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Discussion in 'Artwork' started by Misty, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Misty Fortune Teller

    Thank you! Both were done within a few weeks of each other, I believe, so they're rather similar, I think.
    Indeed you have~

    The Primal tag is among one of my favorites because I'm so proud of how it came out. Definitely put a lot of work into that one, especially in terms of light and color, think it really paid off.
    Calling myself a KotOR nerd would be a significant understatement.
    thank you thank you thank you
    I have been relatively happy with my typography lately, which is really saying something, because these days are not as far behind as I would care to admit.
    Thank you! I am fond of them as well.
  2. Chevalier Salamander

    I forgot how much I loved seeing your tags Misty! xD (Originally from KHV)


    I will forever be in love with your use of that sora render and the spheres you use. x3 Definitely an amazing designer you are! <3
  3. Misty Fortune Teller

    Aww thank you
    That's probably my favorite and most used Sora cutout, I use it quite a lot (as well as the KHII version). It just works so well and has so much color potential and yeah it's awesome

    Also a lot of people whine at me for using circles so much so I am glad to see my habits are well received by someone. Much like gravity, they are my favorite shape.

    i made a downton abbey desktop because i wanted one (and because i like it more than any person should if you like it too we will be bffl)
    Originally I did it as a worm piece for a private worm I did with a friend, I liked the result so much that I just re-did it on a larger canvas. I will link to it to spare the page stretching. (art credit)
  4. Kyary eximius moderator

    This is great, beautiful LP.
  5. Misty Fortune Teller

    don't mind me just dumping some more stuff

    Two worm pieces; the first I am not fond of, the worm I have been working on stagnated a bit so I went twice in a row & made a new piece just to move it along some. The second I very much like.



    thank you all once again for the lovely feedback reading through this thread made me cry a little
  6. Misty Fortune Teller

    A lot of my links are borked because I moved my personal web server, where I host a lot of the larger pieces, & I cannot update them. I have new stuff to dump, though woooo.

    worm pieces


    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]

    vectors (this are really shitty I ended up only using them for silhouettes but)



    I feel like this post is a lesson in "what happens when you play too many video games"
  7. Bob 3000 Decisive Pumpkin Wielder

    Really nice work, I'd love to see more stuff from you.
  8. Misty Fortune Teller

    hello this thread again

    tonight i decided i was fed up with the grey oceans album artwork because cocorosie i love you i love the album but that text is unforgivably bad. so at 2am i set out to
    1. vector out a new logo (which for those who don't know vectoring out text is HELL nothing ever looks even)
    2. make a thing
    3. make another version of thing


  9. Axizol The Ostrich King

    Both of these are amazing. I am in love with this!
  10. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    Wait, people still do this kind of stuff? That is so 2011. :scarr:

    I like the first but I'm not a fan of the second. First is interesting and creative and the mustache just makes it - or, in other words, you suited their style very well with your take on it. Duplicated effects are a little disorienting though and while they aren't particularly bad, they don't really add much to the piece. I imagine you felt like you wanted just a hint of something more there without overdoing it but I don't quite think the duplicated effect is the answer you're looking for. Very interesting piece though and I definitely like it. I think it could be exceptional if you played with lighting and tones to give it some depth it would be brilliant; not even shadows but just brighter and darker shades of colors so that things such as the cyan splash on the right don't look so monotone and flat. At the moment it sort of just looks like you used a darker brush of similar splatter and used it over the other splatter. If that's how you want it though then that's fine but I think to compliment that style especially just trying adding some shades to the background but be careful because it really looks like it needs more dark shades and not really anything to be brightened up (tl;dr: more burn with 0 or little dodge).

    I don't like the second at all, bluntly. I know you went for a blur effect (I mean yeah, clearly) but it just looks really low resolution and low quality and a waste of all the work you did. Text looks really cheesy and the yellow at the bottom doesn't look like it belongs anymore.

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