Threat of Empire

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    Hello there fellow forum members. This here is a character sheet thread dedicated to a RP i'm working on. The world this RP is set can be best described as a fantasy world. And by that it means it's a completely different world from our own with various exotic and sapient species inhabiting it. Otherwise it functions more or less the same as our world. Here are rules that each character must obey.

    1: The names must be somewhat exotic. Real world names can be used but they have to be uncommon ones and slightly tweaked.

    2: The character can be one of the following species: Human, Elf, Lizard, Canine, Feline. Take note that the characters are never referred in-story by their species but by their nationality.

    3: The characters can have the following alignments: The Empire of Quarani, The Resistance, The Alliance and Neutral.

    4: The world universally uses this method of assigning dates with some local variations: ddd.q yyyy xE

    Now get creative. If you have some questions, feel free to ask.

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