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Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Kota, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Kota Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Hello guys.

    This thread is to explain what this whole installment is.

    Firstly, Web Families will NOT be removed. ( If someone asks me if the Web families will be removed I swear, I will hit you.)

    The point of the clans is to become closer and meet new people. I also wanna get the people who are not in teams to participate. Infact, I want the ones who are not in a team at all to be the leaders.

    So, if you're not in a team at all I'd like you to pm me if you're interested in the leadership.

    If you'd like to contribute suggest a name that has to do with Kingdom Hearts.
    Here's my attempt lol.

    "Keyblade Lords" "Hearts Entertwined" "Emptiness Twilight" "Hollow Bastion Restoration Comittee"

    Those are mine.

    I'll list the rules to everything once I see the reaction responses from this.

  2. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    Lolz sound cool
    too bad too bad
    shouldn't have said that
    so yeah
    cant wait
  3. Number13Roxas Bond of Flame Wielder

    I like the ones you gave.Id like to be a leader but im on the ET,but the way the shop is going right now(which is the job im doing)i might not be for long.By the way,are the web families getting removed? lol Just kidding don't hurt me please.....................
  4. Chibi Wolf True Keyblade Wielder

    Shweet, but I am on a lot of teams. T_T
  5. RXS Designing Queen on ALL the teams, but can i suggest titles?
  6. YES.

    I sent a messsage...
  7. Riku-Sora Guest

    This should be interesting. I like to see how this plays through.
  8. Sora Banned

    lol, it's been discussed along. I foresee a good outcome out of this in the end. Will be entertaining.
  9. Mudson Guest

    Sounds fun :p
    I don't think I'm active enough to take part in it properly, but I may join in later if its still possible :p
  10. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    ....>.>, Will 'Web Families' be removed? ^^, *Runz Away* M'Only on tew teamz...(>w<),

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