Power Grip Pro

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Imperious, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Imperious Superfast Jellyfish

    Power Grip Pro


    It's $30 and will be available in October, so it won't be out in time to play KH3D but I think waiting for this over getting the circle pad pro now is a much better idea. So who else wants a battery expander, circle pad pro, and a hard case all in one?
  2. Lady Schala Monochrome Wielder

    Interesting. It's definitely much more attractive than the Circle Pad Pro. And I like the extended battery life. This will most definitely be something to be looked into. :3
  3. Aikijitsu Shadow

    Good thing you showed this. I was about to get the unattractive circle pad pro. I'll wait for this for sure.
  4. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Nice. Location of the secondary joystick sucks though. Nothing that can be done about it though; thanks for thinking ahead Nintendo..... d bags.
  5. Aikijitsu Shadow

    But would it be Nintendo anymore without the needlessly large amount of add-ons and new hardware versions?

    But I do agree on this one. They should have thought a little bit about this one.
  6. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    I do understand that they have the touch screen, which was originally meant to circumvent the secondary joystick, but it's an absolute failure when you have to try to do multiple things at once with both the buttons and the touch screen. And then knowing that they were adding one to the 3ds, they should have just put the second one in place where it belongs.
  7. Aikijitsu Shadow

    I agree. KH days was a good example of having the touch screen try too much. The touch camera controls were so bad I didn't even bother.

    I don't think they ever meant there to be a 2nd control stick. From what I saw, Monster Hunter Tri G was the reason for the circle pad pro. Capcom said they needed a second control pad for the camera. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I did read that last year.

    Now it seems that more game developers want an extra circle pad too. I wouldn't be surprised if next year they release a 3DSi or something like that.
  8. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    The Touch Screen Controls in 3D isn't really about camera controls, it is about the Dream Eater interaction and Special Moves that use it.

    Nintendo didn't want a second control stick since they didn't think it was needed. A lot of developers asked for one which made Nintendo come up with the Circle Pad Pro. Several games have used it such as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Kid Icarus, and Kingdom Hearts.

    The shoulder buttons for camera works just fine for Kingdom Hearts, but I guess the analog stick will be better. I hope they release a 3DS with it built in, as I'm holding off a purchase since I know one will come anytime soon. Why bother buying one right now when a 3DSi/3DSlite/3DSXL is going to be announced in the near future?
  9. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Since I already have mine, it looks like it's this power grip pro for me. I honestly despise the location of that second stick, but it's a minor adjustment and it will make the overall system a bit bigger which helps because I don't exactly have hands the size of an adolscent child.

    Only way I would invest in the upgraded version (3DSi), is if they offered a similar deal to when I got mine and you get a huge trade-in value for your current DS; almost negating the purchase itself.

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