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Discussion in 'Artwork' started by R▲O, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL


    Just brushing off the ol' photoshop. Same colors, same style - even has a delta just because if I'm going to make something practicing my old style, I gotta use dem hip deltas like I always done.

    It's maybe a tad too bright at the moment and so I might bring it down just a bit.
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  2. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Good job Paul.
  3. Noid Creeper

    I must say, you really do have quiet the talent there.
  4. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    Thank youuuuu.

  5. Venus Clan Mistress - NP

    hnnghghghghhhh i miss when you made things always but ur still gr8

  6. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff


    I already told you what I think of this soyeh it is vedy naice. Nice triangle that I suggested too olol.
  7. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    Incredible coloring and use of negative space. This is gonna get you so many honies, paul.
  8. Bob 3000 Decisive Pumpkin Wielder

    I've missed your art, seeing this brings back a lot of memories.

    Really nice work.
  9. Zai Nobody Destroyer

    Needs more triangles.
  10. Jess Admin

    Really beautiful orchestration of colour and flow, truly, especially seeing as you've been away from the ( Photoshop ) canvas for so long. I think it's in need of a little more contrast, to bring out the clarity of the textures and the details in the stock. I like the disruption that the negative area causes, but I think perhaps it's a little too sudden ( the reinverted delta doesn't help ) though I think that maybe some distortion ( a la scanning errors ) could bring something out there. I'm nitpicking, though, and trying to give you a short and sweet, well-rounded C&C. It's glorious. Please continue.

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