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    The Rules
    These must be adhered to at all times!

    1) Language! - The word 'f**k' or any variable of it is not permitted. This means, no 'Fack', 'Fe ck' or whatever you can come up with. However, 'FFFFUUUUU' is allowed. So is 'ffff' and 'F--'.

    If you wish to post a motivational poster or YouTube video or any sort of ANYTHING containing the 'f' word, or other offensive content, make sure you run the content through one of our upper mods first and wait until they give you the OK. Even if/when they do, make sure you place spoiler tags between the material along with a warning.

    The ONLY words you are permitted to use are:

    'Penis' and 'Vagina' for pertaining to the official anatomical model of the human being. In other words, no 'd**k', 'c**k' or 'p***y'.

    'Shit', 'Bastard', 'Douche', 'Ass' and 'Bitch' are allowed if used in an appropriate way -- and not insulting any of our members, for that would fall under the rule of harassment.


    2) Imagery! - Be cautious regarding imagery and the type you post. Remember our rules on explicit content! Does the image contain offensive content? Take this into consideration when you post -- use your own discretion. Regarding images that may be scarring or harmful to our younger users, let's try and put anything containing sex, blood, gore, violence, etc. in spoilers.


    3) No Spamming! - Do not spam/post useless posts or threads anywhere other than Super Spam Central! The definition of spam is loose, but there is definitely a line which should not be crossed. Go by the general guideline -- if in doubt whether you are spamming, don't post it!

    Staying on topic is essential. A spammy post might lead to a total off-topic situation, which will, in high percentages, provoke the closing of a thread. Just say something if you know you are contributing to the thread, and if you would like to chit-chat, please refer to Super Spam Central!

    Continuously spamming all over the forum CAN result in an Warning. Please keep it in the appropriate sections!


    4) Double Posting! - This means, posting once and then posting to your own reply or thread without other members posting in between. This isnot allowed.

    If you accidentally double post by pressing the 'Post' button twice, please delete the duplicate post by clicking 'Edit Post' -- if all else fails, report it to a Moderator and we will delete it for you!

    Also be reminded that multiple posting to 'bump' your topic is NOT allowed. Just be patient and wait for a reply!


    5) No racism, sexism, homophobia or similar discrimination! - This will not be tolerated. We live in a far too developed society for such arcane ways of treating people to be allowed.

    Topics related to open sexuality are acceptable under our rules; simply ensure that the topics (and any pictures contained within) fall well within the line of decency.


    6) Sexual Harassment! - Sexual harassment absolutely will not be tolerated on these forums. There are multiple (wide ranging) definitions of what makes something sexual harassment, and for our purposes we will try to define it into something simple:

    "Sexual harassment is a statement or action that does or will offend a person of reasonable, moderate moral integrity." Sexual harassment may apply from one person to another person, or it may apply from one person to a bystander (if someone was offended by a couples' overly explicit PDA for instance).

    Reasonable and Moderate mean that we cater our forums to a middle ground -- some degree of joking and playing is all well and good -- but we have to draw a line. By nature, some people will be more easily offended than others; this rule will not be applied unless we feel the action is offensive to a moderate majority.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of the Admins or Moderators. Please report possible violations to the forum staff!

    Ultimately it will be our decision as to whether something is offensive enough to be removed!


    7) Flaming! - Do not flame other users inside the community. Flaming is abusing or being mean to another user for whatever reason. If you have a problem with someone, ignore them. If that doesn't work, PM a staff member to deal with the situation.

    Starting a flaming fight or argument inside a thread will lead to a warning to the members involved. As soon as you see someone flaming/cursing a member, do not get involved, simply let a Moderator know. If you feel someone has been rude to you, but it has been unintentionally, fix it politely with the person via Private Message, as long as you do not start a fuss.


    8) Multiple Accounts! - Creating a duplicate account without any solid reason is forbidden, meaning the use of a duplicate account is prohibited if the original account is still legally active.

    The only reason anybody should ever be allowed to have a duplicate account is if the previous account has been lost. If otherwise the account can be restored, every possible way to do so must be attempted before creating a new one. Otherwise, the two accounts will be merged into one account. A ban will be handed out if we see the multiple accounts being used for spam/troll purposes.

    In the case of a duplicate account being used to evade ban, the duration of the ban shall be lengthened, along with the permanent ban of the duplicate account.


    9) Hacking Accounts! - No impersonating another user by hacking into his/her account! If we find out about trouble being caused by a member that has been impersonating another one, the consequence will turn into a severe measure towards the impersonator.

    Hacking into a moderator's account is particularly serious and there will be severe punishments.


    10) Account Sharing! - Absolutely no sharing of account information! Giving out your password to other parties and sharing your account details with them is considered a breach of security even, and especially, if it is knowingly done.

    This is especially vital for members of Staff -- please do NOT do this!


    11) No Illegal Content! - For example, pirated software; ROMS; ISO's; cracks; images/porn; stolen identity information; etc.

    Links or Information for obtaining illegal content is not permitted. Discussion, however, is allowed. But do not exceed this,

    Please inform a Moderator as soon as possible if you come across such things!


    12) Necro-Posting! - This means reviving an old thread -- something that is frowned upon here. You should not be reviving threads from years ago! If, after using the 'Search' button, the only identical thread is dead, instead, you are more than welcome to create a newer thread!

    In short, please do not revive threads that have been inactive for more than one month, (in sections APART FROM the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Square Enix sections). Necro-posting is only allowed when there is some meaningful posts/information to be delivered inside the thread which actually adds something to the conversation. If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the thread, don't post. Simple.


    Should these areas see decreasing activity, 'dead' and 'inactive' threads are seen as six months. So please take this into account when posting in a thread in the aforementioned sections. Make sure your post is on-topic, other wise it will be deleted!


    13) Advertising! - Simply put, we will be allowing this, but to an extent! Plain and simple, you are allowed to advertise your site inside your profile and signature. However, please do not start a direct topic advertising a site without clearing it with Tev or Roxanne first. This is mostly for other forums. You CAN however, talk about other forums and post links/content from them in discussions and such. We mainly do not want to see threads like "hey guys, join this forum!" We trust you will all be responsible about this.

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