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    After the first half of the Pokémon royal. All the trainers who were left had been rallied into the arena again for the second half of the Pokémon royal. The elderly man was standing in the middle of the arena with a sly smile on his face.

    “It’s wonderful to see all of you again and it’s a shame to see some of the others who entered are gone. Like I said before the first half, the second half will have a very special condition. Well this special condition for the second half is a tag team battle. We will randomly shuffle each trainers name into our computer and chose who their tag team partner is and their opponents. So without further a due. Let the second half begin!” the elderly man said as the scream started to shuffle pictures of trainers as the first four trainers appeared in the screen. An official walked out onto the field and got ready for the first tag team battle.

    “The first tag team battle will be between Mercy Farrow and her tag team Partner Seth Rush against Alex Danger and his tag team partner Shane dynamite” the official said. Seth walked onto the field and waited for his opponents and his tag team partner.
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    'They're choosing our partners and opponents.' 'Wouldn't it be funny if we got partnered up with Willow!?' '... You hate me don't you.' 'Come ooon, two powerful sixth-sense beings, a witch and pokemon, side by side, both having similar powers, both having unique powers of their own. It'd be just like a movie!' 'She uses the earth, I use the aura.' 'But yall both use the mind. Dude think about it this way, if we get partnered up with her, it'll be your chance to show her what YOU can do!'

    Lucario stood by Xeyyakkenn in the Pokemon Center. Skitty had just gotten her weekly check up by Nurse Joy. Ninetales had just had her fur brushed. Milotic had just recieved a hot water massage in a giant hot tub. Keckleon had just finished a helping of fried Yanma. Salamence was still napping in the dragon's den below the Pokemon Center. Lucario and Xeyyakkenn had just finished meditating. Actually, Xeyyakkenn was napping while sitting. When Xeyyakkenn naps while Lucario meditates, they appear inside Xeyyakkenns dreams and talk, play, revisit memories, etc. It's also helps solve crimes by replaying memories and seeing things they didn't notice before.

    Xeyyakkenn stood up. "Well, let's get the others and go watch Seth's match. Let's see how Seth and Mercy work together. Willow'll probably be watching, too." 'I hope our match is against her.' "I doubt that. With all these trainers still left in the game, we have a higher chance of not being in the same battle at all, but it'd be interesting for us to start actually working together."

    'Last night at Opelucid, do you think Iris was lying to us?' 'Of course. She slipped up by pausing when we asked her about Willow's last dragon.' 'So you saw the expression on her face?' 'Yeah. I saw it. Fear. Not sadness. Willow's last dragon didn't die. Something happenned with her last dragon that struck fear in a dragon master such as Iris. So combine that with Willow's powers and you get a very powerful dragon.' 'Now you think she does have a dragon?' 'Yes, but not a Latias or Latios. They wouldn't strike fear in a dragon master. No she has ties with a more powerful dragon.' 'Like Seth does with Raquaza.' 'Yeah. So it's not Raquaza. So that leaves Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyruem. But with Willow's powers being the nature they are, I think it's either Dialga, a dragon with powers of time, Palkia, a dragon with powers over space, or Giratina, a dragon that (legend says) has power over both time and space, as well as its own world called the Reverse World.' 'You suspect it's one of those? She can't possibly contain that much power, can she? What if she has ties with another pokemon?' 'Only another dragon can strike fear into a dragon master. They don't fear the ice or any other power. Plus, she came from Opelucid City, born and raised, and has NO dragon? Not even ONE?' 'So one of those three.' 'Yes. Once Mew gets us the information on Seth and Raquaza, we'll ask Mew for information on those three dragons.' '... So she has SOME power.' 'Your jealousy aside, I kinda feel left out. They have legendary dragons, Mercy probably has ties with one, too, but I don't.' 'What about Mew?' 'I love Mew, wouldn't trade my friendship with Mew for anything, but now I'm wanting a dragon, too.' 'What about Salamence?' 'Salamence was my first Pokemon as a Bagon. I wrestled with that thing, suffered its headbutts and bites until it finally gave in. I still had the scar. No. No one can replace my oldest friend.'
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    OOC: LMFAO "But I want one toooooo!" This is almost as funny as Mercy's pregnancy storyline ;D

    After resting up the entire night, Willow emerged from her hotel room and took in the sunlight. It was time for her next match and she had just found out she was going to paired up with another trainer for the battle. That did not bide well with her, she did not like partner battles at all. In fact, she was feeling quite uneasy because she was sure this other person was going to get in her way. If she lost because of them, they'd better pray hard because she was going to make their lives hell. When she arrived at the arena, however, the receptionist had some extraordinary news for her, and she brightened up immediately.

    "Umm," the receptionist began, "I don't know quite how to tell you this but... All the contestants are scared of you, afraid of what you did yesterday. They didnt want to pair up with you so they, um, quit. Due to this you can either battle by yourself or you have to forfeit as well." Willow was ecstatic!

    "Of course I'll battle by myself!"

    "Perfect. It'll be a double battle so you can only use two pokemon. If they both faint before the other two pokemon, you lose. Enjoy!" The receptionist gave her the clearance pass and Willow stepped towards the waiting room for the battle.

    "This must be my lucky day!" She exclaimed as she was called to enter the arena. When she stepped out, she realized the news of what she did the day before in her battle must have spread, because the arena was completely full with spectators for her match. She had never seen so many people! She smiled to herself as she faced her two opponents.
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    The Pokemon Center is full to the brim this morning. Full of people resting their Pokemon for the journey home, and others checking them for the next part of the tournament. Lucky for me, I'm in the second demographic. I played with Zaps and his soothe bell while critiquing my first battle against Tommy. I should have healed Chandelure when given the opportunity, but I let cockiness get in the way. Next time I will be more careful, and also switch him out if I see a potential threat. Other than that, I thought I had battled fairly well.

    This time I am to be paired with Seth. I've never met him, so I was slightly nervous going into the arena as his ally. There could be a whole slew of things that could go right or wrong. Seth could completely jeopardize my chances by making stupid decisions, or he could completely carry the battle. I put my mind off it for now, and went to watch Willow's battle. It has been a while since I last saw her. I haven't spoken to anybody since the battles started.
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    OOC: You're gonna get pregnant with Lucario's demon spawn nbd ^____^ lmfaoooo obvs kidding

    Willow was still kind of reeling from the fact that her partner was so scared after watching her battle yesterday that he would legitimately quit the tournament rather than fighting alongside her... I mean it was better than fighting against her, right? Willow pondered over that while her two opponents stepped onto the field opposite her.

    They seemed normal enough, although they looked identical. A slim boy and girl with shoulder length purple hair. In fact, if it wasn't for the girl's breasts, Willow would have been sure that they were of the same gender. They walked out harmoniously and even stopped together, it was quite creepy whenever Willow looked back on it. They stared down at her with horrible glares on their faces and Willow glared right back, sending as many horrible vibes their way as she could. She pulled out her two pokemon and released them onto the field, never taking her eyes off of the two siblings. "Go, Roserade and Milotic!" Her Pokemon majestically left their Pokeballs and landed on the field before the siblings called their Pokemon.

    They said nothing, simply threw the Pokeballs to summon their monsters. From one Pokeball came a Haxorus, which made Willow smile considering she defeated Iris's so easily just a few days ago. From the other, however, came a frightening sight. Out came a Latios, a legendary dragon Pokemon. There was an audible gasp as the audience saw the Legendary Pokemon floating there on the field, ready for attack. More legendary pokemon? Willow thought to herself, a bit scared now.

    "Milotic, use Ice beam and freeze the whole field!" And Milotic did so, freezing the entire stadium floor into an Iceland that slowly drained away the Dragon's power, Ice being their primary weakness. As if in sync, Latios and Haxorus started advancing towards Willow's Pokemon, approaching fast!

    Willow stopped yelling commands and resorted to only commanding them with her mind. They knew what they should do.

    Milotic created an enormous wall of Ice in front of them and Roserade jumped on top of the wall, using Toxic and covering it with it's poison. Unable to stop in time, the two Dragons crashed into the wall, getting both hurt by the Ice and poisoned by Toxic. The beauty of Toxic is the longer its in the Pokemons system, the stronger it gets. Roserade used the flowers on its arms to throw forward several colored vines and that grabbed large shards of ice and threw them at Haxorus. In an instant, Haxorus was KO'd.

    "Haxorus is unable to battle!" Screamed the announcer but Willow's Pokemon kept advancing on Latios. Latios started to glow and sent a massive wave of Psychic energy at the Pokemon. It hardly grazed Milotic, but Roserade was knocked out, being extremely weak to Psychic type moves.

    Milotic then used Surf, filling the arena with water and then dove into it, hiding from Latios. Latios merely dove into the water, searching for Milotic. As expected, Milotic quickly jumped out of the water and used Ice Beam, freezing the entire lake of water into a large, solid block of ice, with Latios stuck inside. Latios smashed free, however, shocking Willow beyond her normal senses. Latios struck out at Milotic and smashed it hard into the ground. They were both in the midst of being knocked out when suddenly, Latios glowed a very deep purple and fell to the ground. Latios was finished off by Roserade's Toxic.

    "The Winner is Willow!" The announcer screamed out as the siblings stormed out of the Arena and Willow just sank to the ground. She had almost lost, and she was terrified.
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    Seth looked at Mercy then at their opponents. He wasn’t worried. He knew he was being watched over by two people in heaven and also, he had faith in his partner. He looked at Mercy and smiled.

    “You look worried, don’t be. I trust your abilities. Since our opponents lost the coin toss, they’ll send their Pokémon out first so we can create a strategy on that” Seth said. Their two opponents threw their pokeball’s and out came a Rhydon and a Kangaskhan. Seth looked at the two Pokémon, then at Mercy and smiled.

    “We got this” Seth said as he took out a pokeball and smiled at mercy and said, “Let’s show these trainers what a real Pokémon looks like.” Seth threw out his pokeball and his Onix appeared. Even though the crowed had seen his Onix that was riddled with scars. It still shocked the people in the crowed. Onix even sported a new scar on the right side of its face as some of the rocks on the bottom of its mouth were chipped. Onix roared and almost made the two Pokémon want to run for their pokeballs.
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    Xeyyakkenn had watched Willow's match. 'See? No dragons.' 'So one of the big three then.' 'Exactly. But I gotta say, maybe we can set up her Milotic with mine. I'm pretty sure hers is a boy.' 'Are you sure? Those were long ears.' 'Really? They seemed pretty short to me.'

    Next was Seth and Mercy's match. After that would be Xeyyakkenns. He hadn't even looked at who his partner would be. Seth sent out his Onix. 'Dude you see that?' 'Yes. New scar.' 'Hes definitely been training hard.' 'Extremely hard. Scizzor, onix and Sandslash aren't furry pokemon. They're hard and tough. To cause those wounds...' 'so raquaza likes hard core trainers.' 'What are you thinking?' 'That Seth needs to get out of the limelight. Ex member or the research society, scared and chipped pokemon, hes a huge target for propoganda for the activists. We gotta beat him.' 'And what about Willow?' 'We have to beat her too. Shes also attracting too much attention. The research society will be after her. We have to beat her and make her look so pathetic that they wont think of her powers as valuable.' 'Gladly. Its about time you came to your senses. I'm gonna wipe that stupid smirk off her ugly face!' '... dude. We gotta train more. Serbs pokemon and incredibly strong physically and Willow's are incredibly strong specially.' 'Then attack Seth with specials and attack Willow with physicals.' 'Easier said than done. Seths pokemon will probably outspeed Ninetales and Milotic. Willow's pokemon, being longer range fighters, will hit Kecleon before he reaches them even if hes invisible. Her Milotic will destroy Salamence. And as for you, I cant have you go against your true love Gardevior.' 'Shut up. I'm your most balanced pokemon in terms of special and physical. And I'm the fastest. I can wipe out both of their teams.'

    Xeyyakkenn thought for a while. 'Ninetails has Double Flame. Salamence has no combo moves. Keckleon has Wrap Claw. Milotic has Double Heal and Double Scald. You have Assassin's Claw, Aura Palm and Omnislash. And Skitty has Love Song. ... We need to learn some new combo moves. That'll help us beat Seth and Willow as well as draw attention to us instead of them.' 'Which will get both groups after us.' 'Exactly. So. We cant just beat them. We have to crush them.' Lucario smiled at the thought of humiliating Willow. 'Lets train now,' thought Lucario. 'Sure thing. After our battle. Oh. Would you look at that. Seth and Mercy already won.'
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    Before the battle could begin a loud motorized noise as helicopters started flying overhead, above the arena. One of the side doors of the helicopters opened and a man looked though his binoculars to see everyone in the arena. He soon looked over and saw Seth and had to quickly look again before he smiled.

    “That son of a houndour” the man said before he took a rope and bungeed down to the middle of the arena. When he landed down he checked his ear piece to make sure it was on. He cleared his throat and when he did the whole arena herd it like his ear piece was connected to the speaker system.

    “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the Royal. If you’re wondering who I am. I’ll enlighten you. I’m the head of The Pokémon Research Society and you’ll all be happy to know that your Pokémon will serve us as test subjects to create the ultimate weapon. I do hope that none of the trainers here play the hero because not only do all my teammates have genetically enhanced Pokémon, but I’ve also place explosives around this city.” The man said. He turned off his ear piece and looked over at Seth and smiled.

    “I was here to collect Pokémon, but never thought I’d run into an old friend. Or for that matter, a ghost of the past” the man said.
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    A WILD SKYKI APPEARS 8D /gotpermissiontoapplytothis

    Character sheet:

    Name: Mattu Rydira
    Age: 18
    Gender: 18
    Pokémon and their attacks:

    Absol: Super Luck
    Sucker Punch
    Night Slash

    Typhlosion: Blaze
    Sunny Day
    Fire Blast
    Solar Beam
    Hidden Power Rock

    Pichu: Static
    Volt Tackle
    Thunder Punch
    Iron Tail

    Luxray: Rivalry
    Wild Charge
    Ice Fang
    Volt Switch

    Elekid: Vital Spirit
    Thunder Punch
    Ice Punch
    Cross Chop
    Fire Punch


    Lugia: Multiscale
    Ice Beam

    Bio: Mattu never had any parents to give him guidance from the time he could walk he was always on his own. He grew up on the streets of Castelia City and learned how to take care of himself as well as he could. Though unlike any other in his situation. It didn't turn him cold or heartless, in fact it fueled him to become a better person. He swore he would not become scum that life had predicted him to be. So he set his sites on becoming the Unova Pokemon Master. A few days after his 10th birthday while looking for food, he ran into Absol. At first the Pokemon was hostile but then noticed the small structure of the boy and softened up. Hunger from lack of eating healthy in days was getting to Mattu and he passed up soon afterwords. When he woke up, food sat in front of him with a sleeping absol next to it. From then on the two were inseparable, and soon his party grew. Soon he went all over the region battle gym leaders and awaiting the Pokemon league. As he made his way back home he made a stop by Undella Town and hung around the beach area as a break. As he walked along the shore he came across a form floating in the water.

    Absol began to grow, "What is that?" he spoke softly to himself as he began to make his way through the water. He could feel his pants get drenched as the water was over his waste as he got to the form. "A Pokemon!" He shouted and turned back to Absol and his other pokemon at shore. He looked over the form and felt his body go numb. "A..Lugia?" The lugia was only half the size of a normal one. It was injured badly and unconscious. But why would one be all the way out here? He started pulling the form to shore and felt it stir. It began to flail as Mattu pulled harder. "Stay..still" As his grip on the pokmeon slipped. Lugia was far too weak to go anywhere and stared frighteningly at the young man. Mattu stared back and looked to absol and said "Get my bag for me" and the pokemon did so. Soon afterwords Mattu got a few hyper potions out of his bag and slowly reached for the lugia who pulled back. "Shhh im not going to hurt you." He spoke slow and soft and began to lightly spray on his wounds and began to heal. In the time span on 2 minutes the two had started a bond with just a simple look.

    Soon he was 16 and learned about the Pokemon Battle Royal and became fascinated with it and decided to put his Pokemon Master dreams on hold. Two years later, and he would soon receive a strange invitation to join. He would have joined sooner but he felt like he was not ready. "Guess it's time after all." Although with complications he would not be able to make it in time, in fact he would miss a lot of battles. "What a drag," Mattu moved his hand through his hair as he stared down at a map and walked through a busy street that lead up to the entrance. "Why would someone want to invite someone to a competition so late?" He spoke softly enough to where only he can hear him. He walked over to the person in charge of the entries, "Excuse me but um im here to sign up for the Battle Royal?" He sounded awkward as the lady looked him over with a judgmental look. "Listen kid, aren't you a little late to join in?" She turned back to what she was doing, to show that she lost interest in the discussion. "B-But I have an invitation!" He shuttered slightly and handed her the fancy lettering. Her eyes seemed to widen and looked at me sharply "Alright, ill get you all set up. I don't know how you managed to get something from a higher up but im not paid to ask questions." He nodded his head in thanks and took his number as he walked in.

    Pokémon card:

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