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  1. Beyond Air Pirate



    the Complete Person?
    Or, the Soul?


    This is the image that Roxas draws on the table of the mansion after he obtains Namine's drawing.

    Theory One:

    On the top left, there is the heartless symbol. On the top right, there is a nobody symbol. On the bottom, there is a crown. It is the crown shape that we see throughout the series. So, does the crown symbolize a complete person?


    This shows Sora's and Roxas' necklaces (Roxas- left, Sora- right). Obviously Roxas' is pretty much the Nobody symbol:


    and Sora's is very clearly the crown symbol. So does this symbolize that Roxas is a Nobody and Sora is a complete person? (though i dont see how he is in rechain and the end of kh1 without Roxas in him)

    Theory Two:

    As Ansem the Wise said, a complete person is made up of a body, a heart, and a soul.


    Could the symbol on the top left stand for the heart, the symbol on the top right stand for the body, and the crown on the bottom stand for the soul?

    Do you think this is significant? Because I feel like the drawing showed something very important but was never explained. (the description of the drawing when it is in stock in your items even says that it is very important, but doesnt explain why.)

    Theory Three:

    One of the above two theories is right, but, looking back at Roxas' necklace compared to the Nobody symbol.... obviously it is missing the bottom upside down heart shape.... could this have some significance????? And if the crown stands for a complete person and the nobody symbol symbolizes the body and soul, does this upside down heart stand for the body or soul and the four star shape stand for the body or soul? Could this mean Roxas is only one or the other??? Remember, a nobody is both a body and a soul.


    What is the symbol between the Heart and Mickey symbol at the bottom of the picture? Edit- it is the symbol for a keyblade master.
  2. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    I feel like the crown symbolizes light, or the "good guys";
    Correct me if I'm mistaken.
  3. Beyond Air Pirate

    So you think the heartless symbol is darkness, the crown is light, and the nobody symbol is the place in between? Thats actually a really good idea, I didnt think of that. It sounds much more simple. xD

    What do you think of the Roxas necklace thing compared to the nobody shape though?
  4. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    Here are a few other threads that offer further speculation on the subject.

    [dead links removed]
  5. Beyond Air Pirate

    I think the crown standing for light makes a lot of sense.

    But still, do you think the X that Roxas has symbolizes something different from normal nobodies that are represented by X<3
  6. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    If Roxas' necklace has any significance, perhaps it has something to do with the "X" in the X-blade... the ancient letter that spells endings. Or maybe it has something to do with the crossroads. X-shaped designs are common throughout the series and can be found on almost half the symbols anyways.
  7. Beyond Air Pirate

    Im not saying its an X... I just used an X to represnt the picture in my fiirst post.

    And u cant tell me that his symbol isnt exactly half of the nobody symbol.... I rly doubt it doesnt mean anything
  8. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Well, if the Nobody Symbol was based off Eraqus' symbol, then perhaps Roxas' symbol was also based off Eraqus' symbol, thus explaining why the Nobody Symbol and Roxas' symbol are similar to each other yet not exactly the same.

    Then again, Roxas' symbol is similar enough for it to be loosely based off the Nobody Symbol, perhaps to suggest that though Roxas is similar to Nobodies, there something special that separates him from the others.

    Then again, a variation of Roxas' symbol does appear in one other place in the series, so perhaps that connection should be explored.
  9. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    i dont think Roxas necklace is meant to represent anything really. But as for the crown ive also believed it has stood for light or somebodies
  10. Beyond Air Pirate

    Master Eraques just has the symbol of a Keyblade Master. Its not related to the nobody symbol at all.

    All i am saying is Roxas' symbol seems to provide evidence for him being different from normal nobodies. Roxas' symbol is missing a key part of the nobody symbol but his symbol is still obviously part of the nobody symbol.

    You said that his symbol appears somewhere else in the game, where?

    And remember lion that Nomura really likes making complex stories and making things have hidden meaning, such as the symbols he makes, is something i assume he enjoys. He is a character modeler and i doubt he would put that symbol on roxas if he didnt mean for it too symbolize a hidden truth.

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