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    I don't think Eraqus' symbol represents all Keyblade mastery, because Eraqus and Aqua are the only masters so far to possess that symbol, and Terra, Aqua, and Ven all had that symbol while they were all apprentices... Plus, Ven didn't have that symbol while he was Master Xehanort's apprentice but he obtained that symbol when he became Eraqus' apprentice.

    Also, when Eraqus' symbol is turned upside down and slightly modified, it resembles the Nobody Symbol. Xemnas probably designed the Nobody symbol, and he is after all, the vessel of Terra. Plus, one of Xemnas' last forms possesses a structure that looks like a Nobody Symbol turned upside down, which again slightly resembles Eraqus' symbol.

    A slightly modified version of Roxas' symbol can arguably be seen on the Way to Dawn.

    Maybe Roxas' symbol was just meant to hint that he was a special nobody... before KH2 came out of course. Like... maybe his symbol was supposed to show a connection to the Organization... a hint for the audience before the release of KH2.
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    it has been just a neclace after all. I mean before we saw this symbol Soras was just a necklace. Just like Tidus and squall they have cool necklaces but the design isnt something significant.
  3. Beyond Air Pirate

    Leons is just a necklace because he has had it since FF8 as Squall, so thats different. Kingdom Hearts original characters were definetly designed with symbology involved. I mean, DiZ's outfit probably means something, just as Soras and Roxas' do. Its the same as Nomura feeling the need to give the enemies you fight symbols to explain what the enemies are. I feel like he gave sora and roxas their symbols too explain what THEY are. I am sure Nomura decided to make the Crown a prominent symbol throughout the game in order to symbolize the realm of light just like i am sure that orange eyes are given to characters that are related to Ansem and Xehanort.
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    Its still by the same guy Nomura. There is really yet any explanation behind about the unversed symbols. As for the eyes. I more sosee it as a step into darkness such as Terras eyes become that color as well.
  5. Beyond Air Pirate

    Well emotion comes from the heart and its negative emotion and make it look all fancy and then u have the unversed symbol.

    And Terras eyes only become yelliw after Xehanorts heart enters his body. And Ansem never really "went to the dark side." I believe that u might be talking about the pre rendered secret trailer for BBS that shows the fight in the keyblade graveyard. I believe Terras eyes turned yellow in that movie because it was symbolizing/foreshadowing what was actually going to happen in the game. If u look at his eyes in the regular cutscene within the game, his eyes never turned yellow when he looked up.
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    I know in the gameplay they didnt. But alot of things were cut out from the game. As u look in the opening to BBS they still show all the stuff such as the capes and junk. His eyes turning yellow i believe is canon just as much as when Ven falls ur supposed to see some armor shatter. Ansem may not have steped in darkness by his own will, but more so being banished fro mthe realm of light nad having to cope with his new atmosphere.

    There have been many theories surroding on the unversed symbol, but in the end nothign really showed its meaning. perhaps there will be in the future like how BBS showed us where the nobodies symbol came from.
  7. Beyond Air Pirate

    Did Terranort still have yelliw eyes when we see the scene of him and Braig walking thru the halkway past ansem and ienzo?

    And ansem i kno had orange eyes in that scene, which was before his first trip to the RoD. But in all fairness, he does use Cooridors of Darkness in KH2.

    Oh, and when does it show us the origins of the nobody symbol??? Does ven have the same neckalace as roxas and is the nobody symbol shown in castle oblivion or something?
  8. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Eraqus' symbol is the origins of the Nobody Symbol.
  9. Beyond Air Pirate

    When does it ever tell us that? I thought u just theorized that. And what does that symbol have to do with nobodies...?
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