Spoiler! The Kingdom Hearts Sora's Darkness Revelation

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  1. One day sitting and enjoying nature I had an instant revelation to what Kingdom Hearts 3 will consist of. Keep in mind that the end of Dream Drop Distance, Xehanort attempted to truly wield the darkness in Sora's heart which of course isnt easy seeing as how Sora is very well connected to Good and Pure Light. However, knowing that everybody, including Sora, has some darkness in their heart no matter how small, I came to the conclusion that some event will cause Sora to succumb to the darkness in his heart and become all powerful and quite possibly even the final boss in the game. I believe that everything will happen in a reverse way just as Sora became the Keyblade Master from the beginning and Riku became jealous so he lost the keyblade and became intertwined with Ansem. At the end of Dream Drop Distance, Riku becomes the true keyblade master and Sora is of course happy for him. But what do you think will happen when Kairi grows fond of Riku and looks for him to help her grow too since he is the True Keyblade Master now? Even if she isnt romantically involved with Riku, Sora might take their friendship the wrong way and slowly become jealous as they progress through the worlds and they will seem to connect more together than Sora ever has been able to. The jealousy will grow deep within Sora's heart in the same way how in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Ron was mistakenly jealous at Hermoine and Harry's friendship and grew into a bitter recluse. Catch my drift? Sora's hormones and attraction to Kairi will mess with his head and his heart and Riku and Kairi wont have any clue to what is going on with Sora until the darkness will truly capture his heart like in a reverse way with how Riku was in the very beginning. It would all make sense and would definately fulfill a truly dark story line with how many Kingdom Hearts fans are looking forward to see. It would be a huge twist and stick with the fans for a while after the game is finished. Square-Enix has a big chance to do this game right, and Im really sure that many of you will agree with me that my revelation would make KH3 the epic game it was meant to be. no hanging bullshit story with a bunch of quirky disney characters...Something more Epic than Final Fantasy 7 even. And also, it would be awesome if they could do away with Malificent by the sweet sharp piercing of Sepiroth's blade and he could even become a storyline boss in a final fantasy occupied world...becoming the next evil side character controlling Pete as Malificent once did. Also I do believe that the main party members shall be Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Each of them having balanced Attack, Defense, and Magic stats....Kairi preferably magic though of course. Let me know what you think about this insight into the final Xehanort chapter of Kingdom Hearts. I believe that a storyline like this will only make Kingdom Hearts fans begging for more intricate games of the series. And no more ****ing side quest games like Coded. Chain of Memories was awesome and I do understand that they all had to be made to connect the story together but seriously, stick to the original gameplay and add more epic abilities, drives, summons, and other awesome things that made Kingdom Hearts the Epic transcendent series that it is today.

    Has anyone even thought that the next installment of Kingdom Hearts could possibly end up like how I said? It certaintly would leave fans hanging on the edge of their stereo insterted gamer chairs ;) btw, I do believe the series to be a massive parable/ allegory of people struggling to maintain a true belief in Jesus Christ while fighting against the forces of Satan to obtain worldly power.
  2. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Riku lost the keyblade because he gave into the darkness, not because he was jealous.

    I actually find this plot line to be terribly cliche-ish. It wouldn't even really be that dark and it would be terribly predictable and unoriginal. To be honest, this plot line would never happen.

    Also not to burst your bubble but Square Enix doesn't own Kingdom Hearts, Disney does. So this will definitely not happen. Since Disney loves to make sure they have full grasp on what they are apart of.


    For most of the game it's more than likely going to be the usual Sora/Donald/Goofy - because Disney - but, I do hope that at certain aspects of the game you will either be able to control Kairi and Riku or at least have them in your party, at least towards the end. You're also forgetting Lea and the other Keyblade wielders like Aqua, Mickey, and Ventus that will have a huge part in the game.

    That'll definitely never happen do to the fact they love side games and spin offs. Though after KH3 comes out, it will end the Xehanort Saga which means KH3 and the next series will most likely both be main games....soo two main games in a row will be nice.
  3. Riku gave into the darkness because of his jealousy of Sora and him making friends with Donald and Goofy and feeling as if Sora had abandoned him and Kairi. Also the plot isnt as cliche as Sora, Donald, and Goofy going world by world with a happy go-lucky attitude while having to wipe Winnie The Pooh's ass. And I do understand that Disney is the owner so there isnt much I can say about that...except that they should stop making the characters in their worlds so freaking boring and instead tie them in with the actual main story line much more. I do understand that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will most likely be the main characters, but they still should consider switching it up alot more. Also Lea is another one who started off being part of the darkness and eventually became good and even a full fledged Keyblade wielder...possibly foreshadowing the reverse light and dark tendancies which will lead Sora to become quite possibly much more evil than even Xehanort himself, but of course it will be Xehanort who unlocks this dark power and block Sora from his good memories making him into a beast of sorts. And also, I happen to love all the side games too and ive beaten every single one, 358/2 Days being my most favorite and most compelling id say since I love the whole Organization 13 conspiracy, but Im just saying that they should stop reusing all the same character models and places OVER AND OVER again and then call it a brand new game. On my final note, dont be so robotic and feel as if you have to eat Disney's garbage. Mickey Mouse is still the decieving rat he's always been and Disney is really good at hiding him behind the status of a benevolent king. ;)
  4. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    There are so many different reasons on why Riku 'gave into the darkness', but it was a gradual process and it all started from Destiny Island, which when he first gave into the darkness to seek out new worlds.

    Oh and your plot is so much better, isn't it? Let's see what is great about your plot, shall we? A glorified love triangle where Sora loves Kairi, but perceive as Riku and Kairi share more of a connection and that messes with him further and further until he becomes evil. Oh hey, that sounds like a morph between Twilight, the really bad parts of Harry Potter and Star Wars. Give me the option to wipe Winnie the Pooh's ass over your expectation of the plots any day. I have no time for shitty fanfics and yours is a shitty fanfic.

    Someone hasn't been playing KH1, Birth by Sleep and 3D properly.

    They have actually switched up the game a lot more in the side games. We haven't have Goofy and Donald in the party since and since then, we had Organization Members in our party, D-Links and Dream Eaters. The org members served very little difference to having Donald and Goofy in the party. In fact, it is WORSE. But other than that, going back to Donald and Goofy is pretty much going to be a good return, especially with the experimentation we had in the side games.

    Sora doesn't have it in him to become evil. The reason for the darkness is because he was weak-willed against it and Xehanort sought to use that so he can become the thirteenth vessel. I mean seriously, through Kingdom Hearts 3D, Sora was constantly under the influence of Xehanort, but never once his personality changed.

    It will never happen. Sora will always be that Happy Go Lucky lad.

    ...Yeah, never gonna happen. I don't care what you pull out your arse to justify that because it will not. It conflicts with Sora's character. Sora's redemption was in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Sora fell in 3D. He can only go up from here.

    Hahahaha, no. 358/2 Days is the definition of "How to NOT do a Kingdom Hearts game". If I could retcon that game out of existence, I would love to do so. Put it bluntly, it's a terrible game.

    Birth by Sleep and 3D were drastically different games. Their models were changed. Seriously, do you expect everything to be new and built from the ground up? You honestly do not know how Games Development works. It's cost-effective to reuse certain aspect of the game. If the models are still good enough for another game, you sure as hell want to reuse them.
  5. John Review Team Co-Leader

    No, Riku gave into the darkness because he wasn't afraid of it, because he knew it would help him get to other worlds, worlds that he knew existed because of Terra visiting him on Destiny Islands. Riku gave into the darkness on Destiny Islands, way before he saw Sora teaming up with Donald and Goofy.

    Wth, so how are you a KH fan if you think so lowly of the KH plot?

    you did play DDD right? They very much so implemented the characters into the main plot

    Days was prolly one of the worst games out of them all, and could of been done without.
  6. Avarice True Keyblade Wielder

    OP gave me cancer.
  7. Well eat some veggies my fellow well-humored Goron :)
  8. Azura Creeper

    I'd have to agree. I mean, if I was suddenly not good enough for the person I loved and someone else was, I'd kinda go insane. Plus, Riku was evil because of jealousy, so I think that Sora will take the same route.
  9. You have all chosen the way of Disney and the other enterprises that work with it...Enjoy your media for it will end soon. There is hope for you Azura, however. The internet and all your technology shall consume your souls with no mercy from the satanic freemasons who rule this world.

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