"The Column" Issue 6; The "To Suck Or Not To Suck" Issue

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    I'll start of this issue with my study on different Live Action Moves;

    Live-Action Films

    Now we all have the same overall idea that live-action is overall the worst thing you can do to a series, and yet there are exceptions. What is it that causes us to dislike these films? Is it the actors, the story, or the overall movie itself?
    I've sampled a few movies over the week to see for myself, what is it that makes the fans ban these films being considerd "part of the series"? So now I'll proceed to show my results.
    I picked four Live-Action movies of series that I know by heart; Silent Hill, Max Payne, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, and both Death Note movies. Although, this is not just to see if these movies will pass with the fans but pass with the general public as well.

    Silent Hill had it's lacking in story; going for a fanfiction-like basis by changing everything from the characters down to the story itself, only keeping a few details but leaving out large portions of the story.
    It not only failed to serve well from a live-action movie but also as a movie itself. It lost much of the development that a normal film should have; leaving it to slowly sink into an almost bland mix of confusion. Half of it was practically a game of seeing how many times they can transition from running scenes to flashbacks before they run out of material(which half of it they pulled out of the air).

    Max Payne was alittle closer to the story at first but still eventually goes off of the tracks and onto a demonhunting quest (how did they even think of turning Mafia-killing, rebel cop story into that?) there was also the lack of development here (which I find insulting that they think they can entertain us with explosions and flying bodies for an hour and a half). And alittle more story in there would have been nice too.
    It was, overall, not much to my taste but okay for a cheap movie to watch on a rainy day.

    Higurashi surprised me a bit after the last two examples; it mostly kept to the script and held an understanding of what was going on (which is rather shocking, because it's complicated storyline). Now for a picture that had to fit large portions of information and character development, there were some cuts; but they weren't senseless cuts- a few I wish they had kept in but it was understandable that they can't overstuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey. They didn't go off of the point as much as I had seen but a few characters did seem to have lesser standings than they originally had.
    The movie kept the main points of suspense and insanity that made the series so great although parts seemed to be crammed into inconvienient places and was dished out quickly. As a fan and as someone who doesn't normally watch movies; it was good.

    I tried out Death Note like a child going into a swimming pool, I tested the first five minuets out it to make sure if I really wanted to jump in; after that time was up, I became disinterested in it quickly. I tried to look for another Live-action movie of a familiar series, but ended up returning to this one and you know what? I don't regret going back to it! They found a way to only use the first season to their advantage without having to overcram or overcut it (which is a huge surprise when looking at the other three I watched). It followed they story very closely but went along with the universe from the novels instead of the manga/anime but without losing the main outlook of the L arc.
    As a movie itself, I would say it did pretty good, I mean they established the plot-basis to the perfect T's and made the concept understandable to people who have never read/seen the series. It also kept me interested, the only complaint I have about the movie is- why didn't they make the introduction as good as the rest of the two movies?

    From all of these examples I gained a pretty good understanding of why most fans wonder "Where did it go wrong?" There was pleanty of reasons to rant about some of these movies that the directors practically handed to me on a silver platter, but I also learned what allows a Live-Action movie sink or swim. It's a mixed feeling between the extreme changes in story and characters; mostly not keeping to the script and going on their own accord just like a hyper fangirl creating a pointless doujin with no texture or foundation to keep it stable. Before this study, I personally thought it was just the fact that fans are never satisfied with anything, but no, it's the fact that the directors are never satisfied with anything that the movie 'based off of'.
    I only hope that someone will read this and know that when producing a Live-Action Film: it is more important to please the millions of fans that you should be making the movie for, than the general public who most likely, will only watch it because 'there's nothing better to do'.

    Until I write again~ SilenceIsGolden

    And from all of us at The Column


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