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  1. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    like Eric said. I first noticed it when i saw their belts and it pretty much makes the connection.

    When Xehanort was an appretice for some reason he had brown eyes. Theres no quite other explanation for that other than not to show the audience the evilness. Also braig when fighting against Aqua he came with orange eyes as well. Where as before he had normal eye color.
  2. Beyond Air Pirate

    Ooohhh fancy.... Lol cool thx for that quote. I see how they look similar now. So is it sort of like how terranort gave his artificial heartless emblems except the nobodies arent artificial? Hoe did xemnas make it so every nobody recieved this emblem when they were created??? I dont get it. Do you think maybe Xemnas is the one who gave Roxas his necklace?
  3. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Wasnt he bron with the necklace on. Also i dont know how every nobody has that symbol. But then again when artificial heartless are born, they also take on the symbol automatically, without being from the machine.
  4. Beyond Air Pirate

    But thats only when an artificail heartless attacks someone and turns that heart into a heartless, thats how the heartless emblem spreads. But the nobodies cant do anything like that, they are just born with the symbol no matter what
  5. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Axel was afraid that Xemnas (and/or the other members of the Organization) would turn him into a Dusk if he didn't comply with their orders to capture/destroy Roxas. This suggests that perhaps Xemnas had the power to determine the appearance of Nobodies... to an extent. It would certainly explain why many of the Nobodies seem to be modeled after specific Organization members. Therefore, perhaps Xemnas had each Nobody marked with this symbol to show that each and every one of them served the interests of the Organization that commanded them.

    I personally don't think that Xemnas gave Roxas his necklace, because I don't see why Xemnas would do such a thing, especially if that necklace was never going to be plainly visible and perhaps not even worn while Roxas served the Organization.
  6. SoVen Bolt tower

    Dude, you are the Master. Go Master!!!!!!!! :D And is that your necklaces?
  7. Cerberus1616 Gambler

    I believe that the crown can't be the soul; the nobodies have souls.

    I think it's a whole person.

    And I think the X is just Roxas' personal thing. Like Mickey Mouse's three circles.

    Nd how nobodies get emblems:

    when heartless kill people and turn them into emblem heartless, the really strong people might become nobodies as well. Well, what are the chances of someone that strong being taken down by a pureblood? Practically nill. Maybe they're connected.
  8. Beyond Air Pirate

    Thats actually a fair idea, but that would mean that if a strong hearted person was taken down by a purebllod, then maybe they would appear as a nobody without an emblem... Like maybe if a strong hearted person is turned into an emblem heartless then the emblem transforms into the nobody symbol on the nobody. But that doesnt explain why really strong hearted/souled people that turn into Organization type nobodies have no visible emblem because we know that sora and terranort were attacked by emblem heartless and made xemnas and roxas. So then perhaps they are born with more physical type emblems like roxas' necklace and the other organization members' weapons because they all have the X/four-pointed ninja star type symbol that is half of the nobody symbol.
  9. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Sora and Xehanort attacked by emblem type heartless? Where do u get this?

    I mean Sora gets attacked all the time but his transformation by sacrifice by chance turned into a pure heartless. I dont know where u get Xehanort, but his was also not by normal means. HIs though was for greed and lust. Perhaps it also help by a machine like the rest in those pods. However the fact the he bores that emblem design on his neck is meaningless since it is his design. While i wouldnt say pure per say, i also would say artificial in a sense.

    However for the nobodies, its more unknown how that design is automatically bestowed. Perhasp there is no real solid reason. Or just another plothole.
  10. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    The Invisiblse and Neoshadows are actually among the strongest Heartless... and don't forget Darkside. They're all pureblood Heartless and very capable of defeating strong individuals.

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