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    "I've battled before, but never in those battles you talk about. I've just started battling again since" Seth said before he stopped himself and stared at his slice of pizza. His mother’s smiling face came into his mind, then her dying face as she told him she loved him. Then seeing her coffin being lowered into the ground next to his father. Seth had to shake the memory out of his mind before he started crying and made this guy think he was crazy.

    "My Pokémon’s appearance is...unique to say the least but the way they got those scars is a simple question to ask. However, there are some people who would look at me as a cruel person if they found out. Basically, my Pokémon’s scars are a result of their training. to make sure we win, I've trained not only my Pokémon to their braining point" Seth said before he moved his shirt over to show him his burn mark on his shoulder and added, "But myself as well"
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    'Bingo. He's exactly the type of trainer that'd be the target of propoganda.' 'So what now?' 'We find out as much more as we can about him, then once we go to Opelucid City we find out why Willow has no dragons.' 'Why do you think she has none?' 'Gardevior.' 'Gardevior?' 'Speaking of which, she's quite a cute Pokemon aint she?' 'What!?' 'She's a very beautiful Pokemon.' 'I'll kill you' 'Don't let Willow prevent you from true love!' 'I mean it! I'll kill you.' 'I hear no denials.' 'I don't deny killing you.' 'You like her Gardevior! did yall have a private telepathic conversation while healing poor Willow?' 'You're dead. The moment we're alone, you're dead.' 'You mean the moment you and GARDEVIOR are alone!' 'XEYYA-'

    "So you train hardcore huh?" he asked Seth, "All in or all out."

    'Think. In her battle she didnt use a dragon type. With her immense psychic powers, she could easily have a Latias and Latios at her side, yet she has a Gardevior and a Togetick. We have to find out why.' '... Xey?' 'Yeah?' 'She's not just beautiful, her energy is gorgeous.' 'Will your children be Rioulus or Raltses?' 'I'll kill you.'
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    "I train because I have a reason to win. Let me ask you something. If you promise someone you'd win for them, you'd do anything to win, even put you and your Pokémon in harm’s way. Most trainers here just wans glory and publicity. None of them have an ounce of determination in them, they all just want that title and the gold. Only those who have the right goals to win. They all see this as another battle" Seth said. He seemed pissed that most trainers just wanted the title and the gold.

    "Then you have all these organizations backing up trainers to make money, all they think about is money and glory. Then you got this guy in a suit that comes up and asks about my Pokémon like it's his business. He’s probably from a sponsor to try and get me to their team. Who knows" Seth said. He was venting out towards the man who he didn't know. And then he made the biggest mistake of all. not to mention I have Rayquaza on my back trying to get me to use him. Seth thought.
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    'XEYYAKKENN!' 'Duuude yall would have the best love story!' 'FORGET THAT! He has ties with Raquaza!' Xeyyakkenn almost spit out the water in his mouth and had to fake like it was an almost-sneeze. "Sorry. Went down the wrong pipe." 'He's got a what!? There's no way!' 'He just thought it!'

    "Yeah you're right there are trainers and sponsors like that out there. So who did you promise?"
    'So this man packs a Raquaza. Is it on him right now in a pokeball?' 'No, but there's definitely more to him than just abusive training.' 'Okay.' Xeyyakkenn took the last slice in his hand.
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    "I hardly think that any of your business" Seth said. He went back to his usual self. When his mother would come up in conversation, he would retreat back into his shell and become a shallow person who would push people away. He hated the fact that someone would be so nosy, but it was him who started it all. He didn't care if he started the conversation or not. He was more or less a person who kept to himself.

    "Who sponsors you any way or don't you have a sponsor? I personally think it’s a loud of crap we have sponsors here to make money. Not to mention we have those two organizations trying to end our way of life. To think I was part of The Pokémon Research Society. Their experiments are so weird that it's cruel. To think they’re trying to create a human-Pokémon hybrid" Seth said as he chuckled a little.
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    'Did he just-!?' 'He did!' 'So he was-!?' 'He was!' Xeyyakkenn shifted in his seat. "Sorry to pry into your private life." he said. 'It's just our business' thought Lucario. "But no," continued Xeyyakkenn, "I don't have a sponsor. I'm here on my own to complete my dreams."

    'So do you think his Pokemon got that way because of the experiments, Lucario?' 'I dont think any amount of training could cause a Scizzor to look the way it did.' 'He might know some current information on the Research Society. I gotta think of questions that would have him thinking about it.' Xeyyakkenn put a napkin on his plate. "I was considering joining, actually," he lied, "but i wanted to know more about it before I signed any papers."

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    Seth chuckled and said, “Don’t join them. They’re a bunch of crazy scientists that think genetic testing on Pokémon will create an ultimate weapon or the fact that they think Pokémon are weapons. My dad was part of the group until he met my mother, then he quit. Turns out, quitting is very easy. You just sign paper work and they give you your last check. Funny enough, they don’t care if you blab or not about them. Anyway. I’d suggest not joining them or the other group” then he thought about the reason why he brought up the reason and then it hit him.

    “Dude, do you really think my Pokémon were expatriated on? What kind of cruel sick person do you think I am? My Pokémon and I go through regress training. My Pokémon and I train so much that sometimes they leave battle scars like the ones my Pokémon have and like I have. It’s all part of my goal to win. I must win and if that means I have to physically scar my Pokémon and myself, then so be it” Seth said. I’ll do anything and everything to keep my promise to my dear mother who died because of an illness the doctors couldn’t find a cure for. I must win and donate any money I get to help find a cure for the illness so no one else have to suffer like I did Seth thought.

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    'Xeyyakkenn.' 'Must be serious if you're using my full first name.' 'Leave him alone. he's no threat. He abusively trains his pokemon, yes, but he's no threat to society.' 'What'd you learn?' '... He knows your pain. He, too, lost his mother. He wants to win the money so that no one else dies from a disease that has no cure.' 'Oh. ...'

    Xeyyakkenn looked at Seth. "I didn't mean to come off as ... I didn't think that. ..." He was at a loss for words. "It's just that. ..." He couldn't think of anything to say. 'Do you need a distraction, Xey?' 'Yeah. Distraction 47.' 'Alright.' Xeyyakkenn looked down at his plate. "I didn't think that-" Lucario threw himself on the window as if something knocked him. Xeyyakkenn pretended to be startled. Then Lucario disappeard. "What in the-?" He got up from the table and rushed outside. Lucario grabbed him and used Extreme Speed.

    They were in front of Willow's hotel. "He lost his mother," said Xeyyakkkenn softly. "What about his father?" 'He didn't think of him as dead, so he must be alive.' "Okay. Let's leave for Opelucid now. I don't see a reason to stay anymore. We have what we need." 'What about Raquaza?' 'We'll ask Mew once we're up in the skies.' He summoned Salamence and petted it as Skitty pranced on its back.
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    OOC // Sorry guys, I've been out basically since 7 this morning. Post incoming, so check for edits or whatever. God, I've missed a lot. ALSO idc i will post as long or as short of a paragraph as I please. D< What can they do? Ban me for not having long posts? I SWEAR I could go into a rant here about how RPing is your own world yadda yadda... But I'll just get on with my post. 8D

    I got lazy towards the end.


    We officially begin the tournament today. My actions and performance today will determine the outcome of the rest of my life. If I don't make it past the preliminary rounds, there is no way I can ever go back to Zack or face my parents again. It is crucial that I win my first battle. I know it won't be too difficult, but I can't let myself get distracted or overconfident. There will be no thinking about home, or any relationships I have. I will only focus on how to win. My first opponent is an older boy named Tommy. I've seen him this morning when I was getting my Pokemon checked by the nurse. He came up and asked me what Pokemon I had. That had pissed me off, and I gave him a dirty look. He left me alone after that, thankfully. What many people seem to misunderstand about me is that I'm not the kind of person to parade my team -- not counting my Lilligant last night.

    I enter the arena and see Tommy standing on the other end. He sends out a Fearow, much to my delight. Zaps is already poised and ready to go.

    > Fearow used AERIAL ACE.
    > It's not very effective.

    I feel bad for Tommy, he made a poor choice for his first Pokemon.

    > Zaps used VOLT SWITCH.
    > It's super effective!
    > Fearow fainted!

    Zaps returned to his Pokeball, and both Tommy and I move on to our second Pokemon. Mine being Chandelure, his being Gothitelle.

    > Gothitelle used DARK PULSE.
    > It's super effective!

    Chandelure is down to about 2/5 of his health. I decide to wait before I give him a HYPER POTION.

    > Chandelure used SHADOW BALL.
    > Tommy used HYPER POTION.
    > Chandelure used Fire Blast.
    > Gothitelle fainted!

    I let out my breath. It was a risky move not healing when I had the opportunity. At least now Tommy is two down, one to go. I keep my Chandelure in the game, while Tommy sends out his third pokemon: Zweilous. I get nervous seeing a Dark type, but decide to press onward.

    In the end, my Chandelure had fainted and I was forced to send out my Wobbuffet, which basically countered the Zweilous until it fainted. Wobbuffet is such a blessing sometimes.
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    Ooc: ah wobbufett lol

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