"The Coulmn" Issue 5, the "Let's Dabble is Obscure Entertainment, Shall We?" Issue.

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    {Videogame News} Umineko No Naku Koro Ni: Ougon Musou Kyoku

    A Videogame Preview by SilenceIsGolden

    System: PC
    Genre: 2D Fighting
    Rating: N/A
    Release Date: N/A
    Preorder Date: Nov. 28 (Japan)
    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjDs7...eature=related

    From the next chapter in the When They Cry series comes this 2D fighting game; although if you think it's just another copy-paste Mugen replica, you're dead wrong. The game's mechanics are very original from attacks to the scenery and how they affect eachother in terms of appearance and effect. There is, however, an incredibly small range of characters to choose from (only 10 have been announced) but this is made up for in how each of their powers are so different from eachother and from most of anything you've ever seen in a game before. Each stage will change from the Antifantisy (normal) to the Antimystery (dark) realm which durastically affects both the atmosphere and the character.
    Nothing has been released about the storyline of this game other than it takes place during the Anwser Arcs (Parts 1-4) so bear with me.

    Characters & Abilities

    -Battler Ushiromiya has mostly phisical, close-range attacks; and I'm serious about the 'phisical' (one attack has him litterally 'grope' the other character) a small portion of attacks are magically aided although they are still short-range.

    -Ange Ushiromiya relies on a book to summon long-range fighting characters to do her bidding (such as Sakutarou and The 7 Stakes of Purgatory) with a few phisical attacks such as punches and kicks.

    -Shannon may have the wildest range of attacks I've seen in quite a while; most of them relate to her as a servant (she can ram the opponet with a dessert cart) but she can also use her LightSheild as a strong weapon (since anything that touches it takes damage) making her good for any range.

    -Kanon weilds a close-range LightSword and has pretty steriotypical attacks that follow with it (such as a 'sonic' like attack).

    -Beatrice can use both her short-range magic and long-range summoning attacks to deal large ammounts of damage (as in summoning large pillars to shoot down the enemy which end up taking a huge portion out of their health).

    -Lucifur might have also have a LightSword, but her moves mostly rely on her rather handy ability of turning into a stake and stabing the enemy repeatedly (she can also call upon her sisters, the other Stakes of Purgatory, to do the same) making her good for any range.

    -Virgilla has a hands-off approach that mostly focuses on long-range magic attacks (during one attack she will even sit down and sip on a cup of tea while the opponet is being bashed through the air reapeatedly).

    -Ronove depends mostly on close-range phisical attacks (aided by Darkness) which can range from blocking to transforming into his true form and flying through the newly-darkened arena.

    -Eva Beatrice can use close-range magic in rather hilarious ways to kill her enemy whether it's summoning gelatin to suffocate or making cake rain from the sky to crush them; I do get a kick out of watching her creative ways of getting rid of 'annoyances'.

    -Cheister(Siesta) 410 (at times, aided by 45) has the ability to shoot a flurry of long-range LightArrows across a feild (which have a large accuracy of hitting their target) followed up by a few rough-housing-like moves to assist in close quarters.

    If anything else is released about this game I'll fill you in but until then; I'll be here, keeping you updated!


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