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Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Rex, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Well people it's come to this....I have had enough of somethings that I have seen eather in the world or in this site....I'm going to take about them and see your reactions

    1. The USA's Government and Police force:
    I have noteced that the USA's Government and Police force has done some great things in the past....but let's be honest. they have driven down the road to the crappers. Reason why....well lets see the biggets thing I can think of is Arrests. First of all what the hell? you don't pull over some dude going 10 miles over the speed limit but you pull me over for going .5 miles under the speed limit...what the Hell people. I had to pay 50 bucks because of that....that's BS...just plane BS and another can find evidence to Arrest Martha stewart and that dude who was making Dogs fight....But you can't fine evidence to Arrests michael jackson. Come on people...the dude looks guilty already...but no. what the hell did the freaking Catholic priest's step in and say it's a sin to Arrest him....BS thats a pool full of BS

    2. the war
    ok ya where doing our country a favor by entering the war...but has it been long enough...god I haven't seen my older brother sence he entered the want a quick solution to the war... send Martha stewart , michael jackson, and Britney spears. I bet they would surrender after a month. why? Martha stewart would not shut up about how Sand makes the perfect bread, Britney spears would make have the people go depth because of her voice, and michael jackson would screw with their kids and I mean physically!!!!

    3. People posting who shoudn't
    Good god people this must be the hards thing to take about...this site is all about posting but posting. "I don't think I'll be in the RPG" or "this RPG is stupid". what the hell you guys...if you want to voice your opinion then PM freaking hard is it to PM some one...god. and this just floors me. "what are you trying to say" or "What"...god....if you can't get what the post means....then don't post in I getting the feeling some of you have no common sense or have never hurd of the word

    4. PM's
    this floors me too....if I've seen your RPG and did not post in it don't PM me saying come join my RPG....If I liked it the first time...I would have posted in it...why must people think..."if I PM someone, I can change there minds" NOOOOOOO. if I did not want to join your RPG....what the hell would make me join it now...Free milk and cookies?

    5. number of post's
    well here where are again...look this is going to be sweet and to the point.....I don't give two Craps and a doggy bag how many post's I stop asking me how I got my post number. if you really want to know...then let me give you a know yes I get that some of you have otherthing to do and I get this but don't ask me how there's an easyer way to get more why must this happen to only me. God!!

    My spelling and Grammar
    yes I have a learning disability...yes my spelling and Grammar sucks....I've lived my life with this...but you know what I don't care...what make me mad is that eveyone here thinks just because My spelling and Grammar sucks they can just kid around with me....yes lets all make fun of god people I got a freaking award for having the worst spelling and life feels so great...thanks. Really!!!

    Fast food and fat people:
    Ok….this is something that I know all of you will agree with me on this…what in god’s name happened to the fast food places? All of a sudden there getting sued because people are getting fat from their food…good god people. Are we that trusty for money that we have to go out and find the most stupid thing to sue? Hay…and one reading this and has sued a fast food place…listen closely. It’s not their fault you had 75 big Macs….it’s your fault…”but Rex they look so good” well then have one…don’t go off and sue some fast food place because your butt gained 10 pounds. Also these lawyers who take these case’s…your just as bad as the people who want to sue them in the first place, but the bad part is…these people win…what? What judge is going to even let the case go one any longer. If I was that judge as so as I heard the words fast food, fat and sue in the same sentence I would get up and smack that Pearson. Plain and simple.

    Peoples kids:
    Ok this just floors me. Parents….control your kids, I don’t know about the rest of you but they seem to be all around Wal-mart….god these kids with the high pitch voices that could destroy a glass house…what is going on? Back in my younger years if a kid did that in a store his parent would smack him with whatever they could find…I got hit with a bag of potatoes when I was four…that hurts. Then we got these kids who scream and complain in restaurants. Like I need more drama in these places. If the little brat wants to have ice cream. Place the kid in the freezer. I bet you he’ll never ask for another thing again…I was afraid to that in a restaurant, because the first time I did my dad tried to drown me in my tomato soup. . Parents….please beat your kids.

    When did this become an issue? I was driving behind this lady and she was going 25 miles an hour…in a 75 mile an hour speed zone….good god people. I think people over the age of 82 should have their license taken away and give a free bus pass. That way their off the roads and not ticking us younger folk off. I can’t tell you the times I’ve wanted to shove my car up some old ladies tail pipe because she was going to slow .

    Is it just me or are Americans becoming more annoying the before. We feel that we are the best country in the world…well this is WRONG!!!!! So what if we have freedom of everything, so what if we have cable television. We are not the best country in the world. I feel that America is like the son of a rich person. Everything is given to us, and the other countries are like the adopted sons of the rich person. I’m also sick of hearing these American nut jobs talk about their country. You know what I mean. These people who say “I’m American, I’m American, screw all these other counties. Were the best”. Well here is a message to anyone who thinks this….WERE NOT THE BEST COUNTRY!!!! We hunt on a full stomach, while other counties hunt on empty ones. So to any American who thinks this country is great….go *BEEP* yourself.

    What the hell…why is this becoming a problem. First of all who wants to buy an $8.50 cup of coffee that you can pronounce its name? I wouldn’t. And another thing…..what the hell is with these stupid cup names. First of all you have Tall…WHAT THE HELL? Last time I checked tall was the opposite of SMALL you coffee Rejects. Then we have Grande…..what the *BEEP* does this even mean? Last time I said Grande it was at taco bell. Then its Venti….now I just confused….leave the coffee names alone….don’t call the cup sizes by names we can’t say….just say small, medium. And large….then extra large for the husband who has to come home to screaming children. Then you have a Starbucks across from a Starbucks…WHO THE HELL IS WALKING OUT OF A STARBUCKS GOING “that was such a good whatever it was I think I’ll pay 10.50 to have another.” You want my opinion….build a hooters across from hooters…that makes since. Not a Starbucks across from a starbucks.

    Some Girls:
    WTF. What the hell happened to them….they went from nice girls to these hooker wannabes. What the hell….look I’m a guy….but what the hell. Us guys look at you when you ware those skimpy cloths then you yell at us…WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPOST TO DO? When we don’t look at you, you still yell at us…look a lot of you are just doing this to be like the celebrities, but all your doing is living in a made up world…look my opining is this. If you want to be like Britney spears…by all means go ahead…shave your head, have three kids then lose them…and you wonder why we guys hate half of you.

    Bill Clinton:
    I don’t care what you say…bill Clinton was my favorite. He could do know wrong. So what if he cheated on his wife…then lied about it. You can’t tell me that you have never lied so you could get out of trouble, and another thing…why get so mad at him….why the hell do you think Viagra was created….for teenagers, NO!!!. It was made for old people who couldn’t get action because they where old. He was what 60…70, and come on…..look at his wife…my god. If I had to wake up to that face….I would have done the same thing. now we have bush who I though would have been great because his father was the best….but no apparently everything is bigger in Texas…well I guess brain cells are left out in that saying. Also if you look back at when Bill was in office…you’ll see that more alien abductions where recorded when he was in office….now. None….what’s that tell you?

    10. The human Race:
    Ok….so for a long time humans have gone from bad…to totally screwed. Why…well let’s see global warming…how did that happen well let’s see. It all started when we found the way to create black smoke for our cars, truck, and factories….so when you say that the human race could do better just tell you self one thing…’s your fault we have to suffer. And I don’t want to hear people wining about how there job sucks…if you don’t like it…..get a new one!!!!!

    11. Peoples problems:
    Ok am I the only one sick of hearing these people complain about things…like…I can’t pay off my bills or my job sucks…these are some of the things I’ve hear…but some just stand out like others like this one! “I hate my relationship he or she always yells and hits me” Well there is a simple solution to this…Leave! That couches sitting, beer drinking, watching football, going out to have fun guy…Or leave that shoe shopping, nails panting, works on her hair for too long girl…how hard is it to say “It’s not working…it was fun…Bye” how hard is that? No we have to hear about the brake up like it was the heavyweight boxing mach promo! What the hell is this about…and then there’s this “My job sucks…I hate it…my boss is a idiot” OMFG…how hard is it to walk into your bosses office and tell him/her that you can’t take this job and that they can shove it…no we have to hear on the news. About a man who shot up his work with some automatic gun killing three and injuring many. So people here’s the thing you should remember when your about to complain about something….come closer….closer….

    12. Celebrates:
    Ok so a lot of people trash on them because they have so many problems…hell I’ll admit I’ve made fun of some, but you have to realize some have good reasons for there…so called melt downs…well here’s the biggest reason….ATTENTION!!!! All they want is attention…like Mikel Jackson he changed the color of his skin because the little kids where not paying any attention to him. Then we have Britney Spears….this girl went beyond Melt down…she went full blown crazy. First she shaved her head….look the fist sign of being crazy is that you go bald…then she lost her kids….Ya ok….this chick is CRAZY!!!!. And to think I liked her. Go figure? Anyway…these two went a little over board…But other that have melt downs is because of one reason…the Press…or the poperotzy…these wolfs as I call them are another reason why Celebrates have melt downs. So next time you see Celebrates having melt downs remember this…it’s not their fault…its…ok maybe it is their fault.

    13.Over protective parents:
    Ok have you seen these people…my god!! They put helmets; knee pads and anything else on them like they’re going out into a cave filled with teeth and sharp objects…but in reality they are only going outside to get the mail….WHAT!!!! What makes you think something will happen to them when they are only going three feet from the house…what it there going to me a freak mutant coming out of the bushes and try and kill him….holy…….cow. Do we really think this is helping….next thing you know he’s robbing banks, and shooting people because he’s a psycho!!!

    What in god’s name possessed us to create this sport? All NASCAR is, is this. They’re making another left turn, they’re making another left turn, they’re making another left turn. That all that is. Next thing you know there’s a crash and every Redneck, hillbilly is going nuts because one of their favorite drivers is out of the race. You want to make this sport fun…put all the beer stands on the other side of the tracks and watch them try and get to them…that’s fun.

    15. Stupid people:
    Now when I say stupid I’m not taking about people who want to do the things those jackass people do…I’m talking about these idiots who go all over the world and find the most dangerous animals and try to piss them off. You know what I’m talking about. Steve Irwin. We all know him as the crocodile hunter. He may have had a funny voice put he was the best…I’m not talking about him…I talking about these other people who just do this stupid stuff and are amazed that the animal attacked them….well idiot you stuck a stick in it’s face….a lion can only take so much so a dumb white guy pocking him with a stick is crossing the line….you never see the natives piss of any of the creatures they live with…why….because they know what till happen when it get’s pissed off….it’s like a women on her period…you never cross them…and if you do RLH!!!!!!
  2. Juji Kabane Shadow

    I feel you man. People saying bad things about my grammer ticks me off. my grammer is as good as it gets and who cares how many post you got.

  3. Roxas[Nobody] Fenrir Wielder

    i could close this
    theres the rant thread n the Let Out Ur Pains thread.
  4. Tool SSFW II & III - Champion Team

    There's no need for this thread... at all. Chyeim (or a Mod), close this, please.
  5. Xykru Guest

    Right, well, I do believe that the description of the PERSONAL forum is thus:

    Personal Forum
    Here you can discuss the grievances in your personal life. Have your problems solved, your rants vented, or your advice regarded in the Personal Forum.

    So, he should be able to post this here? No? Then why do we have soooo many "girl/guy" problem threads although we have a relationship thread? Let him talk!

    But, according to the TOS of this site, I do have to ask you, Rex, to please watch your language. Cursing is not nessissary when we have some younger users here. Thank you!
  6. DatSiK <b><font color="Yellow">SSFW II - Grand Champion</

    Yes, I agree with Xikru. There is no need to close this. It's his problems and annoyances. It belongs here.

    That's a pretty big rant, Rex.
    You make some pretty valid points. I can see why every one of these things could tick you off. You've outdone yourself in the ways of ranting. xD
  7. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    thank you 4thkeybladeholder and Xikru and to any younger users here who has read my Unnessissary language and has gotten offended by it...I am sorry.
  8. Murf Organization XIII Annihilator

    I'd join an RPG for free milk and cookies.
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    I'd join an RPG for KHP :D
  10. and hence the rant thread was born..................

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