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  1. Dion Clan God - Serenity Kingdom


    Having trouble choosing a clan but think Serenity Kingdom just might be the right one for you?
    Then welcome to Serenity's Kingdom orientation program, hosted by the entire clan.

    Step One
    Consider saying hello to these people.

    Step Two
    PM Nicholas or Taryn that you would like to check out our clan through the orientation program.

    Step Three
    Wait for us to send you the password to our kingdom.

    You'll have two days to hang out in Serenity Kingdom before we change the password;
    if you wish to return and make us your home, you will have to apply.


    `At least 25 posts on the forum.
    `Have been here for at least two weeks.
    `Not in another clan.

    Thank you for taking Serenity Kingdom into your clan consideration!


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