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  1. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    In light of how dated the rules of this forum have been, we, the RPG team have decided to update them as it is appropriate to do so. After all, most of us have grown both in body and mind, and our roleplaying rules should reflect this positive growth. We have the utmost confidence in you all that you have the ability to match our expectations.

    Now, remember, these are rules not guidelines. Should you not follow these rules, your license will be revoked and you will have to take the RP test again when the tutors think you are ready, and the moderators and admins of the RP forum can and will do so should the player in question not be following the rules.

    These rules are not here to limit you, in fact, they are here to help you grow, both as a roleplayer and as a writer. Remember, the shorter the post, the more limited your actions appear. It's much easier to block your punch if you do not describe how you are punching them.

    1) Length

    The length of your posts should be at minimum 2 paragraphs long. These paragraphs should be at least 4-5 sentences long. We know by the tests that you completed that you are fully capable of doing so. If you have difficulty with this please contact a tutor and get some help and feedback.

    2) Proper Language

    Spelling and grammar are essential when roleplaying. English is a language, a form of organized communication. It is not a conglomerate of simple words thrown together to make your thoughts clear. It has rules. Follow them. By not adhering to the rules of language, you risk many things, but most of all, you risk the true meaning of what you are attempting to portray. Suddenly your hard work is not represented properly, and thus is interpreted incorrectly.

    Spelling, punctuation, and structure
    Spelling - The act of forming of words with letters; orthography

    We all know that some words are spelled differently, but sound the same, and have different meanings. (ex. There, they're, their; here, hear; white, wight) It is important to separate the meanings of these words, or you risk someone seeing something you are not trying to portray.

    I can't believe they're leaving their children there!
    I hear you are coming here.
    The wight is white.

    Punctuation - The use of standard marks and signs in writing and printing to separate words into sentences, clauses, and phrases in order to clarify meaning.

    Structure - A proper sentence has a verb and a noun, and has a complete thought.

    Here are the other basic principles regarding language-

    * No use of Smilies, unrelated images or emoticons
    * No Netspeak. It's incredibly annoying for others to read and is detrimental to your style as a player.
    * No asterisks (*) in members' posts. Your posts should be designed so that all active descriptions are included in your prose as a storyteller would do in a book. Putting actions in asterisks should be confined to other areas of the forum, they are certainly not welcome here.

    To get essential help with the English language, there is a tutorial and discussion thread here in The Office where you can look up and add useful hints and tips. Also here are some links that may be useful-

    3) Ratings

    Ratings will be required for all up and coming roleplays to be graded. This will insure that you make a character that will adhere to the GM's expectations and world. The list of ratings is as follows

    General (G): A G-rating states that the roleplay is approved for a general audience. This rating officiates that anyone seven or older would be perfectly comfortable reading and participating in this RP. Characters may come to blows, or maybe fall in love, but there should be little violence, less blood, and only kissing on the cheek. No making out.
    Ex: Pokemon, Digimon, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, The Emperor's New Groove.

    Parent Guided (PG): The PG rating seal gives the roleplay the approval to cater for anyone who is 10 or older. Characters in this roleplay may end up kissing or being cut, but never seriously hurt. You won't see blood spewing all over the place, nor will you see clothes being removed.
    Ex: Night at the Museum, Ghostbusters, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Howl's Moving Castle.

    Parent Strongly Cautioned (PG-13): PG-13 recommends that anyone below the age of 13 think carefully about joining this roleplay. Characters can get seriously injured, and romance can ensue. We must continue to stress however, that clothes will not be removed. Light cursing may be permitted in this rating.
    Ex: 2012, Batman Begins, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Star Trek, Waterboy, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

    Restricted (R): Restricted ratings are named as they are named for a reason. Many times they are high-powered campaigns that can leave images of blood spewing everywhere, brains and guts scattered about, cursing can get heavy, and sex can be implied. HOWEVER we do not want to see the act. Keep it to yourselves. It doesn't matter if you do this in PMs, IMs, e-mail, or whatever else you wish to use that is private, but this is a public forum and there are those that post and read these sections whom should not be reading about sex. Clothes stay on in official posts, private areas stay covered. If this rule is disregarded, you will be banned from roleplaying on this site and your post(s) will be deleted.
    Ex: The Passion of the Christ, 300, The Matrix, Silence of the Lambs, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Mature (M) and X-Ratings (X) are Banned from these forums for the reasons stated above. A private, mature forum may be integrated in the future, but until then, regard these ratings as nonexistent.

    If in doubt, just ask!!

    4) OOC and sign ups.

    Please make a separate thread for your sign ups and out of character comments so that we may have an organized and effective roleplay environment without clutter. We have a section specifically for these threads. We will not tolerate Out of Character comments in the roleplays, unless it's completely urgent. This includes idle chatter, spam (this is a forum rule, so it shouldn't need to be reiterated here) and any other form of interruption. Moderators will decide what is classified as necessary and what should be confined to your OOC thread.

    5) Profiles

    Character profiles are what truly define your character. These show your character's appearance, personality, and past history. More importantly, they introduce your character into the world you are about to roleplay in. A basic character sheet is provided for you here:


    When making a character, keep in mind that we want the Appearance and Personality sections to be minimum one paragraph long, keeping the 4-5 sentences per paragraph standard intact. History should not be less than two paragraphs long. And while detail is extremely important, especially in making a character, we ask that you do not go overboard. Don't make character sheets more than three pages long. Any longer and you risk people not wanting to read it, and skipping over some things, things that, in the future, may be extremely important to your character's design.

    A section on Character Creation has also been added, with some hints and tips. Please make use of this.

    6) Roleplay Revival vs. Necroposting

    We understand that there are times when life gets in the way of roleplaying. Maybe your internet went down for a long time for some reason, perhaps life just got busy. Sometimes, this happens to a GM. But simply posting in a roleplay that has been inactive for more than six months (Referred to as necroposting) is a serious offense. If you wish to revive a roleplay, the original GM must PM a member of the RPG team to request permission to revive the RP. After being debated by the team and allowed, the GM may make an announcement and post reviving the thread. If the GM does not wish to continue the roleplay, the GM can relinquish control of the roleplay to someone else and allow them to continue. If the GM is not around, a new GM must be found, and they may continue the RP until the original GM is back, and then they may continue their story. RPG Team Members must be made aware of any handovers, so as not to cause confusion.

    7) 'Godmodding'

    This will always be an area of debate considering different roleplayers have different styles, and it will depend very much on the genre of the RPG. However it's important to take these things into consideration as default, so that annoying other roleplayers with Godmodding is avoided in the first place.

    Here is the definition of Godmodding-

    "Godmodding is a term used in role-playing games to describe two behaviours of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games, allowing a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts (it is also derived from the use of "moderation", which implies having powers that other people do not have). Godmodding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules." - Wikipedia

    Therefore, cheating in any of the following ways falls into this category and you will be penalized for it-

    - Invincibility
    - Extraordinary powers that are not within the context of the RPG
    - Unlimited supplies of any kind
    - Consistent dodging or blocking of attacks which makes it impossible for another character to participate in a fair fight
    - Purposefully ignoring an advance from another player, in preference of one's own agenda

    Moderation staff and the RPG Team members are the people to come to should there be an issue with Godmodding. Consistent offense will lead to a revoked RPG license.

    8) Consideration Towards Other Players

    This is something we take especially seriously, as we all have to be able to get along in order to work together on some high quality roleplay. OOC threads should be utilized for good communication between fellow RPers, as well as the usual channels (PM, VM etc). Please be sure to include as many of your fellow RPers in discussions as possible, as they won't be able to perform to the best of their ability without a good channel of communication. You'll only end up with a dead RPG in the end.

    If at any time a player in an RPG feels that they are not able to take in what's happening, need anything explaining to them, or feel that other players are bullying or giving them a hard time, then they should first consult either the RPG's GM or a member of the RPG Team. If it becomes serious then forum staff will become involved as well. We would like to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience and will do all we can to crush any bad behavior!

    Also I'd like to make a point of saying that if you are going to feature a member of the forums (and that's ANY member) in your roleplay as a character, you MUST gain their permission first. This is to avoid any possible upsets, especially if there's a possibility that you'd be showing that person in a bad light. We will be taking this very seriously from now on, and anyone who finds that they have been included in a roleplay against their wishes must contact a member of staff or the RPG Team immediately.

    General Things To Consider In Roleplay

    - FORUM RULES STILL APPLY!! Here is a link to them should you need to refresh your memory-
    - Double Posting is the only exception, and will only be allowed if there is an appropriate need for lengthy roleplay. However triple or multiple posts are still disallowed.
    - Try and use the resources as much as possible, they are their for your benefit and the benefit of the roleplay.
    - You may approach the staff or team members at any time if you are unsure about any aspect of this book, or need general assistance with your roleplays. We are happy to help!!

    Advanced Section Special Note:
    All advanced examination graduates do not have to submit their rpg for roleplay. They are free to simply post their rp in the advanced section as long as it adheres to the rules accordingly
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    Just a reminder to everyone, these rules have been updated, and they do apply to every sub-forum. Please take the time to review what has been changed and apply them to your writing skills; we know each of you can do it. :]
  3. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    Once again the rulebook has been revised, please check out the changes.
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