Suggestion That revamp thread that someone was going to make.

Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Alex, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Alex Administrator

    Yeah it's ENTIRELY unnecessary. Let it be said now that I am here. I can still be contacted and can still download stuff to make updates, I just can't put all the hours into coding or graphics etc.

    My suggestion is thus.

    Those who are committed to updating this site create a Wordpress theme on a hidden, independent site and I will be able to do the grunt work at my end. Let's try and make it visually stunning. I can do all the nasty SEO stuff. I may be out of date but we can work as we go. Historically we're the 3rd biggest KH site on tinternet. I say with the right team we can maintain or better that..!
  2. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I'm just screwing around with fonts, and be it known that I'm really inexperienced with this, only first semester in, minimal Illustrator experience, and just finishing typography don't like jump down my throat please.




    what's this double post
  3. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    Is the registration here still closed?

    Ever since the announcement, so many guests have been lurking here... It's a shame they can't make an account and talk about the game. :)
  4. Axizol The Ostrich King

    Thanks for pointing this out! Unfortunately, I don't think any of us have been given the proper permissions to turn registration back on. I'll do some digging to see if I can though!
  5. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    I might be able to do it, if that's what you want? :3
  6. Zombie Girl Super Undead | Debate Champ | Editor

    I think that would be a really good idea, let in the masses to bask in the light!
  7. Jess Admin

    I've been out of internet for almost a week, aaaa, apologies. Just so you know, before my internet down-time I had opened the floodgates, turned moderation off too. There may well be a rush if we keep getting information about KH3.
  8. John Review Team Co-Leader

    O.O maybe!
  9. Tev True Keyblade Wielder

    So in two months, kh3 has got 8 new members, none of which appear to be active, and the announcement of KH3 didn't help as it was thought.
    When are y'all just gonna come over to EO o.o We all miss you guys that have yet to come. Think of it as 2.0 o.o
    I'm Eli over there, John is.....something Korean. Most of us be there o.o
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  10. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    I checked it out, don't know anybody there other than Kayam :p

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