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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Twilight Blade, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. DropDeadd Kingdom Key Wielder

  2. {} Guardian Soul Wielder

  3. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    omg yuri I am just dead.................

    I need to find myself a good SNSD wallpaper T^T

    /edit this later with one
  4. Darkwatch Living Bone

  5. fallenxangel Fortune Teller

  6. Spade Bolt tower

    1920x1080 warning


    Those who get it gain +1 internets.
  7. Kryp☭ik Clan Co-Leader SYN

  8. kyo Wyvern

    Is it Heroes?
  9. Spade Bolt tower

    Nope. Sorry, play again.
  10. Kryp☭ik Clan Co-Leader SYN

    It's an annular eclipse: an eclipse of the sun in which the moon does not cover the entire disc of the sun, so that a ring of sunlight surrounds the shadow of the moon

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