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    At the mention of food, Willow sprinted from the door and into the bathroom, promptly releasing her food from earlier into the toilet. Xey had followed her in and she looked up at him with a weak face, "Let's just talk in here, please. I can't stomach any food right now..." They sat down on her and she looked expectantly at him, "Yes?"
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    OOC: just wanted to tell all of you, the mods told me that the posts have to be a minimum of 2 paragraphs with 4-5 lines.

    BIC: Seth walked into the locker room and sat on the bench. Before he could catch his breath, a man in a well-designed suit approached him. The man was at least seven feet tall and his eyes were covered by his dark sun glasses. Seth looked up at him and sighed.

    “I would like to know what happened to your Pokémon to make them look like that. I know you didn’t capture them like that” the man asked. Seth just sighed and looked up at the man and took off his hat to scratch his head.

    “Let me answer your question with a question. Why should I tell you anything about my Pokémon?” Seth said. The man looked at Seth then adjusted his suit before he said, “many people in the stands believe that you have abused your Pokémon so they could become stronger. “ Seth just shook his head and stood up.

    “I see no reason to talk to you anymore, I don’t care how people view my Pokémon, you all can shove your opinions” Seth said as he walked away. The man took out a cell phone and said, “This is a good location as any to conduct the operation. If all the Pokémon are like the mans I just talked to, then our goal has to be met. This abuse has gone on long enough” the man said on the phone before he walked out of the locker room.
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    OOC: When you're interacting with someone, it's very difficult to stretch out a conversation out to two paragraphs without speaking for the other person as well! There's only so many words I can use to describe this girl puking -_____-
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    The smell of vomit filled Xeyyakkenns nostrils, making him nauseaus. 'Oh here we go,' thought Lucario, 'even being AROUND her isn't good. Let me guess, you want me to heal your gut?' 'Pretty please.' 'And your going to offer my services to heal her, arent you.' 'You know me so well, best friend.'

    Xeyyakkenn watched her gardevior. "You know, I have a gardevior as well. It stays home, mostly, but she's a wonderful caretaker. I see yours is as well. Anyways, if you want, Lucario would happily help out your Gardevior in healing you. You let out some pretty awesome power back there. Power that attracts people. Power that attracts the wrong kind of people. I know we got off to a rough start, but I'm actually here to protect you. You see, as i told you, I'm a P.I., a detective, and I'm here on business." He paused to fight back vomit. 'Lucario. A little help.' 'I think I'll let you suffer this one.' 'What did I do!?' 'You brought me here!' 'Best friends don't let eachother suffer and vomit!' 'I'm not so sure you're my best friend anymore. I think Ninetales would make a better best friend.' 'Really!?' came Ninetales' voice. 'You're not in this! Lucario's MY best friend!' 'I thought you loved all your Pokemon equally,' thought Lucario, 'now you have favorites?'

    Xeyyakkenn looked at Willow and figured that she knew there was a telepathic conversation going on. "Sorry," he said, "open communication with six Pokemon. You know how it is. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. I'm here to protect you from a group of people that want to take Pokemon and enhance them genetically to become the perfect weapons and tools. And I think that adding your powers to a Pokemon is going to be a goal of theirs. That's why Lucario was probing you the other day. it wasn't just you though, it was everyone, to search for suspects. So, if you could, is there anything else about you that i should know that could help me better protect you?" 'here's one. I like to make fun of Lucario and threaten him, but if I don't watch out, he may get me,' mocked Lucario. 'Dude. that's uncalled for.' 'Pet your Skitty.'
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    Willow raised her eyebrows at the psychic conversation that taking place before her. She rarely spoke to her Pokemon telepathically, the most she did was send them feelings or notions, something to get them by or to at least get them to know what she wanted. Usually, however, she just stuck to speaking verbally. As she listened to what Xey was telling her, the more it made sense why Lucario kept probing her, but that didn't mean she was going to start trusting them willy-nilly. Evil pokemon scientists? That didn't surprise her one bit, there have been evil organizations plaguing the Pokemon World since the beginning of time pretty much!

    "Look, Xey. I believe you and everything but... trust me, there is very little these people can do against me. Hell, there is little that magical pokemon like Lucario can do against me. One thing I can't stand are Pokemon probing into my mind, regardless of their intentions. Now, you can run around 'protecting' me or whatever it is that you're calling it, but I'm not sweating it, thanks."

    Xey didn't know about her deal with Giratina, nor did he know she was able to call upon the enormous monster, and she didn't plan on letting him know anytime soon. That was the one secret she guarded most heavily in her mind and she would easily kill Lucario before letting him get in far enough to see that. She was relieved, however, when the combined powers of herself, Gardevoir, and Lucario were able to restore her energy to what it used to be.
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    'I can't believe you made me do that.' 'she won't tell us anything. So off to Opelucid City we go. Tonight.' 'Are you listening to me!?' 'So am I not going to be Lucario's best friend?' asked Ninetales. 'You don't like being MY best friend?' came keckleon's voice. 'No I do! I do!' 'ANYWAYS,' boomed Lucario, 'If we were allowed to attack her outside of battle-' "Thank you for your time," said Xeyyakkenn after the healing session was over. 'YOU INTERRUPTED ME!' 'Lucario, put your personal feelings aside for a minute. It's detective time.' 'You never cease to amaze me, human.' 'Duuude I'm sorry, ok? She needed help and we needed to inform her.' 'She's cocky about her powers. thinks she's so tough-' 'Lucario if you can't put your feelings aside for this case I'll switch you with Scizzor in a heartbeat. Or Gallade, you know that rookie's itching for his first case. And It's almost Blaziken and Infermape's turn for a case.'

    Lucario closed the door behind them once they exited Willow's room. 'Fine. So what do we do next?' 'We go meet Seth.' 'What did the file have on him?' 'Not much. He has a file, but I don't have the clearence for it. So we're gonna have to find Seth. You got his aura signature still don't you?' 'Yes. Follow me'

    Xeyyakkenn rode up on Ninetales next to Seth on the street. "Hello there."
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    Seth showed a local pizza place his pokepatch. The lady at the front nodded and showed his seat. He sat next to a local trainer that looked at Seth then mumbled something to his friend next to him. Seth didn’t pay any attention to them and just ordered a large pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. The waitress nodded and went to the back to give the cook his order.

    “Hey” the trainer behind him said. Seth didn’t want to turn around and speak to him but he figured it would be better than causing a fight which could result in him getting kicked out. He turned around and saw that the trainers where only kids.

    “You battle pretty well, but your Pokémon look like they’ve been through hell. What happened?” one of them asked.

    “With all due respect, I really don’t want to discuss this. I’ve very sorry but it’s a secret” Seth said as he turned around. The two looked at each other and shrugged before going back to their conversation. After 30 minutes his pizza arrived and he took the first slice from the pie.
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    OOC: Totally just shot me down lol

    BIC: Xeyyakkenn followed Seth into the restaraunt and sat at a table near his. Once Seth got his pizza, Xeyyakkenn accross from him at the table. 'If Willow attracts the pokemon-as-weapons guys, then Seth definitely attracts the pokemon-as-free guys.' "Hey there." said Xeyyakkenn.

    He hoped that Seth would reveal a little more information than Willow. However based on Seth's last statements to the two boys, he didn't expect much cooperation. 'You remember how his Pokemon looked, right?' thought Lucario. 'Yeah,' thought Xeyyakkenn, 'A perfect motivator for the freedom people'
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    OOC: sorry, didn't see the last part.

    Seth looked at the man. He didn’t seem to be a bad guy, although Seth couldn’t tell if someone was bad or not but he was always taught to see the good in everyone. So he would give him a chance, he didn’t want to make just enemy’s in this tournament.

    “Sup” Seth said before he added, “If you want you can sit down and have some Pizza, I probably won’t be able to eat the rest of this and I know none of my Pokémon will eat it either” Seth said. He knew he couldn’t eat the whole pizza by himself so he ordered the pizza because there was something in his mind that told him to. He figured his mother was telling him to do this from heaven but he didn’t know why. Maybe she knew I would meet this guy or something Seth thought.

    “I saw your battle today, you seem like a good trainer, how long have you been training your Pokémon” Seth asked. It was the only thing he could think of to say. He wasn’t much for small talk because back in his village, he was a shy child until he met most of his friends. He still didn’t like small talk but he was starting to get use to it.
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    "Training my Pokemon?" asked Xeyyakkenn, "Well, I've been battling since I was ten. Gotten eight gym badges in Hoen, Johto, Sinnoh and Unova. Battling is like second nature to me." He took a slice and took a bite. 'Dude this pizza is so good!' 'Focus!' 'Don't act like you don't want some.' '... Later. Later.'

    "I saw your battle, too." he began. "At first, I thought you just had a unique Scizzor. Then in your first tournament battle, I gotta say, tough stuff. You must've saved the world ten times to get those kind of scars." Xeyyakkenn laughed. "What's your story man? You take part in that battle against a Deoxys a few years ago? No. I know, the Mewtwo rampage four years ago. Am I right?"

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