Top Six Things that would not work in the Series

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    Yes, the pessimistic tosser, Chrono, have created a video. Now you get to listen to him rant in the actual voice himself.

  2. So i take it you are a pretty big fan of KnK lol.

    Good video, liked the pictures that came up to make fun of everything, nice touch. Your accent was a lot thicker then i imagined(Not a bad thing just through me off at the beginning) but it was overall good.

    Btw as you could've figured i agree with everything you said lol
  3. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Chrono speaks. The sound of your voice really surprised me. It's hard to describe it but I always figured your voice would sound more like... I guess like the voice of the guy from Zero Punctuation... Yahtzee or whatever his name is.

    About your list of the top six things that shouldn't happen... here are my opinions about each one.

    1. I would agree. A KH MMO would likely not work.

    2. The series doesn't need a new enemy. However, with the Unversed seemingly gone, and the Nobodies probably almost endangered, it might not hurt to include a new enemy. Then again, there are already three types of enemies, each with their own specific means of being created, usually related to the heart. To create a "fourth method" to create a fourth enemy might be a bit too much for the series... or it might fit fairly well. I hope there is no fourth enemy. As you said, they should focus with the enemies they have. I hope the existence of the Unversed though are solely contained in BBS and don't come up in any other installments.

    3. Completely disagree. Sora and Kairi having a relationship works for the story. Their relationship was "developed" in KH1 BUT in KH:CoM, KH2, and KH'Days, their relationship has only been "featured" and not developed. The significance of their relationship is reinforced in every KH titles, but only KH1 actually developed it. Why don't the others develop their relationship? That's probably due to how Kairi and Sora was usually separate from each other. That's not an inherent flaw in the relationship though, that's just circumstances obstructing proper development between the two. Now that their united after KH2, proper development in the relationship is actually an option.

    But I'm strongly opposed to the idea that Sora and Namine could have a better relationship. I won't go into every single detail to why that would not work, but I will say this one thing: Sora's character is based around having a strong, true, and caring heart, but Namine has no heart, and her character is one of weakness, deception, and uncaring. They say that opposites attract, but the differences between Sora and Namine and just to extreme. Only thing they might have in common is how Namine may be composed of Sora's vessel and that's no basis for a relationship.

    4. Well, there is no conclusive proof that Riku intends to keep that Keyblade for himself. Many assume that Riku was just letting Kairi borrow that Keyblade, but that assumption may be false. Perhaps Riku give Kairi that Keyblade to keep as her own. Sure, Kairi hasn't grown up fighting with wooden swords, but she did grow up watching Sora and Riku (and pretty much everyone else on the Islands) fight each other. Maybe she picked up a few things. She did seem to fight fairly well for her first time she had a Keyblade, however brief that might have been. She killed two Heartless in the first 15 of having wielded a weapon, and then she is able to keep up with Riku when they fight back to back. Most importantly though, Namine has merged with Kairi so I have a feeling that Namine's talents could be transferred to Kairi. So since Namine was made from Sora... perhaps Sora's talent in fighting was passed down to Namine which was then passed on to Kairi.

    Anyway, I believe Kairi has a strong heart and thus is deserving of a Keyblade. Some might say that there are already too many Keyblade wielders, but I disagree. By the end of KH2, there is only Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey. That's only four, which is not as many as there are in BBS and not nearly as many there were in the Keyblade War. Besides, Riku obtaining a Keyblade was pretty pointless anyways, so they might as well let Kairi have one.

    5. I agree with this one as well. A Final Fantasy world is unneeded.

    6. Xehanort is a key focus of the series. However, any active trace of his existence were eliminated or sealed away by the end of KH2. It's not necessarily the question of "should Xehanort be the main KH3 main antagonist". The question is "CAN Xehanort be the main KH3 main antagonist". Anything is possible... but I personally consider it unlikely that Xehanort will return to assume the role of main villain. His Nobody is destroyed, I personally think his heart still resides in Riku. Will Xehanort appear in KH3 in some shape or form? He probably will, but I believe the title of main antagonist should and probably will belong to someone else of a much more sinister nature.

    We've seen many different variations Xehanort, but I think KH3 should focus around the reemergence of the true person Xehanort really easy.
  4. look, Chrono, i disagree with u so much that its not funny. it irritated me just hearing ur voice, first off. but i give u credit for the pics. they were hilarious.

    1 KH MMO: im in the grey area about this. yea, an MMO is too much. but look at Final Fantasy. there are so many cults for it, its unbelievable. what the hell's wrong for there to be cults and obsessive fans for Kingdom Hearts? i mean what are you like some non-geek person who just plays the game bc u feel like it? NEWS FLASH: if u signed up for the forums pertaining to KH, then ur just dissing yourself.

    2. New Enemies: im in the grey area about this, as well. these enemy types should be kept the central focus of the games only because they were brought up first, but dude it wouldn't hurt the series if some more came up. i mean look at the big picture and if u stick to the current ones, then u got a blan storyline. there's no action really going on. and action is number one when it comes to video games. to have some action, u need a plotline that rocks ur socks.

    3. Sora-Kairi Deal: Sora and Kairi's relationship is one of the things that defines the series itself. and if ur asking for classic Disney here, then u need the "princess" and the "knight in shining armor" to fall in love. like it or not: Sora and Kairi falling love eventually falls under the category of classic Disney Romance. besides, i could totally tell the two had a thing for each other in KH1 and it escalates in KH2 and even in KHCoM only Namine was a substitute.

    4. Kairi's pure heart and loyal intuition gives her a strong heart, good enough to wield a Keyblade. u can guess i think ur dum shit about that arguement too. i think its fair that she uses a Keyblade. there's nothing wrong with that. now, it jumps the shark a little bit, but not too much.

    Kairi should be allowed to fight with Sora and friends. she might be the perfect damsel in distress, but she's still got nerve. it's only appropriate for her to fight, whether with a Keyblade or her magical powers that come with a pure heart.

    5. Final Fantasy Worlds: there's nothing wrong with FF Worlds. in fact it would be kind of cool to see areas of Midgar and fight Sephiroth as a story boss and not a hidden one.

    6. Xehanort: This dude is the main bad guy--the archenemy. he's like the Joker to the Batman, the Lex Luthor to the Superman. he's the main reason why Sora, Donald, and Goofy still fight. though, it wouldn't hurt to have another villain show up wanting to take Kingdom Hearts. but guess what Chrono, that usually entails a new type of enemy. btw: chances are Xehanort will be the main antagonist in KH3 in some way. sorry, but that's how a plotline works. not Square-Enix's fault that the Series doesn't turn out exactly like Final Fantasy does, where its a completely different cast of characters in every single game.


    and for ur info: KH2 had a lot better story, gameplay, and graphics than KH1 did.
  5. does anyone else think SoraComplex is a arse. No offense dude but if your gonna slag off other people opinions im gonna slag off yours.

    1. WTF If your a proper fan of KH I reckon an mmo would pretty much ruin the whole series for you. You'd have people selling, scamming and aurguing in all your favoutite places and thats just wrong

    2. New enemies just wouldn't fit. I can't think of any way to explain them into the story.

    3. Sora and Kairi. Ye its a cute relationship but thats all it should be. I don't think you should see their reletionship blossum within the series. Its the sorta thing that is left as implied to happen after the series.

    4. This is the only part of your opinion I won't slag off. I agree that Kairi has a strong heart, but the likely hood is she'll turn into a damsel in distress again

    5. Final Fantasy worlds are the forbidden experiment of KH. Its something that alot of people will say: "oh that would be cool!" but in reality everyone knows that just wouldnt work. None of the characters would fit into an FF world. Hell not even the KH adaptions of FF characters would fit into an FF world and anyway what would you do there?

    6. I hate characters that are brought back just because the plot writers couldn't think of anything better.

    and lastly:
    KH2 was rubbish!!!

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