of the robbers saw something out of the corner of his eye and pointed his AK-47 at the dark corner. He squinted to see in the darkness before three shurikens flew from the darkness and pierced into his chest making him pull the trigger as he fell. The other five bank robbers looked at their fallen comrade and started shooting in all directions before their clips were empty. While they were reloading another gunman was swept off his feet and dragged into the darkness before his screams where silenced. Those who remained struggled to reload their weapons, but a figure appeared and attacked another robber. Kicking and punching him furiously before his body fell to the ground and the figure disappeared into the darkness. Two more were taken out by shurikens. Dave dropped his weapon and ran, leaving Jerry to fend for himself. His calm demeanor turned to terror as he threw his AK on the ground and raised his hands in defeat.

    “I give, don’t kill me bro,” he yelled. The figure walked of the shadows in front of him. The figure had go-go black boots, mini skirt with half a larger skirt on the right side, and hoody the ended at the chest with its zipper half zipped and the hood up. The figure said nothing before round house kicking the robber in the back of the head. The figure then freed the hostages and disappeared into the darkness.
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    Chapter One
    Serenity stood in the middle of the city watching it burn. He body couldn’t move and she could scream for help. It was like she was a statue watching the city be reduced to ash. Her body was suddenly lifted up and taken to another part of the city. As she did, the fire started to slowly burn out and soon disappeared. She now floated in a dark city with an orange glow from all the windows but the dim lighting from the broken windows did little to light her way. Her body set down on the blacktop that looked to be smoking from the recent fire. She saw two figures in the distance but where too far away to make out who or what they were. Her legs started to move on their own and as she got closer her eyes started to widen as fear and anger filled her body. Her sister lay on the ground, her eyes staring at her but showed nothing. No life, no gleam, nothingness. They seemed to be nothing but to empty hollow caves and standing over her was a dark figure with a sadistic crooked smile and glowing blood red eyes.

    Serenity quickly sat up with cold sweat dripping from her brow. She was breathing heavily before she placed her hand over her face and sighed. That damn bastard, I’ll find him and I’ll make sure the hell I send him to will feel like heaven. Serenity thought before she looked over at the clock that showed it was only three in the morning. She rolled over and tried to fall back asleep and finally after an hour of tossing and turning, she finally fell asleep. After her alarm clock went off at nine she was up and dressed in grey Sneakers, ripped Blue jeans, and a red shirt that had the words, “Make like a hockey player and go puck yourself.”

    She met her three friends, Trish, Trixy, and Jessie in the dining hall. All four had been best friends since kindergarten. Trixy was in to punk rock so she had on black attire with the skulls, spikes, and evil looking crosses. Trish was more the book worm with thick library glasses and a long tie-dye dress. Jessie was more the business type and wore business attire like a white blouse and black skirt.

    When Serenity sat down, Trixy looked up and said, “Sup,” before going back to texting her new boyfriend.

    “Could you stop texting Zack for five seconds to actually be sociable? It’s like you’re not even here when you two are texting each other,” Jessie said.

    “His name is Base, not Zack,” Trixy yelled before going back to texting.

    “Isn’t,” Serenity said before Trish interrupted, “His name’s Zack but he likes to be called Base.” Serenity nodded before yawning and almost falling asleep in her bowl of knockoff lucky charms.

    “Hey, Serenity, you ok. You seem to be out of it today,” Trish said.

    “Yeah, I just didn’t get enough sleep last night,” Serenity said before yawning again.

    “Another nightmare?” Jessie asked. Serenity just nodded before Trixy said, “You should write a song about it. It might help soothe your soul.”

    “That’s actually not a bad idea, many great writers us their tragedies in their books. Some became great sellers,” Trish said.

    “I really don’t want to write something down just to remember it, I’ve already been to therapy because of it,” Serenity said.

    “I know you miss Courtney, we all do, but suppressing your feelings isn’t good for you,” Jessie said.

    “Besides, what you’re doing now won’t bring her back,” Trish said. Serenity looked at them confused. Trish just sighed before she whispered, “You’re little parading out at night in the city.”

    “Why are you worrying so much, I graduated top of my class in Taekwondo, and know a little bit in Judo. What could possibly happen,” Serenity said.

    “For one, you could be killed one of these days. What could possibly possess you to do something like this?” Jessie said.

    “I’m going to get the bastard that killed my sister. The cops couldn’t catch him, so until I get him or kill him rather. I’ll never stop,” Serenity said.

    After the four ate, they each went their separate ways to their classes. The campus was 150 acres of classrooms, dorms, and three different dining halls. The school was in the middle of the large city. It was easy to get lost in it, but since this was Serenity’s second year there, she knew the place like the back of her hand.

    After her last class ended at six, she left the college and walked home to her apartment which was barely five minutes away from the school. She walked past a large stone sign that said, “Cashwood Apartments” and proceed to apartment 24, opened the door, and placed her keys in a glass bowl next to the door. Her cat trotted over to her and meowed her greetings as she rubbed against Serenity’s legs. Serenity patted her on the head before walking over to the fridge and took out the rest of last night’s Chinese takeout. She sat down in front of the TV and watched what she had DVRed while she was at her classes.
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    Chapter Two
    It was the same routine every morning; Serenity had the same dream that would shot her out of a sound sleep in a cold sweat. This particular morning was different, not because of the dream, she still had that. She actually slept through her alarm which was odd for her since her alarm clock was so loud it could wake the dead. She was rushing out the door and to the campus to get to her first class at noon. Her hair was in a mess, her black shirt with pink spray panted roses was wrinkled, and her blue jeans still had stains of last night’s dinner. Her first class was her most hated class in the world, math. She would have missed it, if not for the fact that she was failing.

    She couldn’t understand why she needed to know why X equaled the square root of pie or how negative twenty-two can become positive fourteen to be a veterinarian. None of this was necessary for it; she already knew how to count, Sesame Street and elementary school saw to that. If anyone came into the office saying their dog is a negative ten and they wanted it to be a positive four, then she would send them to a mental hospital and keep the dog.

    She was able to get to her class room a minute before noon. She got to her seat and took out her notebook before the professor walked into the classroom and began the lesson.
    The professor was a five foot three tall elderly woman that was covered in wrinkles. Serenity would always joke that she was proof positive that dinosaurs existed. She didn’t really like the professor in particular. Not because of her attitude, she was the sweetest person you would ever meet. If you asked her for a cup of sugar she’d gladly give you more then you asked, the cake mix, cream, and what good recipes her great aunt whatever made. It was her teaching style Serenity hated.

    If you had a question about a particular problem or math equation, she would ask if you had read the chapter. Lying to her was futile because she was a living, breathing lie detector. She knew if you were lying and explained what pages to read to find the answer. If you did read, then she’d refer to an online article or another textbook that could help. Her tests were god awful and she always said, “Always use a number two pencil, never a pen. I’ll take points off if you use pen on anything!”

    She also would refer to her old days like, “Back when I was a kid” or “When I was in school,” like anyone actually cared about what she did decades ago.

    “Alright y’all, please Hand up last night’s homework, we’ll begin with chapter five, so take out your textbooks and begin with number five and work your way up to ten,” she said in a sweet southern voice. The class room filled with the sound of ruffled pages and the sound of pencils marking up papers. Serenity was hoping that if she just skimmed through the chapter before doing the work her calculator would do the rest. After an hour and fifteen minutes of the teacher going over the question, not answers questions, and assigning homework, she dismissed the class that piled out of the class room and out the building. Serenity noticed the time and walked over to the nearest dining hall. She stood outside and texted her friends saying, “Am at Sue Dining hall C U there.”

    Twenty minutes later Trixy, Trish, and Jessie met her at the dining hall and sat down to eat lunch together.

    “****ing chemistry teacher said I should read the book, otherwise I might make something that could kill,” Trixy said before taking a bite of her tuna with jalapeno peppers on potato bread. She took a sip of Pepsi before she added, “I looked at him and wanted to say good. There are a few assholes that need to be killed. If natural selection ain’t going to get rid of them, then I will. I just nodded my head and copied what the people around me did.”

    “What was everyone making that could have killed people with the wrong chemicals,” Jessie asked.

    “We were making ****ing liquid rock candy that hardens after a while. ****ing Zack hardens faster than that shit,” Trixy yelled. Serenity almost burned herself fumbling with her spoonful of soup while Jessie started coughing after her soda nearly came bursting out her nose. Trish just stared at Trixy in disbelief that she would blurt out something that profound.

    “What’s wrong with you guys,” Trixy said before consuming the rest of her sandwich.

    “I don’t think you need to be projecting it to the entire campus,” Trish said before Jessie added, “So I guess you two should start studying more?”

    “We study enough, but it ain’t no math or history. It was more physical education,” Trixy said. This time Serenity did spill a lite bit of her soup on her arm while Jessie coughed her half eaten chicken pierogi into her napkin to keep from choking on it. It didn’t take long for some of the people in the dining hall to look over at the commotion a try and ease drop on the conversation. The four soon realized this and quickly finished their meal and walked out without saying a word. The four said their goodbyes and proceeded to their next classes. Serenity walked into her next class and sat right in the front of the class. She really could care less about history and what person did what, but this class was better than any other history class to her because it was the history of medicine and today and all this week was about animal medicine.

    The teacher was a retired doctor/veterinarian who had seen it all. After retirement, he went back to school to get his teaching degree and teach future doctors or veterinarians. He was a very skilled teacher because he could refer the material back to his experience and sometimes he actually argued that the textbook was wrong because as he quoted, “No textbook has ever preformed open heart surgery, nor has anyone who wrote a textbook.”
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    Chapter Three
    It was the same thing like every morning; she had the same nightmare that woke her up early in the morning which shot her out of a deep sleep in a pool of sweat. She would sit in the dark trying to collect her thoughts before laying back down and going back to sleep.

    She sat in the dining hall with her friends, but along with them was Trixy’s new boyfriend Zack. He looked like the typical punk rocker with his buzz cut hair, ear rings and nose rings, black shirt with skull printed designs, arm bands with spikes, and skinny black pants. The two were all hugging and kissing each other.

    “No dignity in their love, just make out right in front of everyone,” Trish said. Some of the dining hall had started to stare at the table while the two continued.

    “Trixy, Trixy! Everyone’s staring,” Jessie whispered. Trixy looked at the three before sighing and the two stopped their little show and started eating their lunch.

    “So this is Zack huh,” Serenity said.

    “His name’s Base,” Trixy snarled.

    “Don’t worry about it babe, it really doesn’t bother me. That’s my stage name for the band,” Zack said. It wasn’t a very thrilling conversation because when Trish, Jessie or Serenity tried to spark a conversation, Zack would change it to his band and what they’re doing or Trixy would change it to what Zack was doing. In the end, all the three got out of Zack was that his band was either trying to find a record deal or trying to find a gig to become famous.

    By the time all of them left the dining hall and headed for their classes, Serenity was already sick of any mention of Zack’s band, “Car Crash on the Scenic Route.” She headed to her next class which was Business Law 102, a Class she enjoyed because of the fact that all the tests were take home and open book. Also, the teacher didn’t just bore the class with business and law lingo. He would give easy examples and definitions to the topics so everyone could understand them. When she sat down in the back of the class, the Professor walked in and placed his laptop on the desk and plugged it into the projector and went to YouTube and opened a video titled, “Disorder in the court: 20 more shocking outbreaks in the court”

    “Today, we’ll watch a TruTV show that will help you all understand some unique things that could happen in the court room. Usually, these will only happen in criminal court but the knowledge is still good to know,” he said before he started the video. For forty minutes the class watched criminals trying to attack their attorneys, the judge, family members of the victims attacking the criminals and so forth. When the class ended at 4:30, most of the sidewalks were clear of student and only had a few walking around with food from the campus store or those rushing to get to class even though they were already 30 minutes late.

    She walked home and did the same thing she always did: Placed her keys in the bowl next to the door, petted the cat, took out a snack (usually whatever she had for supper last night),and listened to the police scanner. Usually it was nothing out of the ordinary. An officer calling in that they pulled over a car for some reason or reporting to a noise complaint. The city rarely had any huge incident were cops had to use their weapons or deadly force. The only big incident that actually happened was a bank robbery a few days ago and the news stations haven’t stopped talking about it.

    Even though it seemed there was nothing happening on the surface of the city, under its metallic skin, there were drug dealers, smugglers, and the city’s biggest, yet secretive problem: Gangs. Most of the gangs were just street thugs that would threaten but never back up their threats. They usually used their numbers just to intimidate people and rarely got into fights but there were a select few gangs that actually backed up there threats to the point of murder. The police department tried their best to catch and lock up the gang members but it seems many of them have high officials backing them up because within 24 hours anonymous people seem to come from no were and pay their bonds and all their records seem to disappear.

    That’s partly the reason why Serenity did what she did. She hated to see the city she grew up in turn down this path and wanted to correct all that’s wrong with it. She wanted to see the city she use to known were a person could walk home every night and not fear getting jumped or killed. The other reason was because she wanted to find the person that killed her sister. Just thinking about it made Serenity angry. She knew he was part of a gang and even went so far as to assume he was a leader of a gang. There were so many that she couldn’t pinpoint the gang he could have belonged to.

    She heard someone knocking at the door and walked over and looked through the peep hole and smiled as she swung open the door and quickly hugged the man on the other side.
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    Chapter Four
    Serenity looked up at the man who smiled at her and patted her on the head.

    “Hey kiddo,” he said. Serenity let her father into her apartment and he made himself at home. Sitting on the white pearl lazy chair and reclined back.

    “You never change dad, always sitting in an easy chair,” she chuckled before asking, “Do you want anything? Coffee, Tea, soda?”

    “I’ll take a cup of coffee Serenity, thanks,” he said. She took out a mug and placed it under the Keurig Coffee Maker and let it brew. After it was done she placed the coffee next to her father. He took the cup, blew the steam away and sipped down the black coffee.

    “This tastes good, what flavor is it?” he asked

    “Red Velvet Cupcake,” Serenity said before she sat down on the coach across from her father.

    “So, how’s college going this year,” he said.

    “It’s going well, not too much homework yet, but no guarantees that it will stay like this. Also, we might be examining live animals next week,” Serenity said. Her father laughed at her excitement and said, “You haven’t changed a bit since you were a little girl and you played vet with your stuffed animals”

    “Well, stuffed animals are different from real life ones, you can’t just sow them back when you’ve made a mistake like stuffed animals,” Serenity said.

    “That’s true, I remember you always coming to me asking me to sow your animals back up for you. That was until you learned how to sow yourself, then you didn’t need to wait for me to come home,” he said.

    “Yeah,” Serenity said. For a few second both were in complete silence. Her father was a very loving and caring person and very protective of his daughters. After his wife died in a car crash, he dedicated his life to protecting Serenity and Courtney. Even though he owned multiple businesses in the city, he still made time to make sure they didn’t feel alone. He missed work to be at all their events whether it be a ballet recital or a soccer game.

    “So, why did you come all the way to the Cashwood Apartments,” Serenity said.

    “Oh, right. I wanted to see how you’ve been and if the tenets are paying their rent on time,” he said. Before he added, “I know you and how you’ll give someone an extension on their rent. When it’s the first of the month, you need to just man up and demand the rent.”

    “They are, I haven’t had any trouble with that. They all seem like nice people,” Serenity said.

    “I’ve also noticed that the bank account I gave you to put the rent money in, is larger than it should be, are you talking out half the rent money and keeping it for yourself like we discussed,” he asked

    “I’m just taking out what I need to pay for food and books, I really don’t see the need that much money on me. I only use about a hundred for groceries, anything else I want I’ll buy using my own money from working at the college café on the weekends,” Serenity said.

    “Well you know if you ever need more money, don’t hesitate to take it out of the bank, I’m not going to sit back and let my only daughter starve because she needs more money for groceries,” he said.

    After talking for more than an hour, he got up and placed his coffee cup in the sink before hugging her goodbye and going back to the office. Serenity was happy that her father stopped by, she knew how busy he was, but was glade he was able to take a break from all his work. She always feared that he would work himself into an early grave and that’s why she started working at a young age, to help out with the bills and other expenses. If he knew what she was doing on some nights, he would never let her out of his sight so she kept that a secret from him and as for the nightmare, she knew it would case him more problems to know she was having a recurring nightmare every night so she also kept that a secret from him. She cleaned out the coffee cup, placed it in the cupboard with the others and sat down next to her police scanner and waited.

    She suddenly sat up at the sound of lightning crashing outside her window. She had fallen asleep listening to the police scanner. Outside there was a massive lightning storm that looked like it was engulfing the city. It was seven at night but the lightning light up the night sky. They seemed to slam into the ground like it was trying to break open the earth to get at something. It was amazing to watch because to her it seemed the lightning was dancing with itself, but what was more amazing was the fact that each bolt hit several spots multiple times.

    This was the first time she had seen a storm like this so she figured it could happen, but for lighting to strike in a single place seven to eight times, it made her think about the remake of War of the Worlds and how the lightning held the alien pods that were injected to the bigger pods underground. After watching the storm from thirty minutes it died down to just a rumble before it was completely gone. She closed her blinds and crawled into bed and fell asleep.

    The next morning the whole campus was buzzing about the massive storm that engulfed the city. Serenity sat with her friends in one of the dining halls listening to the three of them.

    “That lightning storm was crazy, I counted twelve strikes in one place during the whole thing,” Trixy said.

    “I know, did you hear about the aftermath of the storm?” Jessie said.

    “Yeah, tragic,” Trish said. Serenity looked at her friends and asked, “What happened?” She rarely watched the news because of all the negativity it was spewing about the world these days.

    “You didn’t hear? Three people died in the storm,” Jessie said. Serenity shook her head in shock.

    “Yeah, apparently three people were killed in the storm. The weird part is, is that they all were lying on the ground a few feet away from each other. Like they had passed by each other and were struck all at the same time,” Trish said.

    “So they were found together? Wouldn’t that cause suspicion? Did it seem they were murdered then struck by lightning?” Serenity asked

    “That’s what the police thought, but their burn marks looked to be caused by being struck by lightning and there was no indication of them being killed before the incident,” Jessie said.

    “And how the hell do you know all this?” Trixy asked

    “Uncle Ted works at the police department, I asked about it so I can put it in the college newspaper. There are a lot of things that don’t add up with this case, like how suddenly the storm appeared, and how all of them were in the same area at the same time,” Jessie said.

    Just then the PA system turned on with a loud, stinging noise before a women came on and said, “Attention all students, we are getting word that another lightning storm has appeared in the city and seems to expanded over some parts of the campus. We strongly advise all students to stay indoors and all those who are outside to please find shelter until the storm passes. Do not stand near any windows at this time. Thank you.”

    “Two storms in one week, what the hell is going on,” Trixy said. Serenity was a little preoccupied at the moment. The announcement said to keep away from all windows; well part of the dining hall wall was all windows. She could hear the lightning roar and crackle in the distance as it drew closer. Everyone in the dining hall was huddled together in some parts while others hid under tables. Serenity was about to go with her friends to the back of the dining hall to stay clear from the windows when she suddenly stopped. Her body froze up, she couldn’t speak, she just stared out the massive wall that was nothing but windows. Her friends for some reason couldn’t see it, they looked right at it but still they couldn’t see it and proceeded to walk to the back of the dining hall.

    Standing outside, staring right at her was a figure, the same one in her nightmares. The same figure she had seen so many nights in her recurring nightmare standing over her lifeless sister. The figure stood there, with no emotion on its face. For what felt like an eternity she and the figure stared at one another before she blinked and in a split second, the figure had disappeared and massive lightning bolt had hit outside shattering the wall of windows. The dining hall was filled with the loud boom that appeared after the lightning bolt and screams as glass flew everywhere.

    Serenity was stilling standing there in the mist of all the broken glass; miraculously she only had minor cuts. Her body was in shock, she had dreamed about this moment for years yet when she saw the figure; she didn’t know what to do. Her trance was broken when Trish shock her to see if she was alright. She could see Trish talking to her but couldn’t hear her; slowly she could hear muffled voices before she finally heard Trish yelling at her.

    “Serenity!” Trish yelled. Serenity looked at her then at her arms. Some parts were bleeding but not critically. It seemed she just scraped parts of her arm on a few tree branches.

    “Jesus Serenity, what were you thinking,” Jessie asked.

    “Damn Serenity, you took that like a boss!” Trixy said before she slapped Serenity on the back. It took a while for Serenity to actually speak but when she did she told her friends she was fine and after getting a few Band-Aids from the first aid kit in the dining hall. She walked back to her apartment. When she walked in and closed the door behind her, everything final came crashing down as she fell to her knees and began to cry. Why! Why couldn’t I do a damn thing when I saw him! He killed her and yet I couldn’t even move. Why! She thought as her cat continued to rub against her trying to make her feel better. She looked at her cat and wiped the her tears away and patted her on the head and walked over to the kitchen table and sat down with her head down as the police scanner buzzed. After a while a voice came on over the radio.

    “Possible gang activity at dock 17, all available units please respond. Gang is assumed armed and dangerous,” the police dispatcher said. Serenity looked up at the scanner. It might very well be a false alarm or might very well be a trap. Gangs don’t usually get this sloppy were the police knew where they’re going to be. She got up and sighed. Maybe it will help clear my head of what happened today she thought.
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    Chapter Five
    Serenity got to the docks about an hour after the call went out on the police scanner, the docks were empty. There were no workers, no cop cars and no signs of the gang members. She knew that there was always a clam before the storm and with gang members; you couldn’t assume that they’re the type that use numbers to beef up their bluff rather than the others that wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a kid for scaring them. She was able to find dock 17 and snuck into the warehouse, as she did she prepare herself for what was to come. She held her shurikens in the palm of her hand, ready to stick anyone who was patrolling the warehouse. She had on her usual attire when she did the vigilant thing. When she stepped out of the shadows she stopped for a second and took of her hood.

    “What the hell,” Serenity said. All across the floor were gang members. They looked stiff like a board. It was like they all were tased and lay knocked out on the floor. She walked up to one of the gang members and placed two fingers on the right side of his neck. She could feel a small pulse. She couldn’t figure it out; it looked like the police weren’t here and yet all the gang members were taken down. She thought that maybe what they were carting into the city did this.

    She carefully opened one of the crates that were in the warehouse and found nothing that could have knocked out this many people. She reached into her hoodie pocket and put on black gloves and took out the large block of cocaine.

    “How could crack do this to people,” Serenity said.

    “It didn’t, I did,” a voice said. Serenity quickly dropped the block and took out her shurikens. She looked around but couldn’t see where the voice came from. Shit, it was a trap. Was it for the cops or was it for me? Serenity thought. She not only looked all around the warehouse but also watched all the bodies on the ground. She didn’t know if they would all get up and attack her or if the person was part of the bodies. She stopped when she felt the wooden crate behind her. She felt a little relief knowing that no one would sneak up behind her. She continued to look around to find the source of the voice.

    “Don’t like it do you, the not knowing where I could strike, were I’m at. This must be what all the people you’ve attacked felt,” the voice said. She hadn’t thought about that, the fear she felt was what everyone she had taken down felt before she pounced, but unlike them, she knew what to expect. She had scenario after scenario play out in her mind of what this person would do because it was everything she would have done. Nothing they could do would surprise her. She saw something moving in the dark and without warning or thinking she threw her shurikens into the dark abyss of the warehouse.

    “Wow, not even trying to hit me,” the voice said. She quickly moved away from the crate because it seemed the voice was coming from atop the crate, but before she could reach for more shurikens her body suddenly stopped as she saw a dark shadow jump down behind the crate, seconds later someone walked out from the shadows and her body suddenly filled with an uneasy feeling. Her body then filled with terror as she looked at the figure she had not only seen in her nightmares but also at the campus that day during the lightning storm.

    Serenity went to reach for more Shurikens but found that she had used all of them up throwing them aimlessly into the darkness. Her body filled with fear and all that went through her head was to run, run as far away as she could from him. It was a split second decision she made, she ran towards the man swing, hoping to hit. She wasn’t thinking, she was trying to knock him off his feet to hit the final blow. With every swing, the man just easily stepped to the left or the right. When she swung for the twentieth time, the figure sidestepped and tripped her. She rolled to the ground and quickly got back up.

    “Five years and this is all you can muster up? I’d think you’d have more pent up anger and you’d do all you could to kill me, torcher me, make me wish for death and yet this is all you can muster up? What a disappointment,” the man said. Before she could answer, she heard something off in the distance of the warehouse. When she looked, she saw one of the gang members start to get up. He got up and stumbled before he got his stable footing under him. She looked back at the man who had disappeared from sight.

    When she looked back at the gang member she saw the man appear behind the gang member and place his hand on the back of the gang members head and lift him up. Within seconds the gang member started to shake violently before his eyes melted out of his eye sockets and blood dripped from his ears and nose. Suddenly lightning started to shot out of his body before he went up in flames. She could now clearly see what the man looked like, He had on a pair of black Nike shoes, black pants, and black T-shirt. His brown hair was covered by a black hat that had what looked like ear rings on the bill. His right arm had a tattoo of barbed wire on it and his left arm had an angel holding a sword on it

    The man continued to hold the gang member before he let the body fall to the ground still on fire. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled the warehouse. Serenity just stared at the man in shock before she bent over and vomited from the sight and smell of what just happened. The man walked past the burning body and walked towards Serenity. Her body froze in fear; she couldn’t stop her body from shacking. All her training, all her experience in self-defense couldn’t help her in this situation. She noticed something light blue in his right hand and as he drew closer she saw hatchet made of lightning. When he was standing over her he lifted up the hatchet made of lightning and violently swung it downward towards her head.
  7. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    Chapter Six
    Before the hatchet could connect, the cement flooring rose up and protected Serenity. Serenity could have sworn she heard a taping noise before the cement rose up from the floor.

    “That’s enough Rex!” a voice yelled. Serenity looked to her left to see an elderly man standing under one of the lights. He had on tan slacks, a plaid sweater and held himself up with a cane. The hatchet scattered into small sparks of lightning that disappeared.

    “Come on Arthur, I wasn’t going to kill her, I was simply playing with her,” Rex said. Arthur just sighed before he walked over to Serenity and knelt down, Serenity could hear all his joints in his legs crack.

    “Are you alright child,” Arthur asked. Serenity nodded before he got back up and again the sound of his joints filled the warehouse. Before he could speak Serenity said, “I-I thought you were dead?” Arthur looked at her in confusion before he remembered.

    “That’s right, you thought I was dead, sorry child for keeping you out of the loop, but I needed to fly under the radar for a few years, so I staged my death,” Arthur said.

    “But Sir, why would you need to fly under the radar, you were loved by everyone,” Serenity said.

    “Sir? Him? That’s a laugh, this dinosaur’s nothing more than a bag of brittle bones,” Rex said before he took out a cigarette and lit it. Serenity was about to lash out at Rex but Arthur placed his cane in front of her.

    “Now, now. We’ll have none of these insults. Especially ones directed towards me,” Arthur said. Rex just sighed before he said, “How the hell does this idiot know you anyway”

    “I’m not an idiot you ****ing murderer,” Serenity yelled.

    “Murderer! I ain’t no murderer you ****ing bitch,” Rex yelled back.

    “Punk Rock Reject,” Serenity said

    “Say that again you filthy ****ing copy,” Rex said. Suddenly the cement floor rose up and blocked the two for seeing each other.

    “Enough you two!” Arthur yelled before adding “I didn’t get you to come all this way Rex to get into a screaming match with Serenity.”

    “What do you mean bring him here,” Serenity asked. Rex sighed as he mumbled something under his breath.

    “Like I said, I brought him here. He wasn’t supposed to act this way but I should have anticipated his attitude towards you,” Arthur said before he looked over at Rex and added,

    “How do I know her, I’m one of her father’s closest friends. I taught him all he knows about business and also. I taught Serenity how to defend herself at the request of her father”

    “Should have known. No wonder she punches like an old women,” Rex said. Serenity held her tongue from lashing back at him.

    “Anyway, I wanted this to go over more smoothly but I guess it can’t be helped. I brought Rex here knowing the history you have with him, but also hopping you may look past that,” Arthur said.

    “Look past it, he killed my sister!” Serenity yelled. Rex just twitched when she said that. He just breathed out white smoke and continued to listen to her as she continued, “He’s a ****ing monster! What human being can not only kill another, but have that sadistic crooked smile on his face as he does it. Not to mention for some reason he’s able to ****ing shoot lightning”

    “I’m not monster, nor am I a human. I’m a Surge Guardian,” Rex said.

    “A what? What kind of guardian kills people, the definition of guardian is to protect,” Serenity said.

    “Don’t you think I know that you ****ing c***!” Rex yelled.

    “Enough!” Arthur yelled as the whole warehouse shook at his voice before he claimed down and added, “Rex is correct, he is a Surge Guardian. Just like me. You have to understand Serenity. There are things in the world that haven’t been shown. We Surge Guardians have lived alongside humans for millennia.” Serenity looked at Arthur, she couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She couldn’t believe that there were beings like gods living amongst her.

    “If that’s the truth, then why haven’t I heard of this until now? Wouldn’t a couple want to use their powers to rule us or is that something Hollywood conjured up,” Serenity asked. She still didn’t believe it. Rex’s lightning, Arthur being alive when she thought he was dead.

    “Some have, and that’s exactly why I wanted Rex here. Beneath the surface of human life, there has been a secret war going on for what seems like an eternity. It pits Surge Guardians against one another. Just like humans, some of us see the blood shed as a waste of time, but if we let those who wish to rule win. The human race will become nothing but cattle,” Arthur said.

    “Cattle?” Serenity said.

    “Precisely, Surge Guardians replenish their energy by consuming mana. The planet has an infinite amount of it, but some Surge Guardians have found that consuming the Mana from humans can increase their powers tenfold. So they seek to use you as cattle. We, that is me and a select few, want to preserve the freedom humans have and wish nothing more than to live side by side with humans,” Arthur said.

    “Why not live among us and eat our mana? We should be able to absorb more from the earth. Right?” Serenity said. Rex chucked before he dropped his cigarette and stepped on it.

    “Because they want to rule over humans as their gods and also,” Rex said before he smiled and added, “When a human is drained of all their mana, they die”

    “Correct, humans are unable to absorb mana from the earth like we can,” Arthur explained.

    “So what’s all this got to do with me and,” Serenity said before she snarled and said, “Him?”

    “You two may be the key to stopping their plain from going forth,” Arthur said.

    “Work with the likes of him, I ain’t going to work with him!” Serenity yelled.

    “That’s something we actually agree on, I’m not working with a pathetic copy,” Rex said.

    “Would you stop calling me that,” Serenity said before she added, “It make no sense at all” Arthur sighed before he tried to come up with the words to confine their attitudes.

    “Would you two kindly,” Arthur said before the whole warehouse shook again, “Shut the **** UP!” The two looked at Arthur, stunned at his manor of speech.

    “Damn old man,” Rex said. Arthur took a deep breath and claimed down before he said, “Now, if you two children are done squabbling. I’d like to continue.” Serenity nodded while Rex just took out another Cigarette and lit it.

    “I had hopped you two would be compatible in stopping their plan. Serenity would be perfect since you’re Courtney’s counterpart,” Arthur said.

    “Counterpart?” Serenity said. Rex just blew out white smoke before he said, “Calling you that is just a nice way of calling you a copy, but the scientific term for what you are is a doppelganger”

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