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Discussion in 'Artwork' started by Master Eraqus, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Master Eraqus Hidden Dragon Wielder

    Alright, seeing how we have more and more people wanting to try out the Artwork section here now, I've decided to make a resource thread.

    This here be the resource thread.

    So... get to posting y'all!

    - No ripping work. This means saying stating you have created a piece of artwork, when you have not. This will lead to a verbal warning and if it happens more than once, an infraction.
    - Link all pictures please
    - To avoid legal issues, if the C4D is from on PR or another site, just link it to that page
    - Make sure what you post is actually helpful.
    - If you are wanting to post a signature/avatar that anyone can use, please go here.
    - For tutorials made by members of this site, go here.
    - Some talk is OK about the resources, but don't hold your conversations on this thread. Start new threads somewhere else. Easier for navigation purposes.

    Things to post here:
    - .psd's of your OWN WORK! Exceptions of this would only be if you have LR (learning rights) or FL (full rights) of these .psd's - this has to be stated in the same post.
    - C4D's/Textures. Please give credit to the maker or site you got it from. These do not have to be your own work. Packs of C4D's need to be stated if you made the pack and whether the C4D's included were made by you.
    - Stocks. Packs of stocks need to be stated if you made the pack and whether the stocks included were made by you.

    Do not post things that you have not made unless you've obtained permission from the creator of the pack/image.

    Resource Packs Index
    PM Jess if you want your Resource Pack added to this list.
    Click the images.


  2. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    Good idea, I'll post some later.
  3. Tool SSFW II & III - Champion Team

  4. Sora The Hero Rumbling Rose Wielder

  5. RXS Designing Queen

    guys, you should only post things that YOU have made to avoid any legal issues >.>
    unless you've obtained permission form the user
  6. Pam Berry Guest

    Here are all my resources that I've posted to deviantART. You'll probably recognize some of the resources there, as I've used them on my works. [link]

    Might I also suggest that if we do post our resources here that we link them to our image hosting account?
  7. Cjay SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

  8. Master Eraqus Hidden Dragon Wielder

    link the pics to save loading time please
  9. RXS Designing Queen

    damn someone make this page smaller >.>
    or at least post enough so we can go to page two which will be smaller




    if anyone thinks my whored pam berry style is good and looks like pam berrys, then the PSD teaches you how to make a pam berryish sig

    if not, oh well, its still worth downloading
  10. Jess Admin

    Please read the rules, I added some more ^^

    CJ, that wallpaper should go into the Gallery Graveyard.

    Please only post things that are helpful... SoH, those don't look like you could do anything with them.

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