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    2024A.D, earth is once again under the rage of war. The newly risen USSR declared war against its most hated rival, The United States of America. With the help of their allies they aim to destroy the USA and become the great’s power on planet earth. The USA however fights back with their own allies. The war goes from using tanks, man power and air strikes to Weapons of Mass Destruction. This, in turn causes World War III to be the most devastating of any war waged on planet earth. Each WMD raises the land and destroys everything and anything they hit. Reducing populations of cites that once had millions living in them to be reduced down to four digit numbers.

    2026 A.D. Each warring power saw the devastation of the WMD’s and creates a peace treaty in just under a week. The earth has once again risen from the ashes of war into peace, but all is still not well. Because of the severe damage done by the WMD’s, Earth is dying, it can no longer sustain life and is slowly killing the human race with lack of food, water, and mutated animals from the radiation Called Biological infectious organisms or BIO’s for short. The once warring powers have now come together to create the Untied Earth Alliance to ensure the human races survival.

    2030 A.D. the completion of the final domed country has completed. These 50 domes house all of what’s left of the human race. Each dome is able to create artificial water, plants, and animals to sustain human life. They also serve the purpose of keeping the Bio’s out. Even with the domes in place and the human life being sustained, planet earth is no longer a place where humans can live. They now look to the stars for their new home.

    2039 A.D. the first rocket has been sent into space since WWIII to start the new Space Station that will house the human race until they can find a new, sustainable home. 2059 A.D. the Space Station known as the Ark is completed and the New Year called Star Date or S.D. for short has begun. The Ark has the ability to house the remaining human race and then some. The Untied Earth Alliance forms a new, military group known as “The Crusaders” to act as police on the ark and to also fight back any threat that might come. Many people argue that this is just the government’s way of controlling the human race. Haru Yamato, a head scientist of military weapons and also the leader of The Crusaders ensures that The Crusaders are merely an insurance policy should anything arise. Also, with the help of The Crusaders, Dr. Yamato starts construction on space crafts called “Phantoms” to fly through space to find a suitable planet to live on.

    20 S.D. the first attempt at utilizing Dr. Yamato’s Phantoms and his Warp Drive begins. After 50 attempts and 50 fails, on Star Date 25, the first Phantom was able to utilize the Warp Drive and travel to another universe. With this technology, many Crusaders travel to different universe to find a suitable planet.

    30 S.D. The Crusaders have traveled to 50 planets to find that many of the planets are unable to sustain human life or any life for that matter. Seven phantoms however found seven planets sustaining alien life already. The Crusaders, instead of invading and taking over like their ancestors. Brought a message of peace and tranquility, but it was not received due to the fact that each planet could understand the human language. Dr. Yamato and the human scientists traveled to each planet to try and create a translator to help them understand each alien race.

    100 S.D. after many failed attempts and the discovery of 100 more alien planets, Dr. Yamato along with all the alien scientists were able to create not only a viable translator but also a capsule that allowed the human and alien race to breathe each planets air or lack thereof. This, in turn allowed all races to create trade with one another and also, each alien race has opened their doors to allow the human race to live among them instead of being cooped up in the Ark.

    120 S.D. Instead of trashing the Ark, the Races decided to make it the location of The Crusaders Headquarters (Which now let other Races join their ranks) and also the location of the United Space Alliance. The USA was built to make sure no one race would over power the others. Soon, the USA became more concerned with the creature attacks plaguing each Races home world. These mysterious creatures seem to be spawns of the BIO’s of earth. Not only were the BIO’s a concern, but also Space Pirates who attack cargo ships have been a big problem for the USA.

    300 S.D. it seems the USA still are plagued to the BIO’s and Pirates these days and it’s being discovered that many of the Pirates are Ex- Crusaders or normal citizens. What ever might happen, it seems that the USA will never be able to rest without turmoil.

    Character Sheet:
    Race: (This is where your creativity can come into play! Create your own race!)
    Weapon: (For Pirate or Crusader only) (this is also were your creativity can shine. Since it’s the future and you can be any race you want. Go crazy, but not too crazy)

    My Character:
    Name: The Red Devil
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Pirate
    Gender: Male
    Background: Nothing is Known about him expect for the fact that, unlike other Pirates, he takes what he wants yet keeps everyone on the cargo ship alive.
    Appearance: he wears a red overcoat cloak with brown metal boots. A red mask that covers his face. It starts over his nose and ended at his chin with sunglasses covering his eyes and a red cowboy hat covers the top of his head.
    Executioner’s Blade:

    Crash and Burn:

    Name: Jason Steel
    Age: 29
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Crusader
    Gender: Male
    Background: Since he was a boy, Jason wanted to be a Crusader like his father and his father before him. With his training at an early age. Jason could easily take caption but would rather be a normal Crusader and be on the front lines. His high spirited and high energy usually get him in to a lot of trouble. Many believe that if he would just think before acting, he would be a great warrior.

    Dark Moon:

    Tri-Barrel Shotgun:

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    Have fun.
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    Feel Free to make Half races if you like.
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    Opened or closed?
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    Still-still open? Aliens are my current "thing", so this would be pretty awesome. (I'd upload and allow use of all that I've created, keeping in mind that I retain creative commons)
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    still open
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    kh3 is pretty much dead. Your RP would have more chance of actually being played over on the new site, unless you want to solo or have almost no one.
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    Name: [No actual name] The Liberator (Later)
    Age: 12 Earth Orbits
    Race: Chauric. The Chauric have a natural disposition towards loyalty, hierarchy, and and inability to lie to others of their colony. Some, however, have a mutation which allows them free thought and action from the hive. Any Chauric is capable of this, once they have no hive, so the genetic disposition is based wholly upon reaction to Queen pheromones. The Chauric worship what they consider to be an omnipresent god, Chaurok, which has a tendency to kill Chauric which do not make offerings. Chaurok does, in actuality, exist in the form of a superior creature.
    Occupation: Pirate
    Gender: Asexual
    Background: The Liberator realised from an early point that what humans consider to be rights are a complete rarity on his planet (he will be referred to in the male pronoun based upon psychological similarity). He fled his hive, stowing away on an Azonian ship. The enlightened Azonians offered to bring him up and educate him. 10 Earth Orbits later, he has now become a fledgling pirate with the intent of liberating hives. During his stay on Azonia, he also acquired a Homo piscor as a pet.
    Appearance: He is very similar in appearance to all scout breeds of Chauric. They have one large compound eye, spanning the upper cranium, which is outfitted with four mandibles surrounding a jaw. Their hands have large claws, although The Liberator has filed his down to better utilise weaponry. They are insectoid, with an exoskeleton covering their whole body, and are almost twice the height of humans, averaging at 9'3". The Chauric also have a set of spinal extrusions down their back. Unlike other Chauric, The Liberator wears clothing. The clothing consists of a trenchoat and cargo pants, as well as a Crusader helmet. The main purpose is to conceal his race, as Chauric are typically seen as a violent and undesirable type. (Will create image in the near future)
    Weapon: Assault Rifle outfitted with bayonet, such that it functions as a sword as well. Think Leyon's gunsword, with this instead of the revolver.
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