The Artwork Section, Requests, Signatures, and Everything You Need to Know.

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    Table of Contents:

    Post #1: What’s the DT and Which Part of the Section Do I Post My Piece?
    Post #2: Requests
    Post #3: Signatures and How Use Codes and Make Them Pretty

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    What’s the DT?

    The Design Team, also known as the DT, are the purple-named members of KH3 who have earned their titles by their sheer talent and/or dedication to GFX, graphic design, and even other forms of digital art. Their main purpose is to answer your requests.

    And Which Part of the Section Do I Post My Piece?

    Digital art goes here. Made something on Gimp/Photoshop that you want to show off? Or maybe you decided to sing a lovely song and want to share the Youtube link with us? Maybe you just like to makes videos, who knows! All that goes in the general Artwork section.

    Classical Art:
    Mainly hand-drawn pieces go in here, but also any sculptures or paintings you may have done, whether taken with a camera or scanned.

    Wanting a signature/avatar made for you? Here’s the place to ask, but make sure to refer to the request template in Post #2 before making your request.
  2. Venus Clan Mistress - NP

    Request Package

    Click here to make a request!

    I'm sure many of you would like to request a lovely signature or avatar or both from our Design Team! As designers, we are very much about customer satisfaction -- to ensure your request is fulfilled to the aesthetics of your choice, try to be as specific as possible when requesting.


    Please remember the following!

    • Please limit yourself to 1 Request every 7 days (1 week).
    • First party requests only, please. (Request only for yourself)
    • Do not create a new account to request more graphics. You may be banned without warning or your profile locked.
    • Non-team members should not take requests that have specifically been requested to the Design Team -- vice versa, if a request has been specified for a non-team member, the DT will not pick it up. Unspecified requests are open to all.
    • Please check the forums daily, as we might ask questions about your request. If a question is left unanswered for an awkward amount of time, it may cause your request to be locked and not completed.
    • You are required to have 50 posts to request a package.
  3. Venus Clan Mistress - NP

    Signatures, Codes and How to Make Them Pretty

    For a start, the maximum signature limit is 500x300. Please keep in mind that this includes text, and not just the signature image.

    Essentially, if your signature is larger than this, it's too big:


    How do I make the image show in my signature?

    It is entirely simple once you get the hang of it. Just go:

    User CP --> Edit Signature.

    But when I uploaded the image, it was tiny!

    Cast your eyes only to the text box, for that one underneath is entirely useless unless you want a tiny image. In that text box, you can write what you like  provided it is tasteful  and colour your font how you like, left, right or center align it, and much more once you know what youre doing. And, of course, you can make your images show in their true size. Once again, no bigger than 500x300. How do you make the images show?

    Once you have the URL of an image, simply wrap it in the IMG code [IMG][/IMG]. For example, let's say you want to use this sprite in your signature:

    That alone wont show, right? So, we have to wrap the IMG codes around it, so that it looks something like this:


    Now, we should get this:


    Easy, right?

    So how do I upload images myself?

    There are a few sites you can go to for such things, namely Tinypic, Photobucket and Imageshack. When you upload images from your computer, such as the artwork youve done, or things youve scanned, you can just grab the IMG coded image from the site without any fuss.

    Okay, but how do I colour my font?

    Let us say, for example, you want your text to be red, simply wrap the colour code around your text:

    [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

    As an alternative, you can simply highlight your text, click on the little colour box, and then click the colour you want. It should look something like:



    Are these the only colours I can make my text?

    Certainly not  the possibilities are quite vast. For those more difficult colour codes to some with all the letters and numbers, this site can be quite useful:

    Click the colour you want, click to brighten or darken it, then copy the code on the left, just above the Set HEX button. When you've done that, paste the code into where, for example, the red would normally go in a colour code. The result should be:


    Simple, simple. But very effective.

    I've seen people with black around their sigs — how do I do that?

    The answer is, the lovely shadow code: [shadow] [/shadow].


    If you should choose not to colour your text within the shadow, it will not be visible unless you hover your cursor over it, and doing so will make it appear white. Sort of like a secret message. If you want to make the shadow higher above your text/image (yes, you can put images within shadows just the same as text), simply space the shadow code, much like this:


    Play around with it; youll find something you like.

    How do I align my text?

    Use the respective codes to align your font to the left, the center and the right:



    Also notice that you can highlight your text once again, and easily click the appropriate buttons to align your text:


    What about all the other codes?

    Well, many of them are in that little box over your signature text box, and so all you really need to do is highlight your text, click the buttons you want, and Preview Signature to see what you get. It can be fun to play around with everything.
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