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    It's been 10 years today since Kingdom Hearts was released, and behind the scenes, Site Staff has been toiling away with ways to celebrate the anniversary and bring back the nostalgia that filled our hearts so long ago. So, without anymore stalling, I'll present each and everything we worked on.


    Remember that mysterious email from Sora? The one that confused so many people? We wanted to know your feelings and boy did you answer! Heartwarming to know how Kingdom Hearts made you all feel.


    Arthur - Definitely when you found Riku and fought Organization XIII. Finding all your missing friends, that was awesome :3

    TwinArmageddons - The part where you were working together with Axel before he died T^T

    Twitchy - There were so many fun and fantastic adventures, I don't know which one to pick! Hmm... I guess it was when you woke up and fought your way up to Yen Sid, before you even met him. Running up all those stairs and throwing keys at weird black things.

    Axels_Lady - I cannot pin point my favourite part honestly. I loved it all, except the Jungle level -_- Had me stressed for days.Loved it when Riku took his blind fold off though

    Aquas Sacrifice - My favorite part was when you teamed up with all the Final Fantasy characters in hollowed bastion to defeat the Heartless.

    Lord English - Killing monkey Heartless with Tarzan of course

    SoVen - My favorite part of your journey would be the 3 of you being together (Donald, Goofy) through thick and thin and also you were together with your friends again. And you always believe in your true power of friendship and the heart.

    Misuzu - When you got separated from Kairi! I was like, yay, he's all mine now!

    Sky - I love the part when you went to Twilight Town and met Hayner Pence and Olette. You should go back again sometime.

    Axitarrius - Honestly? It's been forever since I've played, but the first town you go to after you get off the island, when you meet Squall? Best level ever.

    Komas - When you and Riku washed up on the shores of Destiny Islands after defeating Xemnas, and afterwards reading the "secret ending," along with Kairi. It proved to me that there is still an adventure yet to come along, and that just maybe, all three of you could do this one together.

    Helix: The True Zero - You remember that first time you turned into Anti-Form? Goodness, I couldn't believe it. It's like "Hey, I thought being a Heartless once was enough, bro." Also, seeing the Nobody symbol for the first time.

    Jess - "Kairi remember what you said before? Well, I'm always with you too. I'll come back to you. I promise." After everything you'd endured, that perpetual determination that relentlessness showed me everything about your character, the responsibility and love you were able to feel. I believed you. It meant everything to me. "I know you will."

    Avarice - Whupping Riku's ass on Destiny Island.

    Caius - The entire journey of yours was amazing. I couldn't possibly choose just one moment that I loved more than the others.

    Crownless King - The final battle with Xemnas was easily the best part of your journey so far, although watching your data-self clash with Roxas' data self was a close second.

    AnsemDiz - Final Xemnas battle

    Dion - When you and Donald were fighting in the Gummie Ship

    Xatyrn - Couldn't think of much except ending scenes mostly since those are what struck the most emotion in me, but...Axel "dying," and...when Sora woke up after being asleep for a year. And the scene with a little mini-showdown between Sora and Roxas near the end of KH2.
    Not necessarily my favourite but definitely memorable stuff. :>
    OH. Don't forget when Sora -- oh wait I mean YOU 8D -- first met Donald and Goofy. Being a little kid at the time, that really made me happy. :33

    We've also got a special co-op project, worked on by the lovely Site Staff leader, and our very own pro-artist, detailing our heroes before the penultimate chapter of the story!

    Roxanne / R∆O


    And to wrap everything up, like Autosaver, I too worked on a video. I hope you enjoyed everything we worked on for this event, because we really put all our heart into it.


    Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts!

    See what you're missing non-members? Come join us!
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