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Discussion in 'Other Video Games' started by Mr. Heywood, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    I think I'mma go ahead and sticky this.

    Also, maybe it would be a good idea to get a list of a few games that at least 3-4 people here have, just so we all know what we could play with each other?

    Also also, Chrono, would you mind too terribly much if I edited in Steam names that were posted that you hadn't put up yet?

    Also also also, my ID is twitchy724
  2. Cryoshell True Keyblade Wielder

    I have it. The name to add would be Whitewingeddeath02, and the screen name is The Spanish Inquisition.
  3. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    Btw, for anyone who hasn't checked, L.A Noire is 75% off on Steam. I'm not buying it because it doesn't interest me >.>
  4. Cryoshell True Keyblade Wielder

    So, the Steam Summer Sale just started yesterday, and they have some damn good bargains. Portal and Portal 2 for $6.24, and EVERY HALF-LIFE GAME + TF1 FOR $10. Just to name some deals. Assassin's Creed Revelations is $13.59, for something more relevant.
  5. Jaytee Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Steam Summer Sale

    So anyone else been hitting up the Steam homepage of late due to the ludicrously cheap deals that Steam are offering? I've already bagged myself 6 games for under £25: Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Football Manager 2012, Portal 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

    I'm still on the lookout for more deals that my poor, insufficient laptop can handle, but already there just seems like so many good offers to turn down. Most games have seen a 75% reduction in price, which is just crazy!
  6. John Review Team Co-Leader

  7. Jaytee Sleeping Lion Wielder

  8. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    Merged the threads, do not fear.

    If I didn't have a million games to finish I'd take advantage of the sale but. ;_;
  9. Jaytee Sleeping Lion Wielder


    Well tbh, I don't really have the time to play these games right now but I just can't turn down such juicy bargains!
  10. Avarice True Keyblade Wielder

    I hear that Skyrim is currently 50% off for a very limited time. You have no excuse to not have it now, lol. xP

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