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  1. Hello everyone I am The Original Macdaddy.T I started using the forum back in the summer of 2007 after looking up some things online for Kingdom Hearts 3, I was astounded and amazed at this place it was so different, It also helped that this was my first forum and i'm proud to say that ive remained faithful and is the only forum I've ever used. I guess I wanted to start this forum because I like alot of members am probably really nostalgic of the way things used to be. For one this visit to the forums is my first visit since 2009 so I can definitely tell that there has been some design changes to say the least. I remember when The RPG section was thriving with creative people who aspired to make games that not only appealed to themselves but to a wide audience, and it wasn't as easy as just posting a new thread with your ideas. You had to go through a jury of some of the best RPG creators on the forum like my good friend Rex. I miss the old ways I feel like an extremely old man while writing this post when in reality i'm only 18 lol. Next up was the the section where you had Clans which was just a spiced up way to say your forum family. I remember going into this section and going into the first I could see which was the sexy clan Obviously I wasn't Sexy i was 13 with acne and played Kingdom Hearts all day. but nobody knew that nobody knew who anyone really was which was what made it fun you could be anyone you wanted to be if you were the shy kid in school you could be the outgoing funny person on these forums, I remember multiple occasions talking with people on the forum and they would say that this forum would give them confidence in school to break out of the figurative shell, The clans were a great way to make friends through this forum that you could compete with in the competitions that were held regularly or you had them join an RPG with you those were some great times I really cant remember alot of the friends I made through out this forum but two that stick out are Rex and Cbchick, we used to chat on the sexy clan and do all sorts of rpgs together Rex had one of the greatest talents for coming up with rpgs, and Cbchick was just funny and outgoing she sort of served as my forum Mom more than anything because she would show me how to post pictures and videos and hings that still today I cant do very well! Next was of course the Art section which was filled with some of the most beautiful signatures and avatars on the internet. I seen someone make a post that said this was a dead forum, In reality I dont see this as a forum anywhere near death I just see a forum that has moved on to a new generation of forumers, many of the friends that I made on this forum are gone but I think i speak for them all when I say thank you to the staff of old and new for bringing a great forum experience to us all through the good times and the bad its meant alot and helped alot!
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