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  1. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    So you want to apply to SSFW V - Elementalist Era?

    Below is a short introduction to get you started.

    Team Leaders
    . In order to build a team you will need a team leader with the following qualifications: You must have passed the RPG Academy. That's it! That's all you will need to do to build your team.
    Picking a team.
    Selecting a team is really up to you, but make sure you pick team members that will A) participate on a regular basis B) support the team and not themselves and C) have moderate background in RPGs.
    Regulations on teams
    . In order to build a team you need 2-5 members. Each member will have to agree to join your team by submitting their own application. Teams will not be allowed to change one they are verified, so make sure you have your team together before applying. You won't be able to add or subtract after that point.
    Character regulations. You must choose a preexisting character from a published source. Video Games, Books, Movies, your grandmother's recipe book, any character that is preexisting and has moderate fighting skills is acceptable.


    (Preexisting) Character:
    Character Pic:
    List of abilities/talents: (Brief list please)
    Stars in:
    Team Leader:
    Team Members:
    Team Name: (if chosen, if not leave blank)

    Applications close on Friday, June 4th at 11:59pm Hawaii Pacific Time.
  2. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    So other team members can participate even if they haven't passed Academy? :3
  3. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    Yes only one member need be a graduate.
  4. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    Username: UltimaxWeapon
    (Preexisting) Character: Sora
    Character Pic: [IMG]
    List of abilities/talents: Sonic Blade, Ragnorok, Ars Accuram, and the rest of Sora's abilities... (We're on a KH site, I'm sure you know Sora's abilitie's. >.>)
    Stars in: Kingdom Hearts
    Team Leader: Destiny Wolf
    Team Members: UltimaxWeapon Chaser's Apprentice, Destiny Wolf, VenFan.
    Team Name: Undecided.
  5. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    Username: .Chaser{&&}Apprent!ce.
    Character: Mad Hatter
    Character Pic:
    List of abilities/talents: He is, as his name suggests, as mad as a hatter, habitually making somewhat short, personal remarks, asking unanswerable riddles, and reciting nonsensical poetry. The Mad Hatter possesses an uncanny ability to bend reality (to his own ignorance and simple, blind awareness brought on by mercury poisoning), and paired with his delirious mental condition, a frenzied uproar would surely follow him where ever his frivolous transits will take him.
    Stars in: Alice in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass; Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Team Leader: Destiny Wolf
    Team Members: Destiny Wolf, UltimaxWeapon, VenFan, The Sky King, .Chaser{&&}Apprent!ce.
    Team Name:
  6. Tool SSFW II & III - Champion Team

    Username: VenFan

    Character: Yoshiya Kiryu, a.k.a. "Joshua"

    Character Picture:


    List of abilities/talents: Has the unique power of creating and/or destroying matter with his cell phone. By typing numerous number combinations and sequences into his cell phone, he can create a wide range of objects to attack his enemies with, and can move them at will with his telekinetic abilities. While utilizing his other ability of levitation, he can also create radiant beams of light that strike down from the heavens and onto his foes.

    But these are nothing compared to his greatest weapons; his quick wits and sharp tongue.

    Stars in: The World Ends with You

    Team Leader: True Light/Destiny Wolf

    Team Members: Destiny Wolf, UltimaxWeapon, .Chaser{&&}Apprent!ce., and VenFan.

    Team Name:
  7. |skyki-husky| Miss Alpha - KG

    Username: The Sky King
    (Preexisting) Character: Noctis Lucis Caelum ( Nicknam Noct)
    Character Pic:

    List of abilities/talents: (Brief list please) He can Multiply his blade into many sword that are in diffrent shapes (Ghost swords and his own). He can connect them and make force fields with him to protect them as his ulitmate defense and he never gets injured.
    Unhuman speed
    He lifts and moves his swords with his mind
    Super strength
    Stars in: Final Fantasy Versus 13
    Team Leader: Destiny Wolf/ True Light
    Team Members: Destiny Wolf, UltimaxWeapon, .Chaser{&&}Apprent!ce., and VenFan, The Sky King
    Team Name: (if chosen, if not leave blank) Not decided
  8. Mr. Rager Fenrir Wielder

    Username: KiD CuDi
    (Preexisting) Character: Ichigo Kurosaki
    Character Pic:[IMG]
    List of abilities/talents: (Brief list please) Ichigo is a Soul Reaper. As such he has a sword which is called a Zanpakutou, in which his spirit and soul are in tune with the weapon. His Zanapkutou's name is Zangetsu. Ichigo has already mastered the ability to reach Bankai which fully unlocks the potential of his ability and his sword. Also Ichigo also has learned that he is a Vizard ( A Shinigami who has hollow-type powers) Thus Ichigo refers to this ability as his Hollowfication. Main attacks are Getsuga Tenshou and Black Getsuga Tenshou.
    Stars in: Bleach Anime and Manga series.
    Team Leader: KiD CuDi
    Team Members: Xuan, Exiled, Dano THEE Mano, Imperious
    Team Name:
  9. Dano THEE! Mano <b>The BEST Date EVER</b>

    Username: Dano The Mano
    (Preexisting) Character: Leven Thumps
    Character Pic:
    I couldn't find one with just him so i got one of the book covers.

    List of abilities/talents:He can Manipulate the future, See through soil, Run like the wind, Freeze things, Breathe fire, See through stone, Levitate objects, Burrow, Shrink, Throw lightning, Fade in and out, Fly, Push and bind dreams.
    Stars in:The Leven Thumps series.
    Team Leader:KiD CuDi
    Team Members:Xuan, Exiled, KiD CuDi, Imperious
    Team Name:
  10. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    Username: Incorrect English
    (Preexisting) Character: Gilgamesh
    Character Pic: [IMG]
    List of abilities/talents:
    • Swordplay (he has 6 swords, one for each arm. These are fakes of the following- Cloud's Buster Sword, Squall Leonheart's Revolver, Tidus's Brotherhood, Odin's Zantetsuken, Zidane's Orichalcum, Loto's Wyrmhero Blade (Dragon Quest III) and the most powerful of all, The Tournesol.)
      -Jumping around (and falling >.>)
      -Monarch Blade and Embitterment attacks
      -Attacks with his trusty dog, Enkidu
    Stars in: Final Fantasy V, VI, VIII, IX, XII
    Team Leader: Lord Firesnake
    Team Members: Incorrect English, Lord Firesnake, Lone Wolf, Yellow Flash
    Team Name:
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