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Discussion in 'The Hub' started by Bel Enchanted, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. But nobody is here anymore.

    Y'all can find me over at
    My U/N is Verum Vitae.

    I won't be logging in here again. Too many memories, too many things I can't go over anymore.

    Alex/Navi, I miss you. I hope you see this one day if the need strikes you to visit.

    James/Jeeves- There's not much I can really say that hasn't already been said, trust me. Hit me up sometime, yeah?

    Ato/Mu/Venus- We didn't always agree, I know that, but we were friends, I like to think. I hope you did, too.

    Sammy- You're always going to be my sister. Logan will never know me by name or by reputation, but give him my best, will you?

    Oh jeeze I miss you.

    Alex- the Big Cactuar-
    I've looked for you. I wanted to talk to you.
    Our topsite is still around, but...well, I'm sure you know. I wish you were still around.

    To everyone else, Aeon, Fox, Spira, And the rest...
    I miss you.
    Please, if you see this, hit me up on finalfantasyforums.
    It'd be nice to have everyone come back over there, though I know it's unrealistic.

    Goodbye, guys.
    It was nice to meet all of you, but this is goodbye, at least for me, at least for here. HAHAHAHAHA.JPG
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