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    Well Thanksgiving just passed for us Americans. If you're still in school over here in the States, then you most likely had this past week off. It was a time to give thanks to those who fought for our freedom we have now, and also their skills to get us going on the right path. It began when America (not known as America then but as the British Colonies) was first starting out on its own. Taking place from winter to spring around 1621, we had absolutely no knowledge of how to grow food and those who survived the horrible weather were considered lucky. Then the Indians came and befriended us, teaching us their farm ways and insuring the colonies survival. After that they had a grand meal with all the foods they had grown that year after the friendship began.

    They hoped that the tradition of a grand meal on the last Thursday of November would be remembered. But it wouldn’t be 200 years later till President Lincoln decided to make it a national holiday, but not till Congress` approval. This wouldn’t be official in till 1941. Now in 2009 it was estimated that 38.4 million people would drive more then 50 miles around Thanksgiving weekend alone. It would most likely increase this year by the amount of cars going up. Around this time, there will be charities going on where you can donate can goods to the homeless and to the poor. It would last from Thanksgiving week to Christmas; it would be enough to feed thousands of people world wide.

    This day was made to celebrate for all the good things that we have been blessed with and to give to those who were less fortunate. A day that was intended to be a day of unselfishness, but also satisfying. On this day you would get extra ordinary types of food from pies that are not usually made to the famous chicken or turkey. So happy Thanksgiving to all, even to those who do not live in the U.S. But have something grateful in their life.

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    There you have it! We at the newspaper hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving, have a great day!

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